Season 1 Episode 17

The Truth Is Out There

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2004 on CBS

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  • Mediocre episode, no strengths and poor detective resolution of crime.

    This is a poor episode, at least by NCIS standards. The biggest strength of the series is the camaraderie, characters and jokes amongst the team, but nothing stands out here. The crime-detective aspects are usually convoluted, but here they are particularly unconvincing/contrived.

    The biggest cop-out, for me, concerns the solving of the crime. ***spoilers *** In a nut shell: Gordon, with the help of a few friends and a hired hooker, plan a prank to scare their friend Wong. (Wong happens to know/think that Gordon has $40,000 in cash hidden somewhere [but not precisely where] in his apartment -- the motive for the murder.) The prank is for the hooker to lead an unsuspecting Wong to his car, where Gordon, dressed as a monster, is to frighten Wong. But Wong somehow knows of the prank in advance, and pretends to be frightened and panicky, and deliberately drives into Gordon, killing him. Everything was ruined (for Wong and for me) by the way the writers solved the case. I think the writers --who are far smarter than me-- realize this and deliberately leave out some (unconvincing) explanations, hoping that the viewer's will do it for them or will just give up and vaguely assume that it all makes sense.

    In this case, Wong's downfall came about because he told the hooker that he knew all along the whole thing was a prank (thus he couldn't have driven down Gordon in a panicky accident). How NCIS could track her down is never explained. It's a mystery since all the "friends" kept a united front and never let on that there was a prank, and we never saw NCIS question them separately. It's also strange that with 537 customers, no one saw the 1 AM "accident" in the rave parking lot. It would also be nice to know how Wong learned about the prank in advance, yet his friends still thought the killing was an accident. Whatever. But let's get back to the crucial hooker. If Wong PLANNED the lethal driving "accident" IN ADVANCE, he would never let on to the hooker that he was aware of the prank, unless he was out of his mind. So that leaves us with this: Wong knew there would be the prank. He confided to the hooker that the whole thing is a prank (I don't know if this is logical -- you'd think he'd have a better time pretending that the girl was really hot for Wong, but whatever). Then at the LAST SECOND he seizes on the opportunity to pretend to be frightened and to run Gordon down and to pay the hooker $1000 to shut up about murder! I leave it to you as to how believable that is.

    Fans of the series will be rewarded by watching the episode. Worth a look for them.
  • Not so tense as couple of last episodes

    Not very good episode. I mean, it was tragic one and all that, but the episode did not caught me. The case was little dull. But I did liked that quite a big empathy was put on last episode action how both Kate and Gibbs took it. And by the way episode ended, it looks like Gibbs now has serious crunch towards that man and he will not let it go.

    But back to the case. I mean.. there was only two possible options from the start who might be behind that and even if those were the men.. his friends and it was all joke gone bad, it was still.. weird and I do not know.. it was ok to watch, but nothing too special. But hey.. cannot have perfect episode every week. Last two have been amazing.. so.. there needs to be some "lowtime" that good episode would feel even better.
  • Misses in the X-Files!

    This mixes in the X-Files as the team investigates not just another murder but a conspiracy in which the own US Government doesn't want the agents to find the truth. As someone from Gibbs past comes and tries to prevent him "not to go there" or else there will be consequences. Over the top I will admit!
  • Petty Officer Chris Gordon found dead, after the ceiling collaspes in the men's room at an illegal nightclub.

    Gibbs and Kate have been beating themselves up since the terrorist (from the last episode, "Bete Noire") escaped. Gibbs is continuously running his picture through the system, but still do not know who he is. Gerald will be in rehab for six months.

    Gordon liked to play practical jokes on Petty Officer Wong. All the men involved in the murder honestly, thought it was a prank gone wrong.

    However, Wong knew more than he let on. He knew that Gordon was cashing phony inheritance checks and he knew who was infront of his car, he paid the hooker not to say anything.

    Gibbs was not going to let another one get away from him.
  • It really proves the saying that you can never really know anyone, not even your friends.

