Season 3 Episode 6

The Voyeur's Web

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2005 on CBS

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  • interesting and amusing, but unbelievable

    The show is always rightly praised for its humor, acting, characters and situations -- not the stories. In this overall OK episode, the story is pretty weak and unbelievable. Two women run an online, legal, sexual video chat site while their military husbands are away on duty, and in nine months make a half million dollars. Fine. The unbelievable part: why would the women fight because one of them wants to "confess" to her husband and leave the business? The other woman should be happy to have the business for herself, or she could get a new recruit. It also seemed unbelievable that the two women could let the half million pile up in the web master's bank account. The detecting-evidence chain is often very chancy: here one of the villains makes an off-hand comment about what an action figure "doll" would be worth in an internet auction, and later when the team wants to find him they check on the online auction and find that he currently listed that very item! Boy! Another peculiar thing about the show is the way timing and luck always favor the team -- here, in true NCIS fashion, Gibbs arrives at the very second just as the marine husband is about to kill the philandering neighbor, and Tony and Ziva walk by Jamie just as she is vacating the hotel after killing the web master.

    (Some of It could though be explained as follows, torturous as it would be: Leanne was going to tell her husband, who might have told Jamie's husband, so the girls fought and Leanne was killed, so Jamie pretended to be murdered and fled to escape prosecution.)
  • Not as first seen

    I think this episode really was that people are not as they first look. Two wives living in marine neighbourhood have quite "different" business plan and there is a guy who is their websites admin. One woman disappears and her body is found. Second is killed in front of camera.. the adminboy looks innocent.. but in the end.. For sure.. I did not expected that kind of turnout. Somewhere in the middle after they find the first body but not the second, I thought for a moment that maybe the second woman is alive.. but I never thought that she was behind that.. Some great team interaction again and liked Gibbs trying to save that marines career and stop him killing that man.
  • Very cool episode.

    I have a great fondness for this episode. Interesting crime, bodies in car trunks, $500k in a suitcase (strange that my suitcase didn't come complete with that when I bought it, I should return it and complain) and Star Wars collectables.

    Abby has a creepy new assistant, Charles. I like him, he's very freaky. Abby should give him a chance, he might have potential… or he could be a psycho.

    Liked when Tony learned McGee had worked through the night and Tony told him he would have stayed and McGee replied that he knew that. It was a rare warm moment.
  • An extremely interesting episode!

    'The Voyeur's Web' is yet another exciting episode of NCIS, and I really enjoyed this one quite a lot. A marine wife is murdered live on the Internet, and it is up to NCIS to find the killer and solve this case.

    The episode is very intricate and entertaining, and it was thoroughly exciting, and there is an unexpected surprise right at the end, which adds up for an incredible episode.

    The episode also contains quite a fair amount of humour, with some interesting scenes, and the introduction of a new character, "Chip".

    Overall, this episode has it all, and I highly recommend this one. There has already been a lot of very good episodes this season, so keep it up, NCIS!
  • One of my favourite episodes.

    This episode opens with a woman performing for the internet. As she does so many people (mostly men) are watching. It is one of them who see the intruder enter her room and kill her. The NCIS team are called in on the case when it is discovered that the woman is a Corporal's wife, is missing and believed to have been abducted. The team discover that she had a website, which she and another marine's wife both worked for. Both of them are now missing. Tony & Ziva go to see the webmaster of the website who happens to be living in his mother's basement. The body of Leanne (the other woman who was running the website) is found in the boot of a car. The team then search the boots of all the other cars in order to see if the other body is there. McGee discovers the murder weapon. Although when Abby runs tests on it, she discovers that it actually isn't the murder weapon. The team discover that the money being made from the website was being sent to a bank account in the name of the maternal grandmother of the webmaster. When Tony & McGee go to interview him, they discover that he has gone AWOL. When they check the bank account they learn that he has withdrawn all of the money.

    They track him down through an auction website that the webmaster used & Tony & Ziva go to see him. They find that he has been murdered. The team discover that the knife used, in the first murder that was aired on the internet, was a fake. They also discover that the first victim faked her own death, and that she murdered the Webmaster. Tony & Ziva arrest her as she makes her escape.
  • I really enjoyed this episode. I thought that is was a bit strange, but then strange in a good way.

    A marine wife gets murdered wile being on line stripping for the camera. Her partner, another marine wife, is also found missing. Later in the show they find her body, but the body of the marine wife who got killed while being online was however not found. Later we learn that the reason here for is, that there is no body to find. She staged, together with help from a partner how she killed later on, her own death. Just so she could have all the money they made together. Told you it was a bit strange. We meet Chip in this episode, Abby's new lab mate. And the scenes between those are pretty funny.
  • ok episode...

    The team investigates the death of a marine wife that supposedly was killed liv eon teh internet. It turned out that her death was staged, but hre internet partner was really killed. I didn't really like the story in this episode. I liked the interaction between Abby and her new lab mate. She hates him...Chip... haha... Anyways, I liked how the case turned out, but not really the case. What made the episode watchable was the humor and character interactions that NCIS is great for. Overall, this episode was just ok because the case wasn't very interesting, but the characters were.
  • great episode

    A marine's wife is murdered on the internet live while customers were watching her. NCIS investigates the case, but they soon find out that the woman got killed on the internet had a live sex site partner who also disappeared. The NCIS team go deeper into the mystery and anyone who had a connection with the case lead them closer to solving the case. The writers came up with another story good enough to be watched. The episode was riveting enough. I enjoyed watching this. The mystery was exciting from start up to the ending's final reveal. It's a great episode.
  • Yes, this one was really good, and.. bye, bye, Monica!

