Season 7 Episode 3

The Inside Man

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2009 on CBS

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  • A very interesting, although somewhat predictable case.

    This was definitely an intresting case of NCIS, and the first time we have seen Ziva back working with the team since her sreturn.

    The case was quite interesting and I thoughout that it was certainly quite different to anything we had seen in the past, although not necessarily in a good way.

    While I definitely saw myself injoying the episode, I thought it was still quite predictable and even theough the ending was very, very well done, the culprit was still quite obvious.

    Please keep up the interesting cases, NCIS, and I can't wait till the next episode!
  • When a blogger who has been claiming that NCIS is involved in a cover up is killed the local police start investigating a case that NCIS has investigated in relation to the bloggers murder. Gibbs and team tries to figure out what really happened.

    Another really enjoyable episode of NCIS in general. There were a few things that bother me that dropped the score of the episode down. I really loved the whole piece with McGee and the Polygraph lady. I would say there is a little sexual harassment in the workplace going on there. I don't think McGee would mind though. He really was sweating the fact he was called back in to take the test. I loved how Abby subtly got him with the story of the other Special Agent who very soon after left NCIS.

    This episode had great Abby and Ducky scenes. That part where the body was missing from the casket was creepy. Of course the conclusions they got from that were the clinchers to the case.

    You know DiNozzo can be a real jerk. Usually it's all in good fun but this time it was constant and ceased to be funny. He's always a little crazy at times but it seems that he is going overboard. The pastrami, the dogs barking on the recording, and giving Ben Franklin a hard time when Gibbs was right there just to name a few. They really need to get Ziva back in the field so she can put him in his place or Gibbs needs to put a collar on him.

    I also did not like Detective Jack Sportelli played ably by Jack Conley. He seemed to have an agenda more than just following his leads. I do agree with DiNozzo about Detective Megan Hanley played by Kelly Overton though. Maybe we'll see her again.

    When McGee and DiNozzo got caught in that great piece of stealth DiNozzo called investigating in the police impound lot, I loved how Abby was all upset about McGee and why was Gibbs there and not getting them out etc.. Of course in they walk and Gibbs says he had the Director, someone with a little more pull take care of it. In general a great episode if you take out the little annoying parts. Of course we knew that the crew would never be involved in a cover up and McGee figuring out that Rail Pass thing was brilliant. Very Hitchcockian. Enjoyable story and nice detective work all around. Thanks for reading...
  • I liked where McGee and Tony broke into the police impond lot and downloaded the nav system info and McGee's character appears to be getting a bad boy image. ie. polygraph retake & B&E all illuding to very interesting spin on McGee's character.

    I liked the scene where McGee and Tonybroke into the police impond lot and downloaded the nav system info and got caught by the dogs. McGee's character appears to be getting a bad boy image. ie. polygraph retake, B&E and paint ball champ all illuding to very interesting spin on McGee's character. He's getting attitude. While Ziva and Gibbs still show signs of strain on their relationship. So thick can cut with knife. tony and ziva still might happen although they illude that relationships in work place never work out per tony. He's showing signs of being more like Gibbs.
  • The Inside Man

    I did not think this episode was anything special. It seemed pretty routine to me: generic case, generic banter between Mcgee and DiNozzo. But then one scene changed all that for me; the scene with the dogs just chasing them. Completely unexpected and how long it would last and how hilarious it would be. Outside of a one-liner, I do not think I've laughed at hard at a scene on this show as I did with that one. Bravo NCIS

    I did like the finish too. It was a little more clever in the actual Alfred Hitchcock film that Tony referenced, but I liked the usage of it here as well.
  • You want me to draw you a picture?

    Cooperation between other agencies has never been a strength of team Gibbs; that's why when Metro PD and Gibbs are both involved in the same case things gets messy.
    A Blogger accuses NCIS of covering up the death of a Navy Officer, Metro PD is willing to play its part; that brings Gibbs team to look into many leads before finally getting the truth.
    Nice episode, kind of the old style type; good writing and as usual great portraying. but the main events of this season are still very clear as Ziva is still stuck doing desk work, and her issues will be brought up again.
    by the way, McGee is worth half of the episode, so hilarious!
    Go Probie!
  • The NCIS team is accused of a cover up and it's up to the team to clear their names.

    This wasn't as good as the other episodes this season, but I suppose it was to be expected! Still had its moments though!

    Loved the McGee/polygraph examiner scene and I laughed when Gibbs was telling McGee that the extra test had been set up so she could see him again! He looked very confused and this obviously doesn't happen to him much, so it was good to see :)

    Loved the references to the meat sandwich, and the line "I hope you choke on that" was a good call by McGee!

