Season 9 Episode 18

The Tell

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2012 on CBS

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  • Another episode ruined by JLC's character!

    Again, another episode wasted on JLC's character instead of focus on the team. Ugh!
  • The Tell

    This episode, I thought to be very unusual. It seemed like none of the characters were being themselves. And i felt the interactions with the cast and Jamie Lee Curtis, to be very "fake". I did like the whole storyline of SecNav getting "shot" and him assigning PsyOps to work with NCIS. But to me I think this episode was way to over dramatized in the promos, and spoilers. It didnt have an action-packed ending, and it wasnt very exciting. The ending i thought was nice, I just wish Dr. Ryan was a bit less cheesy. I was being very generous and gave this episode a 8.5, but i do believe it was a good episode.
  • Pretty good.

    Well let's start with the glaringly obvious - I don't like JLC as a love interesti for Gibbs, although I DO like her character as a recurring character on the show - just not romantically for Gibbs. It's very forced and it doesn't appear genuine or real in any way. Not good.

    Aside from that, the actual case was not bad at all . Because there have been a fair few bad cases this year, ths one was better than most of those, but still not uquite up to scratch of what I'm looking for in NCIS.

    Still an enjoyable case. The beginning was nice. Although if SECNAV relally did die, it would be a whole lot more enjoyable, since I can't stand that guy period. I can stand JLC, but not as a love interest.

    Well I guess we'l wait a nd see what happens next wtih JLC before making a definite conclusion about her, but I like her as a character, but not a love interest. Borin would be more appropriate - Gibbs nad Anti-Gibbs <33
  • Jeannine.

    I agree. JLC is a terrible addition to the program. Get her off!!! Gibbs has other women whom he should romance. How about the Col. Mann character? They were great together. And there are others. Curtis is stiff and dull; uninteresting, cold etc. Please, please, please, don't do this to us, your faithful fans. You will lose us. It was awful when you killed off Mike; please don't make another mistake.
  • Can't stand Jamie Lee Curtis. She is ruining the show, and I'll be gone.

    "Jumping the shark" is a very overused expression, but it is apt here regarding Jamie Lee Curtis. I find her and her relationship with Gibbs to be revolting. Looking at how cool Harmon is in the Gibbs role, and looking at all the other attractive (some fairly old too) women he bantered and flirted with throughout the series, his relationship with Curtis is down-right sickening, perverse even! It isn't just her aged crone-like looks; it is also the arrogant manner of the character. And no chemistry. Give Harmon a medal for doing the scenes with her. If she becomes a regular, I am gone. The recent episodes are much inferior to the earlier seasons. "Devils Triangle" seems to be the only really good ep this season, for me, that I remember. Ironic that we saw Gibbs' ex in that episode, an attractive not-so-young red head. I'd rather see him even with Sheriff Charlene Dupray of The Good Samaritan in season #1!
  • The Tell

    It is not interesting now the JLC was on it, she is secretive, and can not be trusted, i didnt like this episode at all.
  • LOVE Ryan and Gibbs

    I love Jaime lee curtis, i think they're good for each other, and we have to keeep our minds open. gibbs can't keep dating red heads, i mean he is getting a little old, though he still looks good. I thought the episode was really good. I just don't know where this season is going. But jaime lee curtis is great, plus she's a really good person off screen too.
  • It was good

    Loved the part where Ziva though that Tony and Gibbs had gone on a 'man day' and left McGee behind. I can actually kinda amagine that happening. Don't like Jamie Lee Curtis much. Oh and was the guy on the segway in the data place the same guy that was hitting on Ziva? Or is it just me? Ziva trying to prove that Gibbs liked Dr. Ryan was funny, and how he had a 'bounce' in his step. And the bit at the end with Tony and Ziva. I think they're slowly, but surely building up Tony and Ziva's relationship. Who knows, maybe we'll have Tiva in a season or two <3
  • No longer fun, now that Jamie Lee Curtis is on the show.

    As long as Jamie Lee Curtis is on the show, I will not watch it. The best show on TV is now being ruined by one person.
  • Here's my Tell: BLEAH

    I can't take anymore of Jamie Lee ... there is NO chemistry between her and Mark at all.

    If the producers are determined to give Gibbs a romance, how about casting Pam Dawber? They've been married 25 years. For heaven's sake there MUST be plenty of chemistry between them. Besides I would really enjoy seeing Pam on TV again.

  • The Tell

    Another very slow-moving episode of NCIS. Stop with the Jamie Lee Curtis character, although her interactions with Abby were amusing, there is no need for her right now. Add in a very dry and dull storyline tonight and you have the makings of a perfect way to waste an hour of your life.
  • It was OK

    I love NCIS but this episode had really nothing for me.

    I am not a fan of Jamie Lee Curtis. If they are bringing the PSYOPS back must mean they are thinking of starting a new series (sure as hell hop NOT).
  • Really Good

    I really enjoyed this episode. I wasn't sure about Jamie Lee Curtis and her character, but I'm starting to like it. Everything seemed to click, which hasn't happened all that often this season. I like how they are slowly moving to Tiva thing forward, which is the right move. My favorite part of the show was the autopsy scene, and Ducky's reaction to Dr. Ryan talking to the dead body. I laughed at that one. I was sort of hoping that the director was actually dead at the beginning because I really hate that guy. The game show host thing was pretty funny too. I'm actually pretty excited for the rest of the season after the recent episodes that have been on the rise. I agree with the past review that criticized the voting before watching people. I also don't like it when people give a 1 rating on episodes. Why are you even watching the show at all if you think that an episode is a 1 out of 10? I'd put this episode in the top three of this season's episodes.
  • Could it be?....

    Could it be Gibbs has a relationship? And in Jamie Lee Curtis none the less. Pretty good episode overall. NCIS and SECNAV did some "fishing" to try to find out who was after SECNAV. Jamie Lee Curtis and Sean Astin came back as PSYOPS team to help get to the bottom of who is doing it. I think my favorite part was when Jamie Lee Curtis told DiNozzo, she chose him to be in the assignment because of his "game show host" quality. That bothered him for the longest time. Especially him trying to say which game show host he was more like. Ziva in the mean time was watching Gibbs' mannerisms. Especially his "bounce" when he walked. Then all the team members got in on it. Not until the very end, did you see Gibbs and Samantha Ryan (Curtis) at his house, when she plants a kiss on him. Could it be, Gibbs is not going for a redhead? That is what I loved about the first episode. No one knew who the woman was. I can't remember if we ever found that one out....
  • Why people vote two weeks before the episode airs?

    I think that MUST restrict voting of the episodes post airing. Three people voted two weeks prior to airing of the episode, This is fairly consistent and the early reviews are usually seneless and without foundation. I am convinced that this is the work of spoilers with perhaps some prejudice that must be stopped. This is a system abuse intended to distort peoples opinions, and TV>COM has to block voting and reports of yet unseen episodes. The rating of 7 of an unseen episode is outrageous and allowing this to happen makes look bad! Please stop this abuse!!