Season 9 Episode 24

Till Death Do Us Part

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 15, 2012 on CBS

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  • Bad story arc, but good episode overall

    It's just another story arc where a criminal wants revenge on Gibbs, nothing special. However on a while the episode was good, I enjoyed the "wedding" scene with Palmer and Breena and the ending was good.
  • Boring!

    Really horrible episode! Bad guy makes sudden turn around. Really? Story just plain dull and repetitive-another finale where the someone wants revenge on Gibbs-been there, done that way too many times (wasn't that the theme of the finale in season 2 and 7). I kept watching the clock, wondering when the episode was going to end and when we were supposed to get to the good part-which was only the last 10 minutes! Really don't understand all the high ratings, especially when you read the review and realize the person only really liked the last 10 minutes!
  • Not fit for a finale.

    The episode was solo boring until the last 5-10 minutes. The whole Harper Dearing arc is unbelievable-almost as bad as the drug cartel one. This season has been a terrible disappointment. I have bought every season DVD set since season 3, but I will not be buying this season, as there were really only 4 or 5 decent episodes and many episodes ruined by JLC's character. GG needs to go-NCIS started to go downhill since he took over (with the exception of the 1st few month of season 7).
  • The 9th Season Ends With A Cliffhanger. After Vance's Abduction, Gibbs Must Find Out Who Or What Is Dearing's Real Target. Will They All Survive?

    This is definitely an exciting way to end the 9th season of "NCIS". I was hooked all the way through and the suspense never let up. I have been a great fan of the plot involving the terrorist who targets Navy ships, so I'm glad that the finale was centered to him. The cast is once again at top form here. The investigation was very entertaining and fast-paced. Literally, this is an explosive finale so you can expect lots of action! Now the final three minutes. The bombing scene was really well put together and it was breath-taking. I hope everyone survives! Casualties are confirmed, but the names of the victims have not yet been told. Ducky collapsed in the last minute on beach. It was an emotional scene. But no worries, David McCallum has renewed his contract! But somebody has to go. We shall see how everything plays out in September. After 9 seasons, "NCIS" still remains as the best crime drama. Now it's up to season 10. I'm looking forward seeing you there. Excellent.
  • Til death do us part

    Ncis is one of the best shows there is ..Omg the ending ..This is going to hit the team real hard .Can't wait for the new ones to start'
  • a surprise a minute

    I was blown away, (pun intended) by the final scene last season. His is a loss that will be felt by everyone, who watches the show.. the Duck man will be missed..
  • Till Death Do Us Part

    What a finale ender. I am still shocked at the ending. I love this show and watch it religiouly. I think that this show is doing as well as it does also because of the cast. I have heard roomers about abbey leaving because of problems with her ex. I am so hoping that this is not the case. If anyone of the show leaves I unfortunately will have to be a not watcher from then on. The cast works magically together and no one can replace any one of them. This would destroy the family of NCIS. If it ain't broke, don't fix it...
  • Can't believe it! (possible spoilers ahead)

    What a season finale! I couldn't believe this one! So incredible in so many ways ! This Dearing storyline has been absolutely phenomenal for the last few weeks and I was expecting an explosive finale, and that is quite literally what I got.

    But more than that, the very last scene of Season 9 was absolutely devastating! Please tell me that our Ducky is going to be OK! And he mentioned bodies as in plurla - who didn't make it? This is so suspenseful!

    I can't wait to see how this pans out when Season 10 begins! What a finale! Incredible!
  • A most "un-enDearing" outcome ...

    ** SPOILERS **

    Boy, you knew the evil Dearing had a ghastly grand finale in store for NCIS! He had ample opportunity to take Gibbs & crew out, but he was sticking to his Plan ... "fortunately" the ruse & device were discovered before Director Vance drove to his scheduled destination. Unfortunately - there was always going to be massive fall-out when Dearing eventually set it off. Even Cole's new found loyalty to Gibbs was strangely redeeming when he knew his own death was always a very real possibility.

    How will our NCIS family fare? None escaped harm - not even Ducky from afar. His phone conversation advising of fatalities. And where is Jimmy when the final action scenes unfold: was he already in return transit having moved their marriage ceremony forward?

    Those last few minutes sure had my sister & I on the edge of our seats - roll on Season 10!
  • Thanks

    I was hooked all the way through and the suspense never let up. ...Thanks for the information and success.

