Season 4 Episode 23

Trojan Horse

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 08, 2007 on CBS

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  • This was written remarkable well, and they gave it the perfect title, as well!

    I absolutely loved this episode, which I felt had all the good features of an excellent episode - the great case, good amount of humour and the excellent suspense and unforseeable occurances.

    The storyline was just impeccable and thoroughly entertaining to watch and I thought that the acting by the taxi man was great!

    Also, I thought that Gibbs as the acting director was a marvellous touch, and I loved seeing Cynthia pressurise him! Also, that 'pool' was hilarious, in my opinion!

    Overall, I think this episode contains all of the necessities of a great episode, and I highly recommend it! Absolutely marvellous, if you ask me!
  • A man brought to NCIS in a taxi, is dead on arrival

    This episode of NCIS opens with a taxi taking a fare to NCIS headquarters. Their sitting in the queue waiting to enter the grounds. As they try to get the fare to open the window he doesn't answer. It is then that we learn that the fare has died. Gibbs is acting director of NCIS whilst Jenny is out of town. The team have a pool on him as to how time it will take him to work on a case. They keep in cabbie there after taking his statement. They check the can and found that it was recently cleaned and when Tony runs down the list of names found on the victims, they discover that quite a few of them have died. They discover that he was poisoned. As everyone leaves the NCIS garage for the night, we see someone climbing out of the seat in the cab. He breaks into the part of the garage were all of the evidence is kept. Just as he is about to switch evidence, Abby returns. As she collects the evidence and is about to go back into the elevator she spots something on the floor. She picks it up and leaves. The team believe that the name found on the piece of paper were picked out of the obituaries. As he is about to get realise the cabbie gets a phone call from the man inside of his cab. As he attempts to leave the grounds of NCIS he is stopped. They ask him what seat he is hidden under. They are both arrest.
  • Barely good enough

    At least for this show. A two pronged plot - Jenni in Paris on some convention and Gibbs doing her job at the base.

    The main plot though is interesting if mostly because we have the victim die enroute to base. Nice idea to have Gibbs move upstairs for the day. Also the hidden thief in the car was good, if alittle obvious. As to was why Abbey would have missed the false compartment or why they dont have security cameras watched by base security or the command room with all the sat feeds! Moreso as that area is sensitive and can be left unmanned!

    Add to that the loss of conflict in the team dynamic and plot isnt strong enough to keep this show at its usually high rating.

    The only really worthwhile aspect if Jenni's rendezvous to find out more about her arch-enemy The Frog. Though that too could have been much of a stronger element if actually on Gibbs and not her. She just doesnt convince me enough.

    Overall, this is just a filler episode with a throw away crime of little import. We dont learn anything new about the team other than security at NCIS is lax once you get in. The setup for a final confrontation between Jenni and the Frog is the only piece of redemption.

    Only essential if you want to know what Jenni said to the ex-Soviet General on his deathbed and whats comming potentially with the Frog.

    However, must do alot better.
  • great episode

    Jenny attends a conference in france. She makes Gibbs as acting director for a few days while she's out of the country. But sitting inside the office makes him neglect his duties as director. When a dead man ends up at the gate of the navy yard, gibbs handles the investigation personally and forgets that he is director with a different set of responsibilities. This episode is not as serious as the other episodes, but it's still a very exciting story. the writers came up with a story that's exciting to watch. I really had a good time watching this episode.
  • i didnt like this ep as much as boxed in but it was alright. gibbs was pretty funny in this ep...especially on the phone. lol

    this ep was pretty average if you ask me. there wasnt much of tony and zeva in it compared to boxed in...then again, boxed in was pretty much based around them. (i love that ep) back to the subject... my favourite bits in this ep was when giibs was on the phone.
    Jenny: Is there any serious business I should know about?
    Gibbs: Well, the American toilet paper doesn't fit the metric fixture and we...
    (phone line disconnects)
    Gibbs: She hung up on me.
    Cynthia: Shocking.
    that bit was hilarious. i ended up on the floor in laughter.
    another favourite part of mine was when zeva kept on getting corrected on her english...that was funny...and then of course there was the bet that ducky won. tony was so bummed, and then there was the fact that he wasnt doing anything until gibbs came into the room...but then again, he does that every week!
    an alright ep.
  • Good story

    This is a good episode of NCIS and one of my favourites of this season.

    The story revolves around someone infiltrating the building to try and change evidence of a case. Gibbs is acting as temporary director as Jenny is in Europe.

    Two story lines this time. Most important one is the investigation. The story is very good and the interaction in the team is fantastic. Gibbs tries his hand at humour and it works very well and fits in with his character brilliantly.

    For some reason Jeanne is beginning to be written as pushy and hints are that she and Tony may be in trouble. Elsewhere Ziva looks like she is in love. The episode shows the season is going out strong.

    Second story is Jenny and more information on her case, this is good. But my only gripe is the ending of the episode was not very compelling.
  • Gibbs is acting director, a Yemeni dies on the way to NCIS and the Director is still looking for HIM!