    What can I say? I didn't rate this episode as perfect, I rarely do that, you can never say that episode is "perfect". But it was definitely great, although I gave it a clear 9.

    I think that almost every part of this episode was... I think so close to great. "Character development" because now we can finally see that Ziva is a good character.

    And, wow, Abby scared the hell out of me... ok, she didn't, I admit, I already knew that would happen. Now, you realize how spoilers ruin everything... and be sure to remember the "every" part of that word.

    Oh, and I'm so sad for Tony, bye, bye Monica.
  • OMG! Abby scared me SOOO badly!!

    A woman is killed while modeling/dancing for a guy through a web-cam. There is a guy in black behind her who comes up and cuts her neck. The NCIS team investigates. This investigation leads them to a sex site where the whole thing is set up. This is a pretty good episode. Abby scared me sooo badly in it though!!!
  • Sex kitten murdered live on the internet!

    Sex kitten murdered live on the internet! Did NO ONE else think that it looked fake? Maybe I've just watched too much television violence in my time, but it TOTALLY looked fake to me. They did throw me a bit when Ducky commented on the apparant shallow-ness of the cut. But, when the other woman turned up, killed before the other "murder", I knew the one on the internet was faked. Aside from that, the episode was pretty good. The character interaction and dialogue is holding up to standard. In fact, as much as I don't really care for Ziva, she is WAY more flirty with Tony than Kate was. Kate never seemed attracted to Tony. Ziva does. And, another thing, why does this show seem to be afraid of having the boss bully female characters? Gibbs is always glaring at Tony and Tim, but is much gentler with Abby and Ziva. Okay, Abby is not an agent, so that, I can see. But Ziva is supposed to be even tougher than Tony, considering her level of training. I would like to see some equity here, even it is abuse.
  • Bored housewives get nekkid.

    I like a show that I can't figure out the mystry half way through. Though this wasn't a classic who done it, it was still an interesting mystery. This plot devise takes delves into the modern issue of the internet, internet porn and the fact that most people no longer believe what they see in a good package.
  • On the whole a good storyline..However!!

    In general I enjoyed the general plot of the story. Wasn't something new or original but it was a good one none the less. However still not a Ziva fan and once again they are doing the same thing that used to happen between Kate and Tony. The whole chemistry thing yada yada. Agree'd Tony being Tony it is standard and Ziva rejecting him thus far is a pretty much obvious. As for her role within the team still needs a bit more work.
    As for this Chip fellow hmmm don't know what to make of it so far but will reserve judgement on that part. Ab's has always worked alone and seem's to do her best work alone so why on earth have they put him with her.
    One thing to point out though is the different interaction Gibb's has with his field op's and the in-house team. He gives more with Ab's and Ducky and doesn't give a inch with Tony, Tim and Ziva, still keep thinking what is up with Ab's and Gibbs could be kinda "hinky" you never know.
  • Freakin-A, Abby! Man does she rock.

    Naughty Naughty Neighbors sounds like a place we'd find DiNozzo on his lunch hour. Poor McGee though, always getting the short end of the deal. Feels bad the whole episode about not reporting the 'murder' only to be proven right in the end - it WAS a hoax! As Gibbs puts it, he shoulda stuck with his gut.
    And Abby should not have 'help' or an assistant -can you just imagine the lab with anyone but her? It's just not right. Like popcorn flavored jelly beans - tastes good but the texture is ALL WRONG!
  • The season keeps getting better!

    The season keeps getting better. THe character developement with Ziva is gettng better. She can hold her own. Especially with Tony. It was nice of her to take him to dinner after he got dumped by the married woman. Gibbs gave her a little more to do this time. Poor McGhee, he just cant get a break. What happened to him and Abby being a couple? I felt sorry for Abby, when she got the new assistant. Sorry CHip, but the mustache has to go it isnt you. Abby needs no help.
  • You will not be needing that, Tony!

    Yeah! Another great episode... more flirting between Tony and Ziva and Abby gets a new partner, whom I recall being Bud's brother in Jag. Weird, since JAG and NCIS are in the same fictional world. But who cares?

    The whole killing of webcam girls story wasn't that particularly new or original, but it provided a nice background for some character development, more precisely in the romantic section. Which is fine with me, as long as it's done in small doses. We all know that is very unlikely for Ziva and Tony to hook up, especially this early in season.

    But if, godforbid, this would be the last season, then by all means, I'd like to see our italian-blooded agent with the Mossad-girl. Keep them coming! That's all I can say.
  • again... Tony good... Ziva bad

    Tony was late? ok... there was a time when Tony would be caught working at night, and now he's late? All this credit for Ziva, is leaving me in a perpetual feeling of sick to my stomach. It’s a sad sad day, this show was one of the very best shows on TV, now it’s playing catch up and running on fumes. Did the writers quit? Once again, Ziva = horrible build up, she’s a good actress, and she plays the part great, but the writers are giving the show to a newbie, and it frankly sux, the show IS Tony and Gibbs… I mean… even proby should have more clout than this new character, she should be OWNED by Tony, and made fun of by proby… morons…