Season 3 Episode 6

The Voyeur's Web

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2005 on CBS

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  • Sex kitten murdered live on the internet!

    Sex kitten murdered live on the internet! Did NO ONE else think that it looked fake? Maybe I've just watched too much television violence in my time, but it TOTALLY looked fake to me. They did throw me a bit when Ducky commented on the apparant shallow-ness of the cut. But, when the other woman turned up, killed before the other "murder", I knew the one on the internet was faked. Aside from that, the episode was pretty good. The character interaction and dialogue is holding up to standard. In fact, as much as I don't really care for Ziva, she is WAY more flirty with Tony than Kate was. Kate never seemed attracted to Tony. Ziva does. And, another thing, why does this show seem to be afraid of having the boss bully female characters? Gibbs is always glaring at Tony and Tim, but is much gentler with Abby and Ziva. Okay, Abby is not an agent, so that, I can see. But Ziva is supposed to be even tougher than Tony, considering her level of training. I would like to see some equity here, even it is abuse.
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