    I've got some experience with practical jokes gone wrong so I could have sympathized with Wong if his freak-out had been genuine. It's a very ugly story – you want his inheritance so when you realize your best friend is playing a joke, decide to kill him. What the jury will get caught up on is when he decided to kill – if it was an impulsive thing as it happened, the jury will be less harsh. It really proves the saying that you can never really know anyone, not even your friends.

    A very interesting case and a believable explanation, people are unpredictable when scared.
  • Next time you want to pull a prank, just watch this episode and think twice!

    This episode was good for several reasons.

    Firstly, the storyline was rather original and well thought out. I liked this story and I thought it was original and rather unprecedented.

    Secondly, the ending to this episode was not obvious, and it was quite unpredictable, so in my opinion, this culminated to an overall great episode.

    My only criticism of this episode is that it didn't really have as many humorous scenes as a couple of the previous ones, so I personally didn't enjoy that aspect to it.

    Overall, I recommend this episode. It is an entertaining one for the reasons I mentioned earlier and it is an episode that you can enjoy watching again and again.
  • A good episode with a good storyline.

    This episode opens in a night club, with a body falling through the roof of the toilets. The team are called in and they go and visit the owner of the night club, who just happens to be a school boy. When the team go to search the victim's room, they find $40,000 hidden in a speaker. The team discover that the victim went to the club with 4 of his friends off of the navy base. They all claim that he left the nightclub when he met up with a woman. When further investigating is done, the team discover that the victim was hit by a car which was driven by one of his friends. The team call them all in for questioning and one of them cracks, followed by the other two.

    It was all suppose to be a prank, but it went wrong. It turns out that Wong the man the prank was played on, knew all about the prank and although he killed his friend, played it as though he had no idea about the prank.
  • Great mystery.

    A discovery of a dead marine in an illegal night club gets the NCIS team to investigate the mystery behind it. They round up a group of other navy personnel who might be involved in the apparent murder death. They discovered something silly that the navy suspects were doing that lead to the death of a fellow serviceman. It's a good mystery, a good fit for the NCIS show. Agent Gibbs is as enigmatic as ever, Mark Harmon's portrayal of a hard core investigator is really cool. This show is really entertaining, this is a good episode. It's very entertaining indeed.
  • Another wonderful episode!

    I really liked this episode. I especially loved the plot twists. The storyline was interesting, and the killer definatly surprises you. The ending is not predictable at all and that's one of the things I really loved. It kept me guessing. Gibbs is much more intimidating now, because this is the episode after Bete Noir. He seems more intense, before he had no reason to be, now he does. It adds to the episode and the team members show new emotions.
  • Another episode that keeps you guessing to the end...

    A guy is found dead above the bathroom at a club. Strange facts come to light as the investigation unfolds-- the man was dressed after he was killed, the club-owner is a 17-year old, the guy came to the club with four friends whose stories all sound exactly the same. Was the death an accident, the result of blackmail, something else entirely? As the clues unfold, we keep guessing until Gibbs subjects all four friends to a simultaneous interrogation. Then, the truth comes out...

    I really liked this episode for the suspense. The storyline was interesting, and in the end, the solution to crime was very unique, and not lame. In this first episode after Bete Noire, we see a new Gibbs that's even more serious and intimidating.

    Favorite lines: "Hey Gibbs. Do you have any fetishes?" "I've got three ex wives. I can't afford to have any fetishes."

    "This one guy, he does a full upper body workout just seconds before his date just so he can be pumped." "Does Tony know that you know?" "Does Tony know that YOU know?"
  • Good episode

    During a party at an illegal nightclub run by a 17 year old, the body of a marine is found inside the club. Cause of death: he was hit by a car. Then someone dressed him & hid his body inside.

    While the team investigate & search the dead marines apartment they find 40 thousand dollars in 100 dollar bills hidden inside his speakers. This leads the team to believe that he might have been blackmailing someone & that person had him killed.

    Further investigation reveals that his death may have been accidental until the team finds a witness who says otherwise.