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  • Season 1 Episode 8: Minimum Security

  • GOOF: In this episode people make several references to the movie The Maltese Falcon around Tony, but he doesn't get them. However, later in the series, Tony is a movie buff with knowledge of all genre of movies. How would he not know The Maltese Falcon in this episode? He also didn't know who Shane or Allen Ladd was when Gibbs told him to drink sarsaparilla at the bar, and if he was such a movie buff, he would've instantly known Shane. This episode might have marked the turning point in interest for Tony's character. It was never established that Tony was a life-long movie buff, and later in the series he shows all the signs of being a convert to that type. The bartender might very well have sparked this interest, as he always has shown a desire to never appear not to know something. So, when the bartender refused to acknowledge that Tony knew about something, he might have decided to watch the movies references there, and then on to watching everything he could.

  • TRIVIA: After Tony wakes up screaming because there was a large lizard on the pillow next to him, Todd, and Gibbs enter the room in their sleeping clothes. Kate's wearing a USC jersey. This is a little joke on Mark Harmon, since he played football for UCLA, crosstown rival. This explains the little smile she gives to Gibbs when he walks past her. On ET, Sasha admitted she got the jersey as a joke on Mark Harmon.

  • GOOF: When Abby is sending an e-mail to Gibbs, she types in, a navy e-mail would be just (or something preceding it) but no ending .gov, such as

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Sub Rosa

  • TRIVIA: Whilst interviewing the first Petty Officer, Gibbs and Todd note that he was lying because his eyes looked to his left. This is a famous part of Neuro-Linguisting Programming, but they get it wrong. NLP is based on looking at a person - if their eyes go to their left the observer would see them going to the right, which would mean a truth rather than a lie.

  • TRIVIA: Michael Weatherly, in an interview said that while throwing a rock through the window was scripted, the running and football commentary was just improvising on his part. He claims this was the start of his ad-libbing in the series.

  • TRIVIA: Note McGee's tie. He wears the same tie in every season 1 episode until he gets his 'stripes' in season 2. Also, McGee holds his gun in his right hand this episode, all other episodes, he uses his left.

  • GOOF: McGee asks Tony about what Abby looks like. McGee had seen Abby in the video conference that Abby & Ducky had with Gibbs. He was standing beside Gibbs and had to have seen her.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: High Seas

  • TRIVIA: Before joining NCIS, Tony worked for the Peoria, Philadelphia, and finally Baltimore police departments.

  • TRIVIA: Gibbs is wearing a Property of Hoover Police Department t-shirt in his basement. This is a department in Hoover, Alabama.

  • GOOF: Stan asks Gibbs for help while working on board USS Enterprise. When the COD lands on the carrier, it is not CVN 65 - Enterprise, but CVN 74 - John C Stennis. The Stennis is the carrier shown at the start of the season 1 titles. Also while walking through a hangar bay 13 minutes into the episode, an aircraft behind them has the markings of CVN 70 - USS Carl Vinson.

  • GOOF: When the helicopter is rescuing the crew of the yacht you see the shoulder boards of an officer in the doorway. The shoulder boards have a loop at the top, as used by the Royal Navy.

  • GOOF: In addition to the shoulder boards, when the shot focuses on the air rescue team retrieving the capsized yachtsmen, on the shoulder of one of the rescuers there is a blatantly obvious Australian flag. Obviously, the HMAS Perth is not part of the USS fleet.

  • TRIVIA: About 27 minutes in: when Kate and Tony are disagreeing on how to get to 3-79-9-A.. when they are talking to Abby in the scene before, Kate is wearing a red top and green jacket. They exit into the corridor and continue with their bickering (Kate in the same dress mode, she just puts on a jacket) and then they go their seperate ways. However when the scene changes, cutting to Kate walking down another corridor, (turning slightly to avoid a petty officer), she is now wearing the same purple turtle neck that was used earlier (presumably day one). Cut to Tony going up stairs and then back to Kate, still in the purple turtle neck. Cut to Tony 'Skipping' over a knee-knocker, thinking he has got there first. (AT 3-58-9-A) He opens the door, then it is cut to Kate.. now wearing the original red top and green jacket, flashing her credentials to the officer.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: The Curse

  • TRIVIA: The villain of this episode, Erin Toner, is named for the casting associate for NCIS; this practice is not unique to shows produced by Donald Bellisario, who has a tendency to name some of the characters on his shows after people he knows. Erin Toner (the character's namesake) receives on-screen credit as the casting associate beginning with Season Two's first episode, "See No Evil."

  • TRIVIA: Mark Schilz, the dead lieutenant, shares his name with one of the producers of NCIS, who is presumably his "namesake.

  • GOOF: It's never explained how the thief got the $1.2 million off the ship leaving a loose thread to the storyline.

  • TRIVIA: We learn that the Navy term "TFOA" means "things falling off aircraft".

  • GOOF: Abby tells Ducky that she doesn't like to be called Abigail. However he continues to do so throughout the series.

  • GOOF: Kate says that the Eisenhower was a day out of Norfolk on Mar 4, 1994 after a six month deployment in the Mediterraneum Sea. Actually the ship spent most of 1993 in dry dock at Norfolk and wasn't deployed again until Sept 1994 off Haiti. Tony says that the pod was dropped off an F-14 from the squadron, VF-212 "Red Wolfes" on the Eisenhower. While there was a squadron VF-212 formed in 1948 it was disbanded a short time later. In 1955 it was reformed, but it's designation changed in 1956 to VA-212 and disbanded once again in 1975. Its name was the "Rampant Raiders." As for the name "Red Wolves" it belongs to squadron Helicopter Sea Combat 84 (HSC-84) and is "dedicated to Naval Special Warfare support and Strike Rescue."

  • GOOF: When Gibbs is questioning the investigating NCIS agent via video conference, he says two of the dimensions of the USS Eisenhower are "95,000 tons" and "1,049 feet long," both of which are incorrect, it's actually 101,713 tons and 1,098 feet long.

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