Season 7 Episode 1

Truth or Consequences

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2009 on CBS

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  • NCIS (No Cote, It Sucks)

    I have been spending time watching the older seasons, and my heart just aches with sadness. This team was dynamic, I enjoyed all the episodes and still watch them. Being an NCIS fan I have tried to accept the fact that Cote is gone, and support the show. Honestly though I can't sit through the newer episodes, there seems to be no spark, no life to the show. In my opinion Cote was the glue that made the show cohesive. Now I feel lost I find myself getting confused with weak storylines. I understand feeling betrayed ( as some of the costars have expressed) fans miss Cote also. I wish we could just talk about the elephant in the room, the writers have no intention of bringing her back, the throw us a bone now and again, the flag in Abby's office, Tony having two fish Kate and?, Tony opening his drawer and finding Ziva's necklace, an episode mention Airi and all for what to keep us hanging on to the breadcrumbs we cling to. Are we sad because Ziva is gone? Absolutely. However I feel more upset that I don't have any closure. At least with Jenny and Kate when they were killed off we knew it was final, there was no hoping. Now we are given false hope and that's just wrong. What's going to happen is the team may get a message from Israel stating Ziva has been killed, not that any of us want this. We already see women being thrown at Tony to replace Ziva as if anyone ever could. Then what, the storylines are still disjointed and lacking real depth. I don't feel drawn into the show anymore I don't feel connected to the show. So in order for me to get closure I must say goodbye to NCIS we had a good run, and not that it matters but you lost a fan today. :(
  • NCIS come back for Ziva

    This is a very good way to kick off the new season after the season 6 finale left us unsure about Ziva's future especially after she was captured But this episode shows that NCIS will leave no one behind and the team was willing to go to Somalia for Ziva I liked the part where Tony told his captor about his boss being a sniper and then there he was shooting the captors It was when Tony was going through the replacements for Ziva he realized nobody can replace her and it was good to see Ziva come back to NCIS where she belongs.
  • One of the Best Episodes

    This is one of my favorite episodes of the series, it might be the best. Everything about the episode works for me, the story, the character moments, everything
  • The 7th Season Begins With Anthony DiNozzo Being Captured By Terrorists. He Was Trying To Rescue Ziva. Gibbs And McGee Make A Daring Rescue Attempt.

    "Truth Or Consequences" is a fantastic way to start the season. The last season ended with Ziva being captured by terrorists. However, this episode picks up right from there and in the beginning DiNozzo is also captured. I also enjoyed seeing how DiNozzo introduces our team to the terrorist. It was entertaining. The events were also well developed because we saw what the team was doing in May, June, July and August. Tony's sense of humor is mindblowing. I can't stop laughing when he jokes around. What added to the enjoyment of the episode is seeing the team interviewing the replacements of Ziva. How the storylines came together is also well done. Overall, a great premiere. Don't miss this!
  • Brilliant episode! Thoroughly well-dnoe!

    This was another awesome NCIS season premiere, something which we have come to expect every year from a season premiere of this great show!

    I thought the beginning was terrific, when we see special (very special) agent Anthony DiNozzo held captive! That built a lot of supsense and they built even moer suspense and shoc k when he announced Ziva David is dead...

    I won't spoil anything further, but I thought the serach for a replacement Ziva was hilarious, and they turned down the best applicant of the lot...

    All up, a terrific episode wiht insanely good suspense, drama and som e great action at the end! I really loved the closing sequence as well, and to sum it up in one sentence: breathtaking from start to finish!
  • After a season finale that left the team and relationships broken, Tony leads a search for Ziva that leads to a shocking discovery that leads them to the Horn of Africa seeking revenge, where Ziva was held captive for four months.

    Great!!! Great!!! Great!!! Great!!! Great!!! Great!!! Great!!! Great!!! Great!!! Great!!!

    This is the best episode in NCIS history!!! The episode layout was so fantastic with Tony's flashbacks and the witty remarks are beyond counting. McGee and Tony seem to be friends now which impresses me. The team's searching for a new Ziva is very futile. "It would be easier finding a new drummer for Spinal Tap. Ziva's not replaceable," Tony explains to his captor. Their first eligible candidate ran out of Gibbs' interview in tears.

