Season 7 Episode 3

The Inside Man

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2009 on CBS

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  • When a blogger who has been claiming that NCIS is involved in a cover up is killed the local police start investigating a case that NCIS has investigated in relation to the bloggers murder. Gibbs and team tries to figure out what really happened.

    Another really enjoyable episode of NCIS in general. There were a few things that bother me that dropped the score of the episode down. I really loved the whole piece with McGee and the Polygraph lady. I would say there is a little sexual harassment in the workplace going on there. I don't think McGee would mind though. He really was sweating the fact he was called back in to take the test. I loved how Abby subtly got him with the story of the other Special Agent who very soon after left NCIS.

    This episode had great Abby and Ducky scenes. That part where the body was missing from the casket was creepy. Of course the conclusions they got from that were the clinchers to the case.

    You know DiNozzo can be a real jerk. Usually it's all in good fun but this time it was constant and ceased to be funny. He's always a little crazy at times but it seems that he is going overboard. The pastrami, the dogs barking on the recording, and giving Ben Franklin a hard time when Gibbs was right there just to name a few. They really need to get Ziva back in the field so she can put him in his place or Gibbs needs to put a collar on him.

    I also did not like Detective Jack Sportelli played ably by Jack Conley. He seemed to have an agenda more than just following his leads. I do agree with DiNozzo about Detective Megan Hanley played by Kelly Overton though. Maybe we'll see her again.

    When McGee and DiNozzo got caught in that great piece of stealth DiNozzo called investigating in the police impound lot, I loved how Abby was all upset about McGee and why was Gibbs there and not getting them out etc.. Of course in they walk and Gibbs says he had the Director, someone with a little more pull take care of it. In general a great episode if you take out the little annoying parts. Of course we knew that the crew would never be involved in a cover up and McGee figuring out that Rail Pass thing was brilliant. Very Hitchcockian. Enjoyable story and nice detective work all around. Thanks for reading...