Season 3 Episode 6

The Voyeur's Web

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2005 on CBS

Episode Recap

Opening up in typical NCIS fashion, we get our first glimpse of the crime. A masked woman is kneeling on her bed doing a little striptease for a webcam audience. A viewer asks her, via his keyboard, to "take it all off", but she tells him to be patient and goes back to her little tease. The viewer then sees a black figure in the doorway to the bedroom, behind the woman. He tells her to turn around and look behind her, and when she does, the figure attacks her, slits her throat, and turns the webcam to show her body.

Tony, on the phone trying to get a table at an exclusive restaurant for his date's birthday, has just come to realize that McGee has been tricked by Ziva into giving her personal information on Tony. Tony then receives the obligatory smack to the back of the head by Gibbs and the team is off to their new case: A. Sergeant's wife, Leanne Roberts, is missing and the police think that she's been abducted. No one has seen her in three weeks and the back door of her house had been kicked in.

Ziva is sent to survey the neighbors, McGee to get the equipment, and Tony and Gibbs begin to look around the Roberts' home; the victim's husband, Sergeant Jake Roberts, is in Iraq. Gibbs finds a clean spot on the carpet in the bedroom and tells McGee to "break out the luminal".

Ziva looks through a yard sale next door as she asks questions of the neighbor, Bart Powell, a "domesticated house husband" whose wife is also in Iraq.

Ziva walks into the crime scene where the rest of the team are looking for clues and sniffs the air. She announces that she smells Havier Christian #5, a $2000 an ounce perfume, a little on the high side for a housewife. McGee enters and reports that he found blood drops out back under bags of mulch when he abruptly stops and looks around the room as if trying to remember something. He realizes that he's seen the room before, says his girlfriend emailed him a video clip with this room. The clip showed a woman supposedly being murdered live on the internet. McGee assumed it was a hoax or a badly filmed snuff film.

Cut to Abby's lab where they have the video playing. Abby says that she can find no signs of tampering or special effects. This video came from victim's computer where they also find out that she's been running a sex site from her bedroom. Anyone logged onto the site during the murder could have emailed out the video clip, which could be any of hundreds or thousands of members who paid to access the site. There was another housewife featured on the site, Jamie Carr, a neighbor of the Roberts'. The team goes to her house to question her.

McGee beats himself up about not reporting the video, whether or not the believed it was real. No one home at the Carr's residence and it seems to have been empty for a while. The team hears a crashing and a low wail come from the house, so they force their way into the house to see a cat jumping around the living room and growling low. Upon further inspection of the house they find it is empty otherwise, but they do find blood on a broken glass table.

2 crime scenes, 1 website, 50,000 hits a day to the Naughty, Naughty Neighbors site. Gibbs wants the names of all members of the website, where the money collected from the site is, and sends Tony and Ziva to interview the webmaster, Carter Finch.

Ducky and Parmer are in the autopsy room using video stills of the murder to "autopsy" the victim. Ducky concludes that the murderer was an amateur, and cut too shallow which would cause the victim to die slowly and painfully.

Tony and Ziva find Carter Finch in his basement room of his mother's house. They both find that fact very amusing as Finch is in his late 20's or early 30's; that and his extensive Star Wars collection and his deep attachment to it. Finch says that he knew nothing about the murder or the video, and hadn't heard from either Leanne Roberts or Jamie Carr in a month as the website "practically runs itself".

Abby with her PhD in porn learns that she is not nearly as flexible as she should be and the date and time that the video was recorded. Abby reports to Gibbs that Leanne Roberts was murdered 8 days ago. Gibbs leaves and as Abby goes back to watching videos, a man quietly enters and startles her. It seems that rather than give her a raise for doing the work of 10 people, NCIS has assigned Abby a new assistant, "Charles Sterling reporting for duty". Abby excuses herself to call Gibbs to complain. Gibbs asks Director Shepard to get rid of him; she says to "give it a month".

McGee is getting frustrated because he cannot trace the money made from the website. The team is interrupted with the news that they found the body of Jamie Carr. Off they go.

The body was found in the trunk of a car in a junkyard. No idea on time of death yet, though cause of death was a compound fracture of the skull and her throat was cut AFTER she was dead. McGee gets stuck with the search effort to find Leanne Roberts' body, possible somewhere else in the junkyard.

Abby's still watching porn videos, Ziva's freaking out about her computer. McGee comes in with a knife he found at the junkyard, possibly the murder weapon.

Gibbs gets a videoconference with Sergeant Roberts' Capitan. He says that Roberts requested emergency leave and was planning to kill Bart Powell whom he thinks initiated the site. Roberts has already reached the States.

The team gets to Powell's house and Roberts is beating and threatening to kill him on his front lawn. Gibbs takes Powell in to NCIS.

Gibbs shows Powell a video of him in the Roberts' house. He admits that he had an affair with Leanne Roberts. Gibbs says that it's more like blackmail. Sgt. Roberts had received a letter in Iraq from his wife saying that Powell found out about the website and threatened to tell her husband if she didn't sleep with him. Powell denies it all including the murders. Powell, it turns out, has an airtight alibi. Back to square one.

McGee finds the money, finally. Turns out the money was going into an account that belonged to Carter Finch's retirement home-bound grandmother. He had emptied the account and walked away with close to a half of a million dollars.

Abby and Sterling watch the video looking at the murder weapon; it doesn't match the knife found in the junkyard or anything else that she knows.

The team tracks Finch to a hotel using an online auction site that he was using to sell some of his Star Wars memorabilia but had closed the auction early, as he "no longer needed the money". That is still the case as the team finds him dead in the hotel bathtub. Tony recognizes the scent, though, as the same perfume that they smelled in the Roberts' bedroom. They also find red hair dye residue in the drain. They find Leanne in the parking lot, a redhead, and handcuff her just as Abby calls and tells Gibbs that the knife is fake, something that you can buy at a magic store. Leanne had staged her own death, but Gibbs already knew that.