Season 2 Episode 23


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 24, 2005 on CBS
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A group of serial terrorists seek revenge and send Ari on an assignment to kill Gibbs. The NCIS team goes on a hunt after him, but when they discover that Ari has a second plan, it is already too late... the NCIS team will have to face the death of one of their team members.moreless

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    Criminologia NaVal
  • Ari is back,Tony is back and Kate is killed.

    An excellent end to the series but not for Kate as Ari shoots her in the head with a sniper rifle when her and the NCIS team was trying to stop a missile.However the good news is that Tony is back from his illness and kind of saves Mc'Gee and Kate from a bomb that Ari had planted after messing around with a snake.It was an unpredictable ending very sad to see Kate be killed but the NCIS team will need to replace her and try to catch Ari which will be all in the new series.moreless
  • The 2nd Season Ends With NCIS Paying The Ultimate Price When The Hunt For Ari Haswari Turns Deadly For One Of The Team Members.

    My old enemy, the cliffhanger ending has reared its ugly head once again. "Twilight" was a fantastic way to end the season and it is one of the best episodes to date. This finale was so much better than the previous one. In fact, "Twilight" is a direct sequel to "Reveille". This episode worked on about every level. A well written script, gripping suspense and top-rate acting by all involved. I watched "Twilight" without knowing what would happen. I guarantee that you will not be bored because there are lots of action sequences. I'm sad this character had to die but the show must go on. One minor flaw is the end. When one of their own was killed by a sniper-shot, two members of the team just stood around him/her. They should have taken cover. Despite this flaw, "Twilight" works. See you at season three. This was a heart-pounding finale.moreless
  • Evil, evil, evil, EVIL!!!

    Grrrr!! Does anyone hate Bowl-of-Cereal (aka, Bellasario... say it 10 times fast it sounds like Bowl-of-Cereal) right now??? Grrr!! bloody SM, getting SA's character killed off!! As least it wasnt Abby! Any one else wanna hit/kill Bowl-of-Cereal now? Or we could settle for boycotting his programmes, until NCIS starts back again...
  • Ari has no heart.

    Awesome episode with the best cliff hanger that I have seen in a long time. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole episode wondering what was going to happen next. I was completely stunned, surprised, and shocked by the ending of this episode. I had been told that one of the agents would be dead, but I thought Tony was the chosen one. Wrong. I had to go back and watch it a couple times before I realized what had happened. I'm still a little in shock over this episode. This episode definantly made me want to tune into next season, because I have so many unanswered questions. First, why her? And who is going to take her place?moreless
Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Sasha Alexander

Sasha Alexander

Special Agent Kate Todd

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo

Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette

Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto

Sean Murray (I)

Sean Murray (I)

Special Agent Tim McGee

David McCallum

David McCallum

Chief M.E. Ducky Mallard

Ryan Culver

Ryan Culver

Navy Lt. Curtis Janssen

Guest Star

Benjamin John Parrillo

Benjamin John Parrillo

Rex Eberlee

Guest Star

Frank Cranston

Frank Cranston

NSA Officer

Guest Star

Brian Dietzen

Brian Dietzen

Asst. M.E. Jimmy Palmer

Recurring Role

Joe Spano

Joe Spano

Senior FBI Agent T.C. Fornell

Recurring Role

Alan Dale

Alan Dale

NCIS Director Tom Morrow

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • GOOF: Tony refers to his earlier bout with the pneumonic plague as "the black death." What he had was, in fact, pneumonic plague, because it affected his lungs, but the bubonic plague was nicknamed the "black death" because one of the symptoms of the disease was the appearance of black dots on an affected victim's body.

    • GOOF: While at the crime scene, Kate kicks DiNozzo onto the ground for pretending to have a vicious snake in his hands when it was harmless. Before she knocks him down, he's got the snake in his hands, the next scene when he's on the ground he doesn't. However there is a subtle snake 'hiss' sound effect for an added bonus.

    • GOOF: When Abby is lying on the floor talking with DiNozzo, the placement of her pony tails changes from shot to shot, despite the fact that she doesn't move.

    • POSSIBLE GOOF: The sound of the gunshot reaches the agents' ears before the bullet hits Kate. Additionally, Todd and Gibbs flinch at the sound of the gunshot, while DiNozzo flinches even before it.

      This may not be a goof since subsonic ammunition exists.

    • TRIVIA: All throughout this episode, Gibbs and the others pronounce Ari's name as "Air-ee." After Kate is shot, Gibbs exclaims Ari's name and pronounces it "Are-ee."

    • TRIVIA: In the opening scene, the passenger turns off the car radio, but if you listen carefully, it's still playing in the following cuts.

    • TRIVIA: DiNozzo was listening for the keyword "die" and then he closed his eyes so the blood spatter didn't get in his face; he was obviously prepared for it.

    • TRIVIA: In the season one finale "Reveille," Gibbs has a vision of uncovering Kate's body with a bullet hole in her forehead. In this episode, Kate dies by a bullet shot to the head. By the time the season one finale was written, Sasha Alexander had no intention of leaving the show.

    • TRIVIA: The last time I checked, most high quality BioMetric scanners (which I am assuming the government is using) won't read prints from a dead finger. There have been cases of duplicating the fingerprints using gelatin "fingers", but he pulled the finger out of a cooler.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Kate: (after McGee tells her Tony said she tried to sleep with him in Paraguay) McGee told me what you said.
      Tony: Did he, now. Oh, come on, I was joking around! I didn't think he'd really believe me.
      Kate: Really, and why is that?
      Tony: Anyone looking at you can tell your breasts are real.
      Kate: Wait, you told him I had breast implants?!
      Tony: (realizing she was talking about something else) No.