    The Tiva Tension in this episode is incredible and part of why I like it so much. Tony's heartbreak about Ziva being supposedly dead was sad/dramatic/hilarious! Anyone that can be only half in the room when someone says, "Some idiot smuggled a koala onto a submarine," is in LOVE. Nothing like some truth serum to really add to the tension. "Listen, you should know I've taken some kind of truth serum so if there's any questions you don't wanna know the answer to don't-"

    I reccomend this episode and I have a few closing remarks for you:

    "Don't be redunculous, of course you're my home-theatre guy!"
  • Bad on purpose?

    This is what I liked about the episode:
    Tony finally shows his full potential as a NCIS agent. He's on the top of his game and I loved that.

    This is what I didn't like about the episode:
    Well, this season starter was surely a low-cost episode if I have ever seen one.
    Just the usual scenery of the bureau and a cell.
    Disappointing. Just as the plot was.
    I don't know if that was done one purpose as the spin-off NCIS: LA starts as well today but it was surely a disgrace for the show that I love.
    The plot was poor as well, grabbing the last straw of getting Ziva David back to the team. Why in the world did she go to a terrorist camp to die? That could have been done much easier and much quicker by just crossing over to the side of the Palestinians and yelling "I am a mossad agent and I have killed the a lot of Palestinians!".
    Last but not least: Gibbs shooting from a couple of large hills back, being far away and then standing around the corner when the others left their holding cell. Come on. That may have been a cool way to enter but not even Gibbs can alter the space-time-continuum (or can he?)!
    I wish for the show to get back to the quality it was a season ago (the start, not the end).

    This shall not be a rip-off of the show but I surely hope the writers and producers have not jumped the shark here. I dearly hope so because I love this show and my heart is aching when I see it performing so poorly.

    Thanks for reading and not just clicking thumbs-down for the low rating I gave it.
  • What the he** was that? A tense cliff hangar last spring with Ziva in a bad spot and this is how they wrap it up and start the new season??

    The story is told in flashback going over the summer months, with Tony (a twist!) in Ziva's former chair. Back in Arlington in May the team pine away for Ziva and get down work on a routine drug case. Why is it necessary for Tony to exposit the NCIS team, do the producers/network think there were that many newbie viewers? Is Ziva dead or alive? A revenge plan slowly forms. Concurrently Tony interviews a few possible replacements, attractive females all. With more than the usual sudden leap in genius computer work, tracking a shipment of Caf-Pow leads the way to the final showdown in the Somali desert. Maybe bin-Laden has a secret supply of 7-11 Slurpee coming his way too. And the sudden ending - just how did Gibbs get from hundreds of yards away into the same building in a few seconds? Flush this one.
  • Chuck Norris he isnt...

    I dont really understand why nearly everyone is giving this a ten??? For a premiere opening episode it was boring!!! Tony is captured and given a truth serum and just tells the terrorist about ncis and the people in it of which us viewers already know this. Mcgee is lying on the floor throughout the episode apart from the flashbacks and there was just no story to it apart from trying to hire someone to take Ziva,s place in the team of which you know wouldnt happen anyway.
    last but not least we have chuck norris oh sorry i mean leroy jethro gibbs who downs a drug pusher with one kick that both tony and mcgee couldnt manage at the same time let alone the ten mile sniper shot and getting to the others by the time they came out of a door.
    ncis writers please give us a bit of reality, please!
  • So much for a unexpected and rivetiing opening to the season

    I had trouble following the logic or the plausibility of this episode. 4 months prior,Ziva is captured in Northern Africa by a terrorist that isn't interested in Mossad but in NCIS. Okay(??). She is conveniently shipped to Somolia where she meets up with Tim and Tony who hadn't even planned on going to Somlia and confront this same terrorist until 2 weeks prior. And they track him with coffee? But somehow, this all is suppose to make sense and we are to suspend any logic. Fighting terrorism in the real world should be this easy. Worst of all, according to the Ausselio (sp)files we have to live Ziva's trauma (and Tony trying to figure out what happened to his character) for an entire season. The only question will be-do the writers remember what NCIS stands for. I wonder if the writers are thinking of setting an episode on the Love Boat.
  • Introducing the team, I thought that was what pilots were for?

    enough with the dumb flashbacks already. This was a boring episode. I saw another review who gave it a 5 and I agree with the reviewer.