  • Till Death Do Us Part

    I think this episode of ncis was "good" for the most part. It was a bit slower paced then most NCIS finales. The ending was really what won me over. I give this episode a 9.0, but I wouldve have given it an 8.5, that is until i saw the ending. It wasnt very exctitng or very entertaining throughout the episode. I felt that Dr. Ryan's character wasnt relevant to this episode, and that her connection to Dearing wasnt anything special. I am glad her charcater is leaving, I know she wasnt very popular with the viewers this season so i think thats a good thing. Now Ducky's heart attack may be one of the best cliffhangers NCIS has ever had. Its obvious he'll be back next year, but i feel that it just worked. Not the best finale, but definetly an improvement from last year's.
  • what is the deal here?

    why is it that last month I could watch current episodes on line here and now I have to pay for the current one????????????????????
  • Not Much of a Season Ender

    Oh! i miss the old NCIS season enders (S1-4), if somebody have to go? let it b Dr Ryan! can't take any more of that sci ops crap!, i wish next season Gibbs comes with d case of the week "Grab your gear"! Sci Ops Dr Ryan been murdered by the husband, the whole Terrorist / Revenge on Navy ships kind of So So....... , Poor Ducky! hope you'll b fine.

    I have to agree you seen cliffhangers before and who survives, so its been done before, it would been better had they contacted Ryan to Deering and gotten her off the show, i was not impressed with Ryan hoping she will not be back. She was arrogrant, overshined the other cast members, she got to go
  • Too cliched and PC

    Sorry to buck the trend but killing off one of the main cast members in the season finale is the most over used plot device on TV. And Palmer's do-it-yourself marriage was a direct ripoff of Derek and Meredith's marriage on Grey's Anatomy. The final disappointment is, like every other cop show, the villain is a rich white CEO. Yes, those evil 1 percenters are out to blow up America. At least NCIS: LA had a few episodes about Yemeni Muslim terrorists early in the season. On NCIS, while they have many black directors, generals, and admirals, they NEVER have a black or Muslim terrorist or murderer. Too PC.
  • If Someone Has To Go

    Very suspenseful. Good cinematography in Ducky's final scene. Excellent build up to the finish. I anticipate the new season.

    If someone has to go, please let it be Jamie Lee Curtis. Her character annoys me. She doesn't fit as a love interest for Gibbs.
  • Great season finale!

    quite the cliffhanger. reminds of the season finales of daytime soaps where everyone is put in danger so that the production will have an excuse if an actor's contracts is not renewed. still i love NCIS!

    David Mc Callum can't leave NCIS. He has brought a such a unique character to Ducky. He lets everyone else shine but he still remains the star.
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

    OHMIGOD! OHMIGOD! OHMIGOD! Now I have to wait til september. Poor Ducky...I think he's gonna die :( I don't want to believe that anyone on the team died but on the other hand, who did ducky have a shock heart attack over... I actually cried when Ducky had a heart attack. I soooooooo hope if anyone, tony and ziva don't die. They are my favorite characters. But anyway, great great episode.
  • Season finale!

    Liked this episode. But the cliff-hanger!!!!!!!! I'm going to have to wait till September to see what happens :( But at least Tony and Ziva were finally trapped in the elevator together- even if it wasn't great circumstances.
  • everyone is coming back

    10 one is leaving the show(I dont know about Leon). They all signed 3yr contracts last summer.

    If Abby or Ducky were to be injured it would probably send Gibbs off the deep end. We have yet to find out how Abby &/or Ducky met & started working with Gibbs. What better way to find out than having Gibbs keeping vigil by their hospital bed & thinking back.
  • LOL ending

    What happened to Ducky at the end? That scene was so cheesy, only on TV would someone have an attack so dramatic and lie in on the beach. As if a normal person would lie in the street after receiving a phone call.
  • A low not a high end

    It was a mediocre episode hunt wise with very little happening and the twists were extremely predictable. As finale's go this really didn't feel like one or even a usual entertaining NCIS episode. It was more like the lull before the storm and the car bomb kicking off the storm with much more to follow.

    Ducky isn't dead and if such a thing can ever be called as "simply" other than in TV plot terms, simply suffered a heart attack or stroke; as David McCallum has signed for another two seasons. (April press announcement).
  • Ducky !!!

    This morning I was mourning the death of one of my favourite character on Grey's Anatomy, who also appeared to be one of the main characters, and now Ducky ?? They can't kill Ducky ! He IS my favorite character ! They would kill the dynamic with one of the few persons who actually CAN understand Gibbs ad now how to deal with him.

    I'm so scared because he fell and his eyes were opened, if they had been closed I would have thought 'Ok, he fainted' but now I feel so sad.

    Please, don't kill DUCKY ! I vote 3 just for that.
  • Whose leaving the show

    Most likely It's Pauley Perrette. The source say things have got so bad in the war with her ex-husband that Pauley Perrette, who plays Abby Sciuto on NCIS may end up leaving the show and moving back to England. She has been Tweeting to her fans that she is scared for her life and that as much as she loves it here in the US that no job is worth losing her life. Although the couple got divorced six years ago, her ex-husband has been arrested several times with violating restraining orders against him. He follows Pauley all the time and even got married again supposedly to try and show that he is not hung up still on Pauley but he is and his most recent arrest shows it. The Enquirer talks about that arrest. Apparently Pauley and her boyfriend were at dinner when just by accident her ex comes in with his new wife. Pauley sent over her boyfriend to ask the couple to leave when Pauley's ex pulls out a camera and starts taking photos. He says it was just a coincidence the couples were at the same place. Uh huh. And he brought a camera because???

