Season 6 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2009 on CBS

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  • Ok, I'll admit it, Abby is my second favorite character next to Gibbs. Now, I'm all for character development on a show, hence why all of the other episodes highlighting the team's backgrounds have been my favorites.

    Having said that let me explain my thought process for how I came to really rate this episode highly. Abby is brilliant and always has been however her character (at least written as such) has mainly remained childish. Tonight, IMHO showed that while she has her quirks that seem childish to some she's brilliant but at the core a loving, caring person. She doesn't want to believe that her trust could be misplaced or she could be betrayed. This episode was one of my favorites because in addition to seeing a different 'serious' side of Abby, I saw the smart, funny one which always had the ability to make me laugh and I also saw the Abby who once realized what had happened (the lie unfolding), was out for blood and not cowering under a desk whimpering the injustice of it all letting Gibbs and the team fight her battles for her.

    Notes on the other characters in the episode:

    Gibbs - He loves Abby plain and simple. He wants to protect her and his team so much. He was a strong presence as always and I just love him to death. I must love that when she found out the truth and had her mini meltdown in the squad room he never corrected her once and let her go. It was cool to see.

    Tim - I like Tim but lately the cockiness is becoming kinda unbearable. His meltdown in the lab was well deserved, John Hopkins indeed! :)

    Tony - I liked that Tim was the 'jerk' in this episode and Tony was sorta laidback and worried about Abby like the big brother that he is to her and not really pulling the stupid stunts.

    Ziva - She didn't bother me at all in this episode. She made me laugh and I wasn't drowned in Tiva tension or Ziva longing.

    Palmer - Funny! I love that Guy, he so wants to be Ducky's right-hand man without realizing that Ducky wants to be the only storyteller not Palmer! Ducky - Loved how he was worried about Abby and the punishment of Palmer, hilarious.