Season 7 Episode 1

Truth or Consequences

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2009 on CBS

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  • Bad on purpose?

    This is what I liked about the episode:
    Tony finally shows his full potential as a NCIS agent. He's on the top of his game and I loved that.

    This is what I didn't like about the episode:
    Well, this season starter was surely a low-cost episode if I have ever seen one.
    Just the usual scenery of the bureau and a cell.
    Disappointing. Just as the plot was.
    I don't know if that was done one purpose as the spin-off NCIS: LA starts as well today but it was surely a disgrace for the show that I love.
    The plot was poor as well, grabbing the last straw of getting Ziva David back to the team. Why in the world did she go to a terrorist camp to die? That could have been done much easier and much quicker by just crossing over to the side of the Palestinians and yelling "I am a mossad agent and I have killed the a lot of Palestinians!".
    Last but not least: Gibbs shooting from a couple of large hills back, being far away and then standing around the corner when the others left their holding cell. Come on. That may have been a cool way to enter but not even Gibbs can alter the space-time-continuum (or can he?)!
    I wish for the show to get back to the quality it was a season ago (the start, not the end).

    This shall not be a rip-off of the show but I surely hope the writers and producers have not jumped the shark here. I dearly hope so because I love this show and my heart is aching when I see it performing so poorly.

    Thanks for reading and not just clicking thumbs-down for the low rating I gave it.
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