    When he went to the police station to file a police report against the new boyfriend it turned out the ex was arrested instead because of a warrant from the last time he messed with Pauley. Bail was set at 100K so it was serious.
  • At least one person won't......

    be back,and that's Cole...! Gibbs,McGee & Abby they'll have suffered minor cuts n bruises as would both Tony & Ziva(mind you they are stuck in a lift).Jimmy and Breena are safe.Now Ducky

    he's the one for concern out of all of them,alone having suffered what looks like a heart attack on the beach.....but knowing ye auld scotts fella he'll just come through and back to his old self(sort of).......In all this last episode of season 9 was excellent.Right through from the writing

    and directing all the way to the acting..... Again us 'TIVA' fans have to wait but after 7 seasons

    what's new ......... Keep up the great plots NCIS and who knows what'll happen.....

    And I agree with Harmonishot,why give the inferior NCIS:LA a full 2hrs for it's finale it should've

    been the other way round LA get's 1hr and NCIS got the 2hrs...!!!!
  • Wonderful Cliff Hanger, which is acceptable because . . .

    Up front I love cliff hanger episodes, but only if we know the series will be back for another season. I really dislike a cliff hanger season ending that turns out to be a cliff hanger SERIES ending. This is not the case for NCIS! We know it comes back, on Tuesday and in its current time slot.

    Yeah, I'd like it to be fall already, but . . . such is life . . . hopefully, the break will give the writers time to come up with not only more delightful ways to use Toby from the West Wing (Richard Schiff), but to give our brave family additional fun (yeah - the double meaning (from tonight's episode), and also personal growth and development. I love how they're developing each character slowly and thoughtfully. May this continue for years to come.

    I really appreciate a story line that isn't over in 60 minutes (with commercials), because it means I get to think and really savor the story like a good glass of wine or a succulent piece of red meat. I'm not saying I want the story to go on forever, I don't, but I'd like to see it last several episodes. In this case, yeah, I want it worked out, but it would be OK, if it was to take the first four or so episodes.

    One thing I do ask, though, is for a clear outcome for each character and not a .. is (s)he alive or dead, will we see him/her again or not. You can always bring someone back from prison or not . . . Of course, someone who we think is dead, but isn't can give you an interesting story in the future, but hey, there are other ways to accomplish the same goal with different story devices.

    As for the ending, I find it so cool that the writers are giving a hats off to the West Wing, while Richard Schiff (Toby) is on the show. For those who don't know, The West Wing ended its six season in a similar manner, as tonight's NCIS season finale. (In The West Wing, Leo McGarry suffers the heart attack at Camp David.) I wasn't sure if this meant they were writing Ducky out of the series or just giving him a new plot line. Obviously, the writers have been working up to something what with his new found money, will, new home, etc. Plus given David McCallum is 79, he might want to retire. YET, in April 2012 David McCallum and CBS extended his contract for an additional two years, so like Leo it looks like he'll be back.

    (Side comment / plea to David McCallum: Please don't take this similarity with Leo and John Spencer to the same conclusion. We'd like to see you around forever, our wonderful Man from U.N.C.L.E. and NCIS M.E.!)

    Bottom line: This is a really fun, exciting, enjoyable, and outstanding episode on so many levels. May we continue to have this quality of episode for years to come from these writers and producers.
  • Awesome!!!

    Loved the finale!!! This one was just as good as the season 6 finale. I enjoyed how the writers put every team member in danger. Abby and Gibbs in the lab, McGee in the squad room, and of course, Tony and Ziva in the elevator. In an article, Gary Glasberg said "It was no accident that Tony in Ziva ended up in the elevator together." Glasberg put them in there for a reason. When I watched the episode again, it looks like Ziva fell on top of Tony to protect him and there was some good size debris falling on them. My guess Ziva will be knocked out and it's Tony to the rescue...again. I'm just hoping for Tiva in the season 10 premiere.

    Now for the best part of the finale...Ducky!!! The end with him having a heartattack was so scary. He's on the beach by himself and didn't Jimmy go back to NCIS??? I just hope someone will get to him in time!!! David Maccallum did sign a 2 year contract so he better come back. I LOVE YOU DUCKY!!!:-)

  • what happens now?

    great episode, with all its twists and turns... but NCIS without Ducky??? it would not be the same... i can't wait for the next season.. :)
  • Oh Man, ya mean we gotta wait!!

    This was a great show, and I feel all leading up to this was because it was more than 1 show. BUT I really hate having to wait until Sep.

    - Too much to think about - the wedding, who lived, who died in explosion, what about Ducky - hopefully he did not die - I assume it was a heart attack but hopefully someone saw him and got him help.

    -- Too Much to have to wait for,............................. AND hopefully All Survived - except the criminal turned good who was going to defuse the bomb - no way he could have survived.