    The thirty second glimpse to season 7 was more entertaining than the 45 minute episode. I adore this show but all they did was have Tony show off the team. Unless your watching this show for the very first time it was really boring. Ziva comes in looking not beat up like were shown in the glimpse and my baby Tim was just lying there the whole time.

    I think it'd have been more fun to make it a double episode and show how they got there instead. Belissario was better at writing, where is the fun like in season 2?

    I'm really hoping season 7 gets better. We need new characters and new story lines.

    Sorry if you don't agree with me. I just didn't love the episode
  • This was by far my absolute favorite episode of NCIS ever. It was so emotional and exciting that I had to try and stop myself from crying, first from shock and then from being so overjoyed. GREAT EPISODE!

    This was a great episode and after I watched it I thought that it was the best and most emotional episide the there had ever been of NCIS. I watched this episide at least four times and everyone of those times I had to fight back my tears that threatened to fall. From the tears of worry or sadness that fell throughout the episode until the end when you realize that it all worked even when they seemed lost of hope. When they are back at the office still bruised and covered in dirt they step out of the elevator to be greeted with loud applause for their great accomplishments it has you crying because of the overwhelming relief and happiness you feel because everybody came back from a nearly impossible mission alive.
  • season premiere was AMAZING

    like i said the season premiere of this episode was amazing, brilliant, awesome, and so much more. i loved this episode it was truly wonderful.
    i really loved the part where tony and mcgee were undercover in somalia and then ziva comes in and tony was surprised to see her alive and then they talk and then tony tells ziva hes gonna get us out of there and then gibbs who was miles away had a sniper and he shot the bad dood from mile and miles away then tony and mcgee and ziva started to fight the rest of the bad guys and then they get out of there and gibbs is waiting for them that was awesome. then another part i really liked was when they were in the elevator towards the end of the episode were there all being quiet and then the elevator door opens and they all walk out and everyones clapping for them and abby and ducky see them and abby gives ziva a hug and ziva just looks so sad and i just thought that the end of the episode was so sweet but yet so sad
    but inall this episode was amazing
  • NCIS is back with a bang.

    Spoilers ahead: I was very curious when the previous season ended and we saw that Ziva got captured, I wondered how they were going to bring her back (because obviously they would). I have to say that I was not let down in any way. I loved all the flashbacks we saw, on how they eventually discovered that she was missing (presumed dead), yet still went after Saleem for vengeance. I also liked to see how they were trying to replace Zive, I knew it could not be done, because Ziva belong with NCIS and with them. Then end were the get a standing applause gives me the chills every time I watch it. A great beginning of a new season of a great show.
  • Season premiere

    What an episode to kick off the 7th season of NCIS. Coming off a year where the show emerged as the number one scripted program on all of television they gave us an absolutely thrilling installment tonight that saw Tony held in captivity. Throw in some good comedy with the prospective new agents and Tony's remarks to the man detaining him, add in a suspenseful storyline of just how he, McGee and Ziva will escape and you have the makings for a brilliant NCIS.

    These episodes that focus on one setting seem to be the most enjoyable. It is when the show tries to be Law and Order and spout their political agenda that viewers get turned off. No agenda here, thankfully, just a great all around show.
  • Coming into this episode I was apprehensive. Season 6's opener was memorable so I was wary that Season 7 would be able to live up to its fame.

    We have a stellar set of writers on this show. The characters evolve, but mostly stay the same.

    Tony - He's a joker, but the jokes hide a kind heart, and he felt that if Ziva was really dead, or possibly alive, he had to do everything in his power to get her back with them and if she was dead seek vengeance in her name.

    McGee - Wow! How his character has matured, from the geeky, scared agent who was fearful of his own shadow to the agent who had Tony's back while they were in the desert. He even has a more confident stride, HE was the one who approached Gibbs about replacing Ziva.

    Ziva - Wasn't feared prominently in this episode but I have a feeling the next couple of episodes will delve into her character. She's always be on her own emotionally with the exception of her sister who died, so when her 'workmates' risk their lives to save her without ulterior motive? It has to bring up some emotions, I'm curious to see Cote act it out.

