Season 6 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2009 on CBS

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  • man i have never been so po'ed during an ep before

    i swear if i was abbey i would of effing puched the crap out of them for what they did. especially when the guy she met there and thought was terminal was a bio weapons smuggler. i can't believe how stupid zeva acts sometimes. she's been there long enough to know what a few phrases are already. then she was rambling man that was even worse you can tell she likes tony alot. I can't believe how stupid mcgee and palmer are. Tony actually knows more about the lab than those two put together. if he hadn't been breaking into abbeys drawer i would been mad that abbey had him help clean. this was an awesome ep and i'm glad they saved the bunnies
  • let's start off by saying I LOVE the show,

    let's start off by saying I LOVE the show, but really, have the writers ever been to israel???israel is NOT a desert! we have lakes, and green mountains, and snow in the winter, just come visit us now, during the spring when everything is flowering!!
    and by the way, making fun of Ziva, as fun as it is...should not be about the lack of movie knowledge. you see, we DO have a few hundreds of movie theaters here, not to speak of the few dozens of tv channels... and more about Ziva... us israeli women... well we tend to be a little more voluptuous, if you know what i mean, a little less cold, and little more bossy...just so you know...
  • What I think:

    It was a good epiosde cause I enjoy all NCIS episodes. However it wasn't the best and it didn't have me hanging off the edge of my seat.

    Also I'm one of those ppl that like correct information in a show. Ziva said that Israel was desert and didn't have spring. That's massively wrong. Israel has alot of desert but also not-desert. It even snows in Jerusalem and the North of Israel. As for spring cleaning Ziva should know what it is. Spring Cleaning originated in Israel. Every year at Spring time the Ancient Israelies (this tradition still continues till today btw) would clean out their houses because of the festival of Passover. They had to clean so that no traces of bread or yeast products were left in their house.

    Anyway that's my little rant.
  • Abby has to take over a top secret government mission when their scientist goes missing, but soon realizes things may not be as they seem to be, while the rest of the team worries about Abby's safety.

    We find out again that McGee went to Johns Hopkins for a BS in Biomedical engineering, followed up by his Masters at MIT (in computer science). We found out about Hopkins in episode 1 X 7, Sub Rosa, when McGee is still working at Norfolk. He tells Tony when they are in the suspect's hidden room looking at how he plans on sabotaging the submarine. (this is to clear up a mistake in the trivia section. "We learn in this episode that McGee has a degree in biomedical engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Previously, it was disclosed that he has a degree from MIT.")
  • A great Abby episode, as usual!

    This is another great episode of NCIS, and another great episode centralised around Abby Sciuto. I thought the storyline was great, and they really executed this episode really well. I really enjoyed it!

    There were some shocking twists at the end, and I didn't see that coming at all - so that's nice to have! That piece of unpredictability is what makes NCIS such a great show!

    I can't wait for more great episodes, just like this one. Keep it up NCIS, as this has been a very good season, and this episode is certainly no exception.

    Great job, and I'd highl y recommend both this episode and the show! I loved it!
  • It wasn't was I thought it was going to be.

    When I saw the promos for this episode I got excited. I was waiting for another Abby in distress episode and I've been dying for more McAbby which is what I was hoping for. Turns out Abby was never in real danger and the scientist that she was replacing didn't actually die. There was an attempted abduction gone wrong but the doctor ended up fine. The team was worried for her safety, but it never really got to the point where they really feared for her life. It was cool to see the normally sweet loving Abby out for blood when she realized that she was duped, and I liked that they were all present when they picked up the guy that managed to fool her, telling him that he picked the wrong forensics scientist to mess with. Other highlights - McGee bragging about his degrees and not listening to Tony resulting in a mess, McGee as cover art, Ziva and Gibbs at the dead guy's car, and Abby getting her men in the end. There were certain things that I was looking forward to, but they didn't happen. All in all it wasn't a bad episode.
  • You don't mess with Abby. That's a hard lesson learned for some.

