Season 3 Episode 6

The Voyeur's Web

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2005 on CBS

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  • One of my favourite episodes.

    This episode opens with a woman performing for the internet. As she does so many people (mostly men) are watching. It is one of them who see the intruder enter her room and kill her. The NCIS team are called in on the case when it is discovered that the woman is a Corporal's wife, is missing and believed to have been abducted. The team discover that she had a website, which she and another marine's wife both worked for. Both of them are now missing. Tony & Ziva go to see the webmaster of the website who happens to be living in his mother's basement. The body of Leanne (the other woman who was running the website) is found in the boot of a car. The team then search the boots of all the other cars in order to see if the other body is there. McGee discovers the murder weapon. Although when Abby runs tests on it, she discovers that it actually isn't the murder weapon. The team discover that the money being made from the website was being sent to a bank account in the name of the maternal grandmother of the webmaster. When Tony & McGee go to interview him, they discover that he has gone AWOL. When they check the bank account they learn that he has withdrawn all of the money.

    They track him down through an auction website that the webmaster used & Tony & Ziva go to see him. They find that he has been murdered. The team discover that the knife used, in the first murder that was aired on the internet, was a fake. They also discover that the first victim faked her own death, and that she murdered the Webmaster. Tony & Ziva arrest her as she makes her escape.