Season 4 Episode 23

Trojan Horse

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 08, 2007 on CBS

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  • Barely good enough

    At least for this show. A two pronged plot - Jenni in Paris on some convention and Gibbs doing her job at the base.

    The main plot though is interesting if mostly because we have the victim die enroute to base. Nice idea to have Gibbs move upstairs for the day. Also the hidden thief in the car was good, if alittle obvious. As to was why Abbey would have missed the false compartment or why they dont have security cameras watched by base security or the command room with all the sat feeds! Moreso as that area is sensitive and can be left unmanned!

    Add to that the loss of conflict in the team dynamic and plot isnt strong enough to keep this show at its usually high rating.

    The only really worthwhile aspect if Jenni's rendezvous to find out more about her arch-enemy The Frog. Though that too could have been much of a stronger element if actually on Gibbs and not her. She just doesnt convince me enough.

    Overall, this is just a filler episode with a throw away crime of little import. We dont learn anything new about the team other than security at NCIS is lax once you get in. The setup for a final confrontation between Jenni and the Frog is the only piece of redemption.

    Only essential if you want to know what Jenni said to the ex-Soviet General on his deathbed and whats comming potentially with the Frog.

    However, must do alot better.
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