Season 2 Episode 13

The Meat Puzzle

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2005 on CBS

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  • Ducky Investigates The Remains Of Three Bodies But He Soon Realizes That He Knows Them All After Jimmy Makes A Shocking Disovery.

    This episode is Fantastic! It is a great example why I have loved this show from the very beginning. It was very well written and acted. The case was extremely interesting and it had turns and twists that I did not see coming. Plausible throughout and plain entertaining. The opening scene is just epic. David McCallum gives his best performance to date. The best scene was when Kate realized that something was wrong and she ran to the Mallard's backyard. This is the second best episode of this season. Do not skip this awesome ducky-centered episode!
  • Solving the puzzle

    The case hanging over Ducky's is finally getting somewhere. Thanks to that assistance, Ducky realize who one of the victims is and then.. it is puzzle to put together and soon they find that Ducky is in the victim list. So.. it is a case of solving the murder where the main suspect is (not) certainly dead and in the same time, protect Ducky.. what Kate fails. That moment there.. oh.. she just seems to be making too much mistakes considering she was protecting president.

    But they get happy ending.. they race with time and the win. And loved the ending.
  • Very enjoyable Ducky episode. One of my absolute favourites.

    Probably the biggest risk of being in law enforcement – criminals coming back for revenge. This isn't just one though – this is an entire family of nutjobs.

    Mrs Mallard's corgis are beautiful. Tony makes a great babysitter and Mrs Mallard keeps forgetting who he is and threatening him. Loved the whole thing, very funny and sweet. Mrs Mallard is awesome. Mrs Mallard actually spat at Kate!

    What a family! Bunch of psychos with a death obsession. From what the brother implicated about the 'terrible secrets' between his mother and Vincent, possibly even incest.

    It really is like a high school locker room sometimes – Gibbs must find it so wearing sometimes.

    Ducky was unfair to Jimmy and Ducky really should have apologized.

    An excellent episode. It's a lovely look into Ducky's private life and to see how the team reacts to a threat to their own.
  • The ultimate of episodes!

    This episode was another great addition to the series, and rates in my Top Five of Season Two Episodes.

    The episode is extremely interesting and Ducky is put in danger, but we also get to see Ducky's mother for the first time.

    The episode also contained a lot of great humour, especially when Vanessa Mallard thought that Agent DiNozzo was a furniture mover! That was hilarious!

    The end of the episode was really suspenseful and intriguing, and it was a really great ending to a great episode.

    I recommend this episode exceptionally highly, because it is intriguing, comical, entertaining, nerve-wracking and the life of a loved character is put on the line.

    Great work by NCIS, once again!
  • Ducky gets kidnapped.....

    This episode of NCIS opens with Ducky put back together a dismembered body. When he discovers that one of the victims finger has been replaced with his big toe, Ducky discovers that one of his John Doe's is actually an ADA. When further tests are run, they confirm his discovery. When tests are run on one o the other bodies, they discover that he was a judge. It is then that the team discover that an all of the people of a case which Ducky helped with, are being killed off. So Ducky is put under protection. The defendant who was sent to prison for rape and murder, has since died and so the team believe that his family is after revenge. As tony is the first on site looking after Ducky's elderly mother, she gets a delivery of what turns out to be a 4th victim(in a barrel). As Kate takes over night duty, she hears a noise outside at night and goes to investigate. As she gets outside she finds Ducky's mother looking at a dog, and when she tells Kate that it isn't her dog, Kate realises that something is up. As she races back inside she sees that Ducky has bee taken and as she runs outside she sees a car driving of, with Ducky inside. When the body of the murderer is dug up, Abby runs some tests on his teeth. Abby discovers that the teeth belonged to the murderer and that the body is not his. Therefore someone pulled out all of his teeth and stuck them into a different skull. The brother cracks and tells Gibbs everything. Gibbs learns that Ducky is actually in the funeral parlour run by the parents of the murderer and that they go going to embalm Ducky. The team manage to find Ducky just in time.
  • More Ducky time.

