Season 4 Episode 23

Trojan Horse

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 08, 2007 on CBS

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  • A man brought to NCIS in a taxi, is dead on arrival

    This episode of NCIS opens with a taxi taking a fare to NCIS headquarters. Their sitting in the queue waiting to enter the grounds. As they try to get the fare to open the window he doesn't answer. It is then that we learn that the fare has died. Gibbs is acting director of NCIS whilst Jenny is out of town. The team have a pool on him as to how time it will take him to work on a case. They keep in cabbie there after taking his statement. They check the can and found that it was recently cleaned and when Tony runs down the list of names found on the victims, they discover that quite a few of them have died. They discover that he was poisoned. As everyone leaves the NCIS garage for the night, we see someone climbing out of the seat in the cab. He breaks into the part of the garage were all of the evidence is kept. Just as he is about to switch evidence, Abby returns. As she collects the evidence and is about to go back into the elevator she spots something on the floor. She picks it up and leaves. The team believe that the name found on the piece of paper were picked out of the obituaries. As he is about to get realise the cabbie gets a phone call from the man inside of his cab. As he attempts to leave the grounds of NCIS he is stopped. They ask him what seat he is hidden under. They are both arrest.