    The episode was great, its exactly what I expect from Bellisario before the season finale. Gibbs is sacting Director and he now sees what kind of hassle it is, especially for someone who belongs in the field. The way they intertwined the Yemeni's death with the break-in at NCIS was masterful, trully what you expect from this JAG based show. Denozzo moving in with the Dr. is a disaster waiting to happen, I cant wait to see how they arrange that little fiasco! Armand Assante is masterful and great as Lagron Wie, he is cold, calculating and precise. I cant wait for the season Finale!!
  • Gibbs as director? Come on

    What were they thinking? The bit with him and Ducky and the betting pool was cute. Don't like that Tony is getting cold feet with the girlfriend but I guess it's more realistic. I wish they would put Abby and McGee back together. The Frog story is getting very old.
  • Jenny attends a conference overseas and Gibbs is temporarily 'acting' director of NCIS. Jenny discovers a secret about her past and a man wants to talk to an NCIS agent, but he's dead before he can.

    On one hand I really liked this episode, because it was very surprising! On the other hand I didn't really like, mostly because of the situation with Jeanne and Tony. She thinks she decide she will buy a house with her boyfriend without discussing with him first and the worst is that Tony is totally agreeing with it. Don't think it would happen like that in real life, but that's probably why they call it fiction/television. What I did really like was how Ziva reacted when Tony said "I love you too Jeanne" over the phone! Without saying a thing she showed so much emotion for a women who normally can be as cold as ice! This season she really developed into woman with more feelings than she normally shows. What I liked at the end was the sort of cliffhanger with the Director, with this she gets more involved in the whole team because she has a seperate 'story', she's not just the Director anymore who makes an appearence every few episodes. Can't wait till Angel of Death!
  • Great show leading to finale!

    While the NCIS Director is away on foreign business, Jethro is made acting director as she wants him to stay in her office tending to business. But does he obey? Of course he doesn't as the team investigates a man who was heading to NCIS headquarters over something and then gets killed. Tony & his girlfriend are really a cute couple IMHO! This all leads to the season finale!
  • Great episode leading into the season finale.

    My weekly new episode post.
    Could contain spoilers so if you haven't seen "Trojan Horse" yet you may want to stop reading.

    1. Man was Gibbs grumpy. He was especially ticked off at Tony. If this anger continues I wonder how it will play into the Season Finale?

    2. The look Ziva gave Tony when she overheard him telling Jeanne he loves her. (note: don't "jag" Tony and Ziva!!!)

    3. La Grenouille and Trent. Did they set Jenny up? Did they get to the Colonel General? Truth or lie that he's alive?
    Trent: All but certain that he's turned.

    4. Thought the cabbie and his accomplice were going to get away with stealing and replacing evidence and harming Abby's reputation. Knew Gibbs would figure it out BUT was afraid that he'd get to the gate just AFTER the cab rammed the gate.

    5. Abby: Is she sharp as a tack or what? Spotting that tiny piece of foam on the evidence locker floor.

    6. Forgot to turn on captions but managed to understand most of what Armand Assante said.

    7. A lot to cover in only a 1 hour finale!

    8. Gibbs was a total wash-out as Mr. Director.

    9. Buying a house? I know some will say that this was wrong on Jeanne's part and it was as pointed out by the co-worker. Still, it was something that's probably happened in real life. "Hey, honey, I bought us a house" "You what!!!?!!!!"

    10. Loved line delivery by Mark on "noooooooo" and "yesssss" when talking to Jenny on phone. And loved that she hung up on him.

    11. Special Agent Grishom - Hollywood office. (ref to John Grisham?)

    12. Nice to see Cynthia in a larger role than usual but I
    didn't like Gibbs being mean to her. She was, as Ducky pointed out, just doing her job. He owes her flowers and an apology.

    13. Jeanne: "I thought you ran things over there" Over where???

    14. Seems like the Scolotti case will be back again in season finale.

    15. La Grenouille storyline is not gonna be wrapped up this season.

    And did anyone notice that only Jenny among the regulars got a -Phoomph- ? (this was pointed out to me so I can't take the credit for catching it).
  • NOOOO!!!!

    GRR! I hate cliff hangers!! Wait two weeks! Gah, you people are cruel! Anyway, review the episode. It really went fast, for some reason.

    Lol, I get the feeling is Gibbs ever got the job as director (for some reason) Cynthia wouldn't be his secretary. I also think Gibbs would take a job as an airport guard than spend another hour as director.

    Go Ducky! Lol, the glare he gave Tony was....cute! *Giggle* I liked it. Jeanne and Tony are moving along nicely. And was it just me, or was Ziva really lax this episode? It was as if Abby finally decided to hand over her happy pills or something. When that guy popped out of the seat, I was totally shocked. Then when Abby came down stairs, I thought she was gonna bump into him. But no, she met up with him (indirectly) with forensic evidence. :D Yay for Abby!

    I didn't like the ending to this episode, though. It was a cliched, even for the writers of NCIS.