    The case that they have to solve this time, turned out to be something related to Ducky. All the murder victims were part of the same case and had a part in putting a man behind bar. Ducky also testified on this case, and was responsible to putting that man behind bars. So the team figures out that that man or someone close to him is now after Ducky.
    The team now must protect Ducky. We also get to see Ducky's mother, and the actress who plays her; Nina Foch does an amazing job.

    My favorite scene has to be the one with Mrs. Mallard and Dinozzo, that was hilarious.

    Ducky does get kidnapped and almost killed, but of course and luckily the team find him in time.
  • If you love Ducky, then you'll love this episode!

    This episode is bursting full of excitement and humor. After coming to the conclusion that Ducky is the next intended target of a serial killer, the NCIS team decides to put Tony and Kate in charge of guarding him. While Tony is at Ducky's house we are introduced to the character of Ducky's mother, played (extremely well) by Nina Foce. In one extremely funny scene between Tony and Mrs. Mallard, she accuses him of being a gigolo and tells him if he tries anything with her, she'll disembowel him with the knife she keeps in her brassier. At the episodes climax, Ducky is kidnapped and is tied down to an embalming table with the blood slowly being drained out of him. My heart was racing while watching this episode. "Meat Puzzle" is definitely my favorite episode of the series.
  • As in all episodes, each character is necessary to the story. But it is Ducky's episode, mostly. We learn more of his past and about his family. Each character has a special place in their heart for Ducky.

    This is a good showcase for Ducky. Even to going to his house. If you look on the array of pictures in his living room, you will see an early picture of David McCallum and also of his father. I love Gibbs' remark about "Illya Kuryakin". Any "goofs" in reality, such as the rescue of Ducky, will just have to be chalked up to "fiction". It's not a reality show, after all. As an "UNCLE" fan and also a David McCallum fan, this will always be my favorite. The statement he makes at the end: "What took you so long?", seems to be one he asked his partner in "Man From UNCLE" several times.
  • Not a puzzle any normal person would want to work out!

    This is a really good episode for many reasons. Not only do we have an absolutely horrific crime and some very grisly scenes, but we have Duckie in danger, meet his mother - a fabulously written role for the fabulous Nina Foch - have McGee having to 'frisk' a dead body, DiNozzo hairdrying a Corgi, Kate asked to show her knickers... there's almost too much good stuff in here.

    The story itself makes sense, but is very unlikely, what with replacement teeth and cut up bodies. Even so, it keeps you watching and the mother embalmer is too creepy for words (another great performance).

    NCIS is one of the best shows I know for managing to get humour into some particularly gruesome stories and even though this is a terrible story of terrible people, there are some very funny scenes, especially with Tony and Kate and Tony and Duckie's mother.

    It's a great episode.
  • Barrels are discovered with bodies inside, in many pieces. While trying to assemble the parts, Duckie discovers he knows the identity of the bodies. Tracks them back to a past case he served as M.E. and discovers he is a target of this killer.

    eww eww eww! The meat puzzles were just nasty, but the story was a good one.

    We got to learn a lot more about Duckie by having his mother in the show. It was nice to see how he lives at home and the difficulties he has with his mother's condition. Mother Duckie and Tony's interactions were funny to watch. I love that Tony had so many problems with her Corgis as well. It's always nice to see him struggle when someone, or something doesn't like him.

    Not the best episode, not the worst, but definetly learned more about Duckie's life style.
  • Had me in side-splitting laughter for ages.

    This episode is true comedic brilliance. And all because of, well...Ducky's mother. Mrs. Mallard: Who are you?
    Tony: Anthony DiNozzo. Your son called...said I'd be coming?
    Mrs. Mallard: That's an Italian name.
    Tony: Uh...yeah?
    Mrs. Mallard: You're a gigolo!
    Tony: I, ah, wouldn't put it that way...
    Mrs. Mallard: If you try to look down my blouse, I shall disembowel you!
    Tony: Ah...
    Mrs. Mallard: I've got a knife in my brassiere.
    Tony: I'll keep that in mind.
    Mrs. Mallard: Who are you?

    And then along come the corgies. The corgies, along with Mrs Mallard, make this episode what it is. This line made me laugh so hard:

    Tony: This is Contessa. She likes it rough

    The other great parts of the episode are with Kate. She happens to be dating Tony's fraternity brother. And when Tony find out, it's a nightmare, as Kate would say.