    Gibbs - He was in this episode but mostly in a mentoring vein (IMHO). He wanted to go after Ziva, he wanted to go after her bad but he wanted McGee and Dinozzo to want it too, which is why we got those wry grins a couple of times during the episode as they got up to his same feverish pace. Abbs - My how time has changed. When Ziva first came on board, Abby was close to her worst enemy. She goes missing and she's been secretly tracking her movements....

    The only thing that fell kinda flat for me was the same thing that made me giggle.... CafPow! was the thing that give the bad guys away? Seriously. LOL!
  • Ah, Tony -- we only thought we knew you!

    Tony and McGee step up, big time, in this season's premiere. The camera was on Michael Weatherly for almost 90% of the time, either as a prisoner in a Somalian terrorist camp, or in flashbacks as Tony and the team grow increasingly worried about Ziva's lack of communication. McGee exudes a new confidence, too, and he and Tony are relating more as equals. It's amusing to see Tony interviewing candidates for a replacement for Ziva. Policewomen, DEA agents, and even grounded Air Force fighter pilots are clamoring to join NCIS. While Tony still has his trademark smirks and smart-alec remarks, we also get some insights as to his feelings for Ziva. Is it simply the loyal concern for a team member, or something else? That remains to be seen, but there is a deep river of emotion running through Weatherly's performance that was great to watch. His stunned reaction to Ziva's reported death on the sunken freighter was masterful. And was the truth serum still affecting him when he warned Ziva not to ask questions that she didn't want the answers to? Tony still has a few things to learn, though, as Gibbs shows him how to steer through the political minefield of getting troops on the ground in Somalia. There were still unanswered questions -- how did Ziva end up from a sinking boat to a terrorist camp? And how did Gibbs magically transport himself from a distant hillside to the inside of the prison in ninety seconds flat? (That was a little sloppy on the editing side.) But it's a great send-up for what promises to be an interesting season!
  • Logic gaps

    It was nice to see the old crew again after the break. But, writers, please - work on those logic gaps! - If NCIS got the cooperation of a military extraction team, why the rigmarole of getting themselves captured first? A commando team with silencers could have entered the compound at night with less risk.
    - It was a big assumption that there would be a window to the interrogation cell
    - Why did Gibbs wait so long before he shot? As soon as Zhiva was in the cell, he could have ordered the "Go"
    - If you look at the sniper scene in slo-mo it's clear that Gibbs did NOT have a clear line of sight between his position and the window
    - As had been mentioned before, how did he get down so fast?
    - Why did they still have the same clothes on - was there no chance on the trip from Somalia to Virginia to get hold of new shirts?
    - Zhiva would have gone home to Israel to recover first.

    Still, it was fun to watch, as long as you suspend disbelief.
  • A brilliant tactic to start off the season for new and old fans alike.

    NCIS ratings are reaching all-time highs. USA is constantly airing reruns, and new fans are jumping onboard. But older, faithful fans had to patiently wait over the summer for the premiere to unhang the cliffhanger of season six. How could the writers give the old viewers what they wait while filling in the new viewers who have no idea what has happened over the last six seasons?

    Well, the perfect answer looks a little bit like this episode. It was 1. fast-paced, 2. witty, 3. filled in the gaps but didn't repeat past occurences, and 4. fulfilling. The first two and the last are self-explanitory. What I mean by #3 is that the plot and dialogue managed to review everything leading up to the cliffhanger without boring old fans by repeating things that have happened before. The writers managed to show both sets of fans what they needed to know while building on the past and moving on to the very intense present.

    GREAT episode.
  • With the past still left unresolved, the NCIS team must find a way to put it aside and concentrate on another investigation, but while looking for Ziva's replacement, the team comes to a stunning revelation.

    Amazing opener! Definitely shows the lengths that the team will go for one another--even if it might mean death, they will protect each other. I downloaded it from iTunes and I watch it about every other day because it's so good. Warning, this might seem really random and all over the place, but bear with me. I loved so many different parts of this episode. It's the DETAILS that made this great.

    I LOVED Claire's reaction to Gibbs. The guys are pretty impressed by her facade, and then she storms out of the conference room bawling. And then Rebeccas's, "Oh, that's it. I'm outta here. I'm done." I bet those scenes were fun to shoot.