    Ducky was there but then not in this episode, he could have had a bigger part in it, and it was nice that he cared so much about Ziva :)

    The interrogation scene where the team was choosing between the different Gibbs interrogation techniques was funny, and that poor man with the glasses that Tony was making fun of!

    And of course, McGee and the dogs, classic McGee :P
    All in all, solid episode :)
  • This episode was probably my LEAST favorite of ALL episodes covering ALL seasons which is exactly why I gave it a 10

    "The Inside Man" had all the makings for a standard NCIS filler episode – great case with excellent twists, slapstick comedy, new development for McGee, Tony flirting, concerned Ducky and concerned Abby. Voila, you have a filler. My first thought was "how dare they!" The third episode into the new season – one with MANY unresolved issues, and THIS is what you give us? And to top it off, it was just "yuck" what they did with desk-bound Ziva – not really any one-on-one moments for her with anyone, save a very sweet scene with Abby and very abbreviated one with Ducky. Instead it was like Ziva was just hanging out in the background like a forgotten prop. Something about this episode really left me feeling … empty.

    It dawned on me what was so "off," why it felt COMPLETELY off kilter. The reason? Ziva may have returned, and may physically be sitting back at her desk, but Ziva really has yet to return to the team, both emotionally and literally (she IS still just a visitor). She was out of place – like a wallflower unsure of what to do and unnaturally calm and accepting of it all. Gibbs really added to this disjointedness with his cold shoulder – it was positively CHILLING and really helped in creating that feeling of "emptiness." Then I liked it. It shows that with the exception of McGee and Dinozzo, this team has yet to return to its true self and the big elephant in the room is Ziva and the wall she has built.

    Because of my dislike of the emptiness, I was originally going to give this episode an 8, but I can't. I may not like how this episode came across, but that is the very reason I am giving it a 10. After 7 years, it is very easy for this fantastic ensemble of actors to create laughs and slapstick as well as that comfortable family feeling that makes you feel secure in a show. You become comfortable with the characters and storyline, and we somewhat got all of that in the first two episodes. This episode earned its 10 by doing the exact opposite of the above. With the chemistry this cast has, it could not have been easy to make something come across so cold and unfeeling. Kudos to the actors – well done. The above is probably why we did not see Director Vance this episode. He is the new guy and very good at coming across as cold. This episode was dealing with an "inside man" of their own -- in their little nucleus of the team.

    I believe this was a bridge leading us to the next episode – we had Ziva emailing (not phoning) her father to resign from Mossad and Gibbs hesitating to sign Ziva's documents. Is it that he still doesn't trust Ziva, or that he knows that she has yet to deal with some pretty intense emotions. All indications point to a Mount Ziva eruption, and I for one am looking forward to it. She was far too unemotional in this episode and for a spunky Latino actress that had to be hard for Cote – bring on the Latino fire we all know and love.

    Good moments:

    Kudos to Dinozzo being "up" on Ben Franklin quotes – "A penny saved is a penny earned." Also loved the Ben Franklin spectacles. I like Ben Franklin, I hope he makes a return visit to NCIS – he was so enthused to be left alone with Tony McSniper with the bird poop paintball

    New yoga position – upside down manatee

    Fraternization in the workplace – was Tony re-emphasizing that point for his own benefit? It was a morsel tossed out to the audience – an odd little bit, but it was something. Good ol' Mr. Brennan playing both sides of the field as it could be interpreted in any manner of ways …
  • Righteous indignation!

    To think for even a nanosecond that the "Gibbs Brigade" would be party to a cover up! Silly idea...for a great script and with just the cast to pull it off.

    Abby was typically Abby: all huffy that anyone would question their ethics. McGee and Tony carried the best scene with the dogs chasing them, and their subsequent post-arrest looks! And am I wrong here?...Could McGee have a case for sexual harassment? Ziva proved that while she would prefer to be in the field, she is still a top notch investigator from behind her desk, and what's that?...could her tenure behind that self-same desk be longer than she hoped for, or is Gibb's pen simply out of ink?!

    This series has earned and continues to earn, all 21 million viewers. Now if you add in all of us viewers from outside the U.S., betcha no other show even comes close...
  • I dont care if there wasn't any tony/ziva action. that was a darn good original NCIS episode.

    Wow, this is a perfect example of an original NCIS episode. (eccept for the part that ziva wasnt on the field) but still, it finally had enough ducky and abbey in it to make me happy, and it was very well balanced and not focused on just one or two characters. (not that those episodes arn't good either) But ya, just over all original, we even got a ziva-idiom. I just have to ask, whats with the suspenders for tony? hes worn them in most of the episodes. And then the head slaps? bring them back!!!! anyways just an overall great episode:)