    The major plot of the episode, however, is also brilliant. It's gruesome, and well, sick but it's damn good. Ducky is great. This episode was the reason I like him so much. He really established himself as a fantastic character.

    The best of NCIS...10/10
  • You had me at "Illia Kuryakin".

    When Ducky identifies bodies that have been chopped into pieces as people he worked with to put a rapist in prison, Gibbs comes to believe Ducky might be the next victim.

    This is the very first episode I ever watched. The drama kept me on the edge of my seat and the humor had me laughing until my sides hurt. Ducky's mom was priceless! Particularly when she asked to see Kate's nickers because you can tell a lot about a woman by her panties! The moment that coalesced my enthusiasm for this show was when Kate asked Gibbs what Ducky looked like when he was a young man. Gibbs gave Kate a little smile and said "Illia Kuryakin", which was the character David McCallum played in the 1960's hit "Man from U.N.C.L.E.". I have been hooked on this show ever since.
  • Finally Ducky is able to idetify the meat puzzle on his table and the whole hell gets loose.

    Just finished watching episode and can't stop smiling when remember Tony desperate to get out of the Ducky's house. It has everything I like about NCIS - mystery, fine character work and humour. It manages to be funny without turning into a sitcom. It's humour is subtile and masterfully woven into script. It's a treat every time I watch.
  • MRS. MALLARD!! What more can I say? :P

    In this episode, Ducky has all of these Meat Puzzles. He finds a certain body of a person he knows. It goes through this whole court case where Ducky testified. The Meat Puzzles turn out to be the opposing attourney, judge and a few more. Ducky was the one who pretty much sent this man to prison. Now he knows he is going to be next. So Tony is sent to help with Mrs. Mallard, who might I add IS HILARIOUS!! At night though, Kate is there at Ducky's house to protect Ducky. But the bad people make a distraction for Kate so they can kidnap ducky. Now the NCIS team has to find Ducky before he becomes the next Meat Puzzle!
  • Funnier than ever!

    This was a clear example of what sets NCIS apart from all the other crime shows: the humor. Try as hard as you want, you cannot say that CSI is hilarious. I shan\'t let you. Mrs. Mallard has now become my hero, and she and Tony provided some of the best parts of this episode, although it was really difficult to pick. Tony going nutters over her and the dogs, as well as Kate\'s new boyfriend being his frat brother were all impeccably funny. Not to mention Dr. Mallard\'s excellent performance as a frightened Medical Examiner, in fear for both his own and his mother\'s life. Jimmy Palmer was also effective in this episode; I\'m not entirely sure why, but he stuck out for some reason. All in all, a perfect episode. This is why I watch.
  • The Meat Puzzle is truly one of the funniest episodes yet!

    In my opinion, it doesn\'t get better than this episode. We had the best of both worlds: humour, and a connection with our character, Ducky.

    It starts out giving us the background info...such as how Ducky knows the victims, the infamous \"toe\", ect. But as soon as the opening credits are over, it turns into complete hilarity (the good kind, of course) between characters!

    First off, the star of this episode was definately Ms. Mallard. From \"nickers\" to \"Italian Gigolos\", Ms. M had it covered. I have never laughed at a character in an epsiode like I have with her.

    Then, of course, is the rest of the team...which keep things funny just the same. I was taken from laughing my *bum* off to being scared for poor Ducky at the end, which was impressive to me.

    All in all, I would have to say that anyone who wants a laugh and suspense as well, this is the episode for you.
  • Everything you want in NCIS

    The reason I watch NCIS is that it is not your average cop show/forensic slasher fair. It is strange, funny and filled with unforgettable one liners which is why The Meat Puzzle ranks as one of the best they ever did. It was filled with unique situations, funny moments and hilarious one liners. I really could care less if it makes no sense, tv is not about sense it is about having an enjoyable time and this was fun to watch. The Corgi named Tyson (He bites), Mrs. Mallard calling Tony a gigalo and then asking to see Kate's knickers, Gibbs telling Kate that Ducky looked like Ilya Kuriakian (the character David McCallum in the 60's) This show is fun and it the reason I love NCIS.