    If I might provide some analysis of Tiva, here is my take on things: Anyone remember how in season 4, after a while Tony quit paying attention to other women because he loves Jeanne (as pointed out by Ziva)? That happens here, too. He tries to get the chemistry going with the new female co-workers, and it just doesn't groove. And then Heather walks in. She is a beautiful woman. You'd figure Tony would be all over that, and she even tries to flirt with him a little. But his attention is focused on figuring out where Ziva is. Tony has matured a lot over the last few years. Jeanne changed him, and now Ziva is pulling a number on him as well. Tony also shows his maturity when he tells Gibbs, "No." You could tell that Gibbs was just waiting for it, and was relieved that Tony finally stepped up. LOVED it. (Do I have permission to say that the first few episodes of season 7 are Tony's best looking? I know he's gained weight, but I don't mind at all. It's given him a certain charm, very shmexy, very rugged and handsome. -- and that goes for McGee as well.)

    Some of my other favorite moments:
    *McGee's line: "I'm thinking about buying some tight leather pants. Something that really cradles my butt." and Tony's next line: "It's not normal." *Can't get over that nursery rhyme, either! Chad Gadya!!!
    *The "business as usual" scene. Gibbs's line: "Some idiot smuggled a koala on a submarine." This episode also gets a 10 in my book because of the ending. It made me cry. Best. ending. ever. to any NCIS episode.
  • One of the best if not The Best NCIS Episodes ever!

    I have to admit i was concerned how the whole ziva storyline would be solved in the new season, but now that ive seen it, im absolutely satisfied! The Episode was the best ive seen in a long time. Although ncis is always a pleasure to watch, this was a new high. tony was perfect and the scenes between him and ziva felt so right. Now that ive seen this i simply cant wait for the next episode. luckyly its on tonight, but since im from germany i have to wait till tomorrow...
    However: Great Show; even greater episode! must watch!
  • Amazing episode, enjoyed it alot!

    Enjoyed it so much I came onto just to share how great I thought it was. The whole interrogation was great, and the end of the interrogation was brilliant!
    Both Tony and Gibbs end up coming across great from that whole 2 minute scene.

    Almost everyone gets their little moments to shine. Ziva being the only exception as she'll no doubt get the next few episodes to focus on her recovery.

    However this is definitely a Tony episode.
    He spends the entire episode drugged up on truth serum, but never gives the plan away. Just yammering on as he always does.

    Left me satisfied with the conclusion while leaving me wanting to see what happens next.
    Plain good TV.
  • A brilliant beginning to the new season!

    This episode showed the loyalty that everyone has for each other to the point that they would risk their lives to save one of their own. It also brought the characaters into a new light which I think is the key to keeping a series fresh. It would be interesting to see where things go from here especially between Tony and Ziva. All the unspoken tension needs to spill out sometime! Will Gibbs allow Ziva to rejoin the team? That's another thing I look forward to seeing. Also, what will happen next if Gibbs doesn't allow Ziva to rejoin the team?
  • Good start to season 7.

    The opening scene was good. Last season showed Ziva with a badly swollen left side of the face in an interogation room. This seasons opening scene puts Nozy there. He and McGee go and get her. The last few minutes were, I thought, the best part of the show. Gibbs shoots the guy (having sniper experience). Then they all go back to NCIS headquarters. Good ending to a good season premiere. But...questions. What happened to Zivas swollen face. I dont think her captors would give her some ice to take away the swelling. Gibbs going from 0 to 60 in... He shoots the guy, then in a matter of seconds he's saying "Let's go home," as Nozy, McGee, and Ziva are escaping from the interogation room. A little too unrealistic...but it is TV after all. Dramatic effect there. At the end, as they come out of the elevator, everyone claps. Abby (a hugger) hugs Ziva. Who knows where this season will go...but a good start to season 7. Good job.
  • I agree that this is one of the best NCIS episodes yet.

    The advertisement for this episode said that there was going to be a surprise in the first minute and it wasn't kidding. I thought it was replaying the last minute of the previous season. Michael Wetherly is definitely at his best in this episode portraying DiNozzo's decline through Ziva's absence. And they wrote DiNozzo's part perfectly, keeping his wit intact, and showing that he really does pay attention to what is being taught. - See Gibbs/Dinozzo "interview" speech. My one quip though is how Gibbs managed to travel so far in such a short amount of time. He really is superman. Really I hope they manage to keep this level through the season. I definitely want to see where they are taking the story- Dinozzo/Ziva and Vance as well.

