Season 9 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2011 on CBS

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  • When the new woman of ducky came it was already clear that she did it.


    Bad writing!

    Of course Tony saw a girl again and could not control his hormons, like he alwasy does!

    Then the clue!

    It was clear as soon as that lady came, that she did it. It happend several times before. Ducky meets a person and ..... she is the killer.

  • Is this NCIS??

    it sounded like a good episode before i watched it. the most predictable epidosode that NCIS has ever aired. it's almost as predictable as not trusting anyone in abby's lab or anyone mcgee dates. are they really running out of ideas? so far the rest of season 9 has been good, but this was a complete let down. it still had the hint of old ncis banter - with tony being suprised that no one trusted him, mcgee and ziva's sources and a little bit of humour - but the plot was extremely poor.
  • REALLY bad. Ducky finally gets a decent amount of screentime, and he gets saddled with Norma Bates (the mis-spelling was deliberate).


    I am getting frustrated at the shallow script-writing and use (or is that re-use) of storylines.
    Is it because the writers are stretched too far by having both NCIS and the La-La version?

    There is no progression.
    Tony/Ziva is getting old, and everyone tells you that when they finally bed each other the TIVAnatics will desert (it's the anticipation they desire)
    Gibbs has lost his mojo (his part needs Tobias, or M. Allison Hart)
    Abby needs a new form of quirky
    Tim's geekdom has faded and he needs revitalising or some change
    And Ducky is and always has been the solid, stable rock. He needs to stay the mother-figure, and all the others need to progress.

  • 906


    I couldn't enjoy "Thirst" too much because for one reason, it focused on Ducky, the only thing that could be worse is if it focused on his geeky assistant. And it was not just that, it was also the fact that they had an incredibly predictable turn by his girlfriend, and a story that really insulted the intelligence of the viewers.

    Sorry NCIS, but this was pretty mediocre.

  • Good for Ducky, bad for viewers.


    The most boring and predictable episode yet.

    What's wrong with the writers and producers? Running out of ideas?!

    Frankly I can't wait for Bones to start, because there at least they know that Booth and Brennan can work as a couple and the show will continue to be interesting.

  • Interesting, enjoyable. I excuse the denouement.


    I give the episode a passing grade because it was very INTERESTING to follow for 95% of the time -- the murder cases and the Ducky romance. Also, nice friendly team interactions. Tony was competent as usual, but I am getting tired of his non-stop drivel about movie references and everything else under the sun; everything he says is an often tired attempt at humor. Cheryl Ladd was well cast.

    ***Spoilers**** I suspected that Mary was involved with the murders in some way because they gave her and Ducky so much screen time that, pleasant as it was, seemed kind of unnecessary otherwise. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when the revelation came and they gave that terrible, crazy, stupid reason for her actions: a supposedly normal woman with a high position in the social health field and many colleagues, suddenly becomes an elaborate serial killer just to create an interesting case/challenge for her NEW Chief Medical Examiner/ Forensic Psychologist boyfriend!

    I thought there were plot holes, especially there being no real good reason for a dozen NCIS agents to traipse through the woods looking for WHAT, WHERE, WHY? I won't take up the space to explain that.

    Still, the preceding 95% was fun and perked my interest.

  • Ducky's internet dating life...


    I think tonight's episode is interesting. Well, one thing is for sure - I never expected the ending! Whew! The things creative writers must come up with to keep us entertained! Aside from the story that a person can drown himself by drinking sooo much water, I think a date who kills to keep her man to stay with her is also something different!

    I also like the one liners of Tony in tonight's episode like 'pa-e-az' is a name of the god of sex after 60! haha hilarious. And when Tony blabbed about Ducky's date - he said he got it from an Israel parrot-fridy haha.. Something new about Gibbs tonight - he doesn't want to look at the brain!

  • A man literally "drowns" in his own skin. Also, Ducky gets a girlfriend who may not be what she seems.


    Great episode. Felt very NCIS-y. Poor Ducky though- no one on this show ever finds love for very long, do they?? (take that back- yay Jimmy's wedding!)