    I loved this episode but in some ways it didn't meet my expectations. I'm not saying it wasn't a bad episode; it just wasn't what I was expecting. I was expecting more Abby, more jokes, more protectiveness coming from Gibbs and McGee and more danger. Also, the ending seemed a bit rushed. I was hoping they wouldn't catch the guy and that the plot would bleed into future episodes. I was also hoping there would be some foreshadowing for the season finale coming up in a few weeks. But, nothing. Good episode though don't get me wrong. I love Abby.
  • You've messed with the wrong forensic scientist...checkmate

    Abby is recruited to take over in a lab and work on a special project. There was a lot to love in this episode. Tony, McGee and Palmer taking "care" of Abbys lab was simply hilarious especially because it wasn't Tony who made the big mess but Tony. Ziva and the boss on their own were also good for a chuckle. Gibbs talking to the guy in charge of the lab made me think of a dog. Gibbs was growling and shouting at the manager of the lab but was all sweet and dainty as soon as Abby showed up on the screen (if he had been a dog he would have wagged his tail LOL). On the whole though there was too little Gibbs/Abby for my taste. This was after all an Abby episode and I had hoped for something meatier if you know what I mean. I thought the interaction between the old war veteran (won't spoil you about him) and Abby was the most interesting. She really got attached to him and in the beginning he reminded me a lot of an old Gibbs - a soldier who has done a lot of black ops (just like Gibbs) and proudly serves his country even after having retired from the armed forces (same here). I am quite sure it was no coincindence. All in all a good episode: an interesting case, good character interaction and LOTS of Abby. If the episode had had more Abby and Gibbs then I would have given it a perfect score ;-)
  • ABBY is the Best.

    This has to be one of my favorite epsiodes and as usual my favorites are usually Abby focused. Tonight's episode showed exactly why she's such a strong figure within the team. The FBI takes advantage of s Abby's intelligence but I loved watching it turn around and bite them in the butt. As we watched things play out we see Abby go from wanting to save lives and help people to getting even from being used as well as lied to. One of the things that was fabulous to see is Abby pissed off, with good reason and Gibbs telling her it was okay. I loved the twist that King, whom Abby had a tender for, was the person trying to sell the bio-weapon. But one of the best things was Abby's revenge on Tony, Tim and Jimmy, it was very Abby.
  • He kills Bunnies!

    Even though she's been in every single episode of NCIS since the pilot episodes of the series; Abby always manages to amuse us.
    Her skills suddenly become really important for a research lab working on a higly classified project.
    What seems to be the desperate attempt to bring to conclusion a research to find a cure for a mysterious disease turns out to be quite the opposite. An Abby-centric episode that will undoubtely satisfy all the abby fans and still manage to entertain the normal audience.
    Really loved the character interaction, especially the Tony, McGee and Abby moments... even Palmer was more funny than usual. Nice job guys.
  • Ok, I'll admit it, Abby is my second favorite character next to Gibbs. Now, I'm all for character development on a show, hence why all of the other episodes highlighting the team's backgrounds have been my favorites.

    Having said that let me explain my thought process for how I came to really rate this episode highly. Abby is brilliant and always has been however her character (at least written as such) has mainly remained childish. Tonight, IMHO showed that while she has her quirks that seem childish to some she's brilliant but at the core a loving, caring person. She doesn't want to believe that her trust could be misplaced or she could be betrayed. This episode was one of my favorites because in addition to seeing a different 'serious' side of Abby, I saw the smart, funny one which always had the ability to make me laugh and I also saw the Abby who once realized what had happened (the lie unfolding), was out for blood and not cowering under a desk whimpering the injustice of it all letting Gibbs and the team fight her battles for her.

    Notes on the other characters in the episode:

    Gibbs - He loves Abby plain and simple. He wants to protect her and his team so much. He was a strong presence as always and I just love him to death. I must love that when she found out the truth and had her mini meltdown in the squad room he never corrected her once and let her go. It was cool to see.

    Tim - I like Tim but lately the cockiness is becoming kinda unbearable. His meltdown in the lab was well deserved, John Hopkins indeed! :)

    Tony - I liked that Tim was the 'jerk' in this episode and Tony was sorta laidback and worried about Abby like the big brother that he is to her and not really pulling the stupid stunts.

    Ziva - She didn't bother me at all in this episode. She made me laugh and I wasn't drowned in Tiva tension or Ziva longing.

    Palmer - Funny! I love that Guy, he so wants to be Ducky's right-hand man without realizing that Ducky wants to be the only storyteller not Palmer! Ducky - Loved how he was worried about Abby and the punishment of Palmer, hilarious.