Season 6 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2009 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • GOOF: When King initiates a game of chess with Abby, he picks up a white pawn sitting on the B-2 square and moves it to C-2 in the close-up shot, but in the wide shot shown immediately afterwards a different pawn has been moved from square B-1 to C-1.

    • GOOF: It makes no sense that a project that is so secret that it can't even be acknowledged would have a lab with no security and that unauthorized people can just walk into unchallenged.

    • GOOF: On the password prompt for the Brandon Medical Center, "personnel" is misspelled "personell."

  • Quotes

    • (Ziva and Gibbs are out in the field by themselves)
      Ziva: This is nice. Be able to work without Tony's incessant babbling. It is almost as if he cannot go on for more than 30 seconds without hearing his own voice. You know, the truly amazing thing is that he fails to realize just how irritating he is to those around him.
      Gibbs: Ziva!
      Ziva: Yes, Gibbs?
      Gibbs: Babbling.
      Ziva: Oh.

    • Abby: (realizing Nurse Dunstan was part of the plot) I should have seen it, Gibbs. (after pausing to give Gibbs a chance to speak) Aren't you going to give me a pep talk?
      Gibbs: Nope.
      Abby: Why?
      Gibbs: Because you're pissed, and you should be.

    • Abby: (after she learns she was working on developing a weapon, not a cure) Heller made the bullet, I made the gun!
      Tony: Huh, assassination made easy. But really, I mean, a gun would be easier.

    • Abby: Nice knowing you.
      Jones: Wait, Miss Scuito. You can't leave.
      Abby: Really? That's funny, 'cause it really seems like I'm, you know, leaving! (she walks to the door, then turns back) Okay, just out of curiosity, why can't I leave?
      Jones: Because if you don't help us, they're all gonna die. (he shows her a video monitor of hospital patients, including MSgt King)
      Abby: (she sits back down) Let's hear it.

    • Abby: (learning that Jones feigned ignorance about Heller's top secret project) What do you mean, you already knew that?!
      Jones: Given the sensitive nature of this project, I had to make sure that you were the real McCoy before I fully read you in.
      Abby: So you lied.
      Jones: And I didn't lose a minute's sleep. Is that a problem?
      Abby: (sarcastically) No. Not at all. Lie to me again, it was awesome!

    • Sergeant Major King: What did I do wrong?
      Abby: You made me care about you.

    • Abby (to Sergeant Major King): You look pretty good for a dead guy, except for the blood draining from your face.

    • Ziva: Tony, do you have to do that now?
      Tony: It's spring. I'm spring-cleaning, so... yes!
      Ziva: Spring-cleaning?
      McGee: You don't have spring-cleaning in Israel?
      Ziva: We do not have spring. Israel is a desert.

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