Season 1 Episode 4

The Immortals

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2003 on CBS

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  • A sailor is found sunk to the bottom of the sea wrapped in weights near the Bahamas. His ship had passed thru recently and Gibbs, Todd, and DiNozzo go aboard to investigate while Mallard and Sciuto work from the lab.

    Sort of a strange episode using the MMORPG rage as it basis. Two sailors are competitors in The Immortals an online role playing game and one of them takes the game a little too far.

    Todd does not believe the sailor committed suicide even though there did not seem to be a struggle in the sailors death. It's almost as if he just stepped off the deck of the ship and sank to the bottom of the sea. Which in the end is exactly what happened.

    The part with the officers swords in Puerto Rico was interesting. There always seems to be someone trying to make a quick buck in this world. In this case it ended up costing a man his life.

    I have played these game sand I believe it is possible to become delusional playing these games for hours at a time. I'm just not sure if I buy the premise of this episode in its entirety. We are suppose to believe that all of this happened on a US Navy Destroyer without any one else noticing either the game playing or the sword fighting. Unless everyone on the ship just turned a blind eye, but it didn't seem that any of the sailors were blind.

    I also wonder how the other sailor who egged the one into jumping would be handled as obviously he is an accessory to the death. It would not be murder though. Just a delusional man causing his own death. Pretty weird episode. Also, trying to blow up his Captain? Reaching! Well acted by the cast just not exactly the story line I would have followed. Thanks for reading...
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