    • Tony: (holding the key from the bomb-wired trunk) Anthony, you really should have taken that extra week.

    • (Tony tries to grab the snake around Kate's ankle)
      Kate: My life in your hands...I knew it would end this way.

    • McGee: You don't look so hot.
      Tony: Well, at least that's an improvement.
      McGee: Over what?
      Tony: According to Gibbs, I look like crap.

    • Gibbs: (About Tony) How's he doing Ducky?
      Ducky: Stubborn, pigheaded, and unaware of his own limitations.
      Gibbs: Sounds about right.

    • Gibbs: Where the hell are they, McGee?
      McGee: Palmer must have taken a wrong turn again.

    • Ari: I wonder, what would you do in my position.
      Gibbs: I'd kill myself.

    • Abby: Here. You can use Bert as a pillow. (Tony lies down against stuffed toy which farts) He's supposed to make that noise.
      Tony: You have a stuffed animal that farts?
      Abby: Yeah. It's cool huh.
      Tony: Yeah, in a disturbing kind of way.

    • Tony: Me and Kate? Never happen.
      McGee: Why not?
      Tony: She's too smart for that.

    • Fornell: Are you sure about this?
      Gibbs: As sure as when I told you she would clean out your bank account when she left!

    • Gibbs: You're sure you're up for this?
      Tony: Never felt better.
      Gibbs: Yeah?
      Tony: Yeah.
      Gibbs: You look like crap.
      Tony: I missed you, too, Boss.

    • Tony: (after car explodes) Boss. You remember when I said I never felt better? I lied.

    • (Tony falls down a hill)
      Gibbs: You OK?
      Tony: Just trying to catch my breath.

    • Ducky: Muscle soreness?
      Tony: Only when I move or breathe.

    • Kate: Can't you do something Duck?
      Ducky: Yes, well. I'm doing it right now.
      Kate: What?
      Ducky: Praying.

    • Kate: He told the women downstairs you were gay. Said it cut down on the competition.
      McGee: That bastard.

    • McGee: Wanna know what he said about you?
      Kate: Ok.
      McGee: He said you tried to sleep with him in Paraquay.
      Kate: I'm going to kill him.

    • Abby: Hey. I had a weird dream about Tony last night.
      Kate: Ew! Not the one where you two are at the zoo and he...
      Abby: No, he's fully clothed in this one. But he had blood all over his face. I woke up crying, Kate. I never cry. Never ever ever.

    • Kate: (jerks awake) Gibbs!
      Tony: You dream about Gibbs?
      Kate: What? No! God no.
      Tony: Just said his name...
      Kate: No I didn't.
      Tony: Yes you did.
      McGee: What's goin' on?
      Tony: Kate dreams about Gibbs.
      McGee: Oh... What was it about?
      Kate: No, no. I didn't dream about Gibbs.
      Tony: She screamed his name.
      McGee: Really...

    • Fornell: My second biggest mistake Jethro? That's very dramatic. What was the first?
      Gibbs: When you married my second wife.
      Fornell: You could have warned me!
      Gibbs: I did!
      Fornell: (to Kate and Tony) In my own defence, I thought he was over-exaggerating. He wasn't.

    • McGee: Is it me, or did he take the Ari situation really well?
      Tony: That's 'cause he's looking forward to it.
      McGee: Looking forward to what?
      Tony: Finally gettin' to kill him.

    • Kate: Damnit, Tony. I should just take you home and get you into bed. (Ducky and Tony look at her) Okay, that didn't come out like it was supposed to.

    • Tony: Maybe I did die.
      Gibbs: Feel that?
      Tony: What?
      (Gibbs slaps his head)
      Tony: Uh...
      Gibbs: You're still alive. Welcome back, DiNozzo.

    • McGee: You miss him as much as I do?
      Kate: More. It's part of his charm. Like an x-rated Peter Pan.

    • Gibbs: (after giving orders to the others) Tony.
      Tony: Yeah?
      Gibbs: Go lie down before you pass out.
      Tony: (he looks like crying) I'm not gonna pass out. I might cry a little, maybe feel sorry for myself, but DiNozzos do not pass out. Coming boss!

    • Gibbs: Protection detail's over, Kate.
      Tony: You did good.
      Gibbs: For once, DiNozzo's right.
      Kate: (stands up) Wow, I thought I'd die before I ever heard (that)...
      (Gun shot is fired and hits Kate in the head. She falls to the ground, dead. Blood sprays on DiNozzo and Gibbs)
      Gibbs: Ari...!

    • (Kate leaps in front of a bullet to protect Gibbs)
      Gibbs: Kate!
      (sees that the bullet is stuck in her bullet proof vest and breaths a sigh of relief)
      Tony: You okay?
      Kate: Ow. I just got shot at point blank range, DiNozzo, what do you think?
      Tony: You mean you won't be going to Pilates tomorrow?

    • Gibbs: You get Fornell in here.
      DiNozzo: How much should I tell him?
      Gibbs: Tell him, he's about to make the second biggest mistake of his life.

    • (Gibbs walks in to the lab, Bert the stuffed animal farts.)
      Tony: It was the stuffed animal! Right, Abby?
      Abby: What stuffed animal?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Airdates:
      Australia: September 21, 2005 on Channel 10
      Croatia: February 02, 2006 on NOVA TV
      Finland: September 22, 2007 on Nelonen
      France: December 16, 2005 on M6
      Germany: March 09, 2006 on SAT.1
      Sweden: July 31, 2005 on TV3
      Denmark: May