    My favorite lines: DiNozzo: "Remember when i told you my boss was a sniper.."

    DiNozzo: "What you don't trust me.."
    Gibbs: "No casting Couch."
  • Brilliant hour of TV! One of, if not THE best NCIS ever!

    I don't normally review my favourite TV shows on the internet because as long as I liked it, that's all that matters. But clearly some weren't paying attention during class or some of the NCIS humour was lost on them. I'm not planning on touching on every little issue that some have but I do want to "clear" up a few things for some.

    -Tony and McGee had to get caught, otherwise they couldn't send a team in to get them and the terrorists. That was made clear to Tony by Gibbs at NCIS headquarters after meeting with Vance. Otherwise, they couldn't go in "guns ablazing." That would have turned into an international incident very likely resulting in war. If this were real, that is.(And that seems to be a problem for some, too...That a scripted TV show isn't real.)

    -Gibbs didn't shoot as soon as Ziva was in the cell because they had to wait a certain amount of time. If Tony and McGee didn't check in in said certain amount of time, then Gibbs and The Navy Seals come in.

    -Gibbs got to Tony, McGee and Ziva so fast because he obviously got into one of the helicopters that move so fast "they burn sand into glass." You can hear them outside after he said "go." Moving as fast as that, he would have been there in a matter of seconds.

    -Gibbs taking down that junkie sailor when Tony and McGee, two younger men, couldn't, was clearly NCIS humour. Besides, Gibbs is a Marine(once a Marine, always a Marine) and has different training and would know just where to hit someone, even someone younger, bigger and stronger, in order to take them down.

    At the end of the day, it was brilliant TV and the only problem I have was that it was only one hour instead of two.
  • NCIS is back!

    He said it, Tony said it! "Couldn't live without you, I guess".
    The season premiere offered the Tiva fans a few but very goog moments between Tony and Ziva. Sure we could have expected better after what we had to go through last season (at least the couple last episodes) and all the waiting during summer.

    But the basics are here. Ziva insisting that Tony gives her an answer as why he's here to rescue her implies that she suspected the reason but wanted to hear him say it.

    Let's hope the writers won't keep us hang in there too long. After 4 seasons of flirting it's high time they take things to the next level!

    As for the rest of the episode, it was quite good. The flashback device was a good idea to fill the summer gap. Maybe the Tony's storytelling could have been shorter.

    But the sense of humour is still great, as well as the great chemistry between the whole cast.
    NCIS still rocks!
  • I absolutely loved it!!!!! great premiere!!!!!

    Ok so i absolutely LOVE this show. NCIS is a great show and it is always packed with drama, humor, and plenty of action. I'm really looking forward to what Ziva will be like in the coming epis because she is supposed to be "a changed woman"???? i don't know. And i also think that it was so cool htat she was willing to sacrifice herself for McGee and was really, truly kind of her. (and i am totally all for tiva...soooo excited for whats gonna happen between those two...). great episode, always left you hanging before the commercial breaks! i was also really scared when McGee was rolled over at first...i totally thought he was dead or totally out cold. so this show and it was a terrific episode!!!!!
  • Great start to what looks like a promising season!

    Ziva's vulnerability, Tony's feelings, wow =) McGee and Tony's chemistry felt a lil off, but the focus of this episode was Tony and Ziva, so that's understandable. When Abby hugs her at the end, that scene was truly amazing. Overall, an amazing start to the new season, and the next few episodes to come will SURELY be great. I think by the end of this season Ziva and Tony will finally get together, I just hope this is not the last season of NCIS! I'm still curious what the story of Vance is, it's a little difficult to tell if we can really trust that guy or if there's something sketchy about him?
  • Couldn't live without ya, I guess.

    You know you're dealing with something that's gonna make history when the usual 100 hundred words of a review won't be enough not even for a single period.
    we don't leave men behind, a philosophy that forces everyone for their own reasons to make a move and put things right once and for all.
    That's how family works.
    I'm seriously impressed by the cast. Especially Tony. Michael Weatherly is a pro, not just someone who got caught in the right place at the right time; and so is Cote de Pablo.
    great acting, nice storyline, superb writing; nothing will play out as you may have thought, and after 138 episodes, I think that's what makes the difference between a good show and a masterpiece.
    Best. freakin'. episode. ever.
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