Season 9 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2011 on CBS

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  • A man literally "drowns" in his own skin. Also, Ducky gets a girlfriend who may not be what she seems.


    Great episode. Felt very NCIS-y. Poor Ducky though- no one on this show ever finds love for very long, do they?? (take that back- yay Jimmy's wedding!)

    Season 9 has been an unbelievably solid one so far, with GOOD episodes, even if I was a little worried about the lack of Tiva (aka Tony/Ziva)the past few weeks. Still, "Thirst" quenched my, well, thirst :D Loved all the Tiva interaction! THIS is what I have been missing! Didn't have to be anything big, just some flirting and ya know, actually BEING together ;P Which this episode certainly delivered! I quite enjoyed all the subtle moments. And the LOOKS. Wow, I feel like there were a lot of appreciative looks!

    The case was delightfully creepy for Halloween. And even though I saw the end twist coming a mile away-whenever the new girlfriend/boyfriend isgiven screentime, they're almost always thevillain XD- it wasn't dull because you're so invested in the characters. Again... poor Ducky!

    Can't wait for next week! Yay! The promo looked funny and FORNELL FTW!