    Season 9 has been an unbelievably solid one so far, with GOOD episodes, even if I was a little worried about the lack of Tiva (aka Tony/Ziva)the past few weeks. Still, "Thirst" quenched my, well, thirst :D Loved all the Tiva interaction! THIS is what I have been missing! Didn't have to be anything big, just some flirting and ya know, actually BEING together ;P Which this episode certainly delivered! I quite enjoyed all the subtle moments. And the LOOKS. Wow, I feel like there were a lot of appreciative looks!

    The case was delightfully creepy for Halloween. And even though I saw the end twist coming a mile away-whenever the new girlfriend/boyfriend isgiven screentime, they're almost always thevillain XD- it wasn't dull because you're so invested in the characters. Again... poor Ducky!

    Can't wait for next week! Yay! The promo looked funny and FORNELL FTW!

  • The storyline was exceptionally unrealistic and in many regbards, rather poorly done, but that did not make it any less interesting in my view (possible spoilers ahead).


    You may, as many of the reviewers before me have, argue that this episode is just about the worst episode in NCIS history, and I can understand where you would be coming from as this was highly unreaslistic, but compared to this season's premiere, or the third episode of the season, this episode was a thousand times better - and that is irrefutable.

    Things I Liked About This Episode: I firstly really loved seeing Eric Allan Kramer as a Guest Star, as he is a spectacular actor on the Disney Channel show Good Luck Charlie, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him in a polar opposite role. His acting was great, and I definitely would've loved to see more of him.

    I also liked to see Ducky dating, although perhaps it would've been a bit more believeable if he hadn't been doing so online.

    Also, the case was definitely very interesting and highly enjoyable, even if the ending wasn't so.

    Things I Disliked About This Episode: The most obvious thing is that the storyline was extremely unrealistic. I have not heard of a more preposterous motive than to create an interesting case for a Medical Examiner whom you are dating. It was really over-the-top and unrealistic and quite a lot stupid actually.

    While I didn't think much of the motive and the conclusion of the episode, I thought the case itself was spectacular. If they had a different killer with a different motiev, then this would've been a beyond flawless episode, but as that is not the case, the ending of the episode was a significant blemish.

    All up, I can't say that I am disappointed. I was very enthralled and highly interestied by the whole episode, except the last 5-10 minutes, and the vast majority of this episode was spectacular and flawless!

    Keep it up, NCIS!

  • Not the end of the world

    So what if we all saw the woman as the murderer. Just because you know what's gonna happen doesn't make it terrrible. The episode was not the best so I gave it my below average grade of 8, but NCIS will improve and this will all be in the past by season 10.
  • Not the best episode, but certainly not the worst!

    I don't get all the low scores. This episode was much better than Penelope's Papers. At least, the storyline is believable. You'd be surprised how many serial killer couples formed for exactly the same reason-one part of the couple (usually a female) kills someone with with or without the partner (who already is a killer) in order to "keep" them.
  • Worst episode ever. I highly respected Doctor working to help others would not attempt to impress another Doctor ie Duckster by murder. Unbelievable, poorly scripted and such a waste of a great storyline for Ducky and the Doc. What a letdown!


    Not one thing was redeemable about this episode, I couldn't wait for it to end. Have they run out of intelligent storylines or arc stories which would make it more believable. I felt like it was spit it out at all costs. If this keeps up, their ratings will go the way of CSI down the toilet and then real thirst will set in.

  • it is now official. everyone on this show has hooked up with a psycho.


    How many more times can the writers use this plot line. We all get the formula. Character falls for someone new. Team gets all riled over new relationship. Character finds out new lover is a killer, team figures it out right after character does. Blah blah blah. It's getting old. The show has been on for ten years now and if it is starting to wind down please make the show go out on a good note instead of rehashing old plots. It is a disservice to all the fans who have loved this show for so long. we need the twists and turns that made this show great. Not being able to figure out the killer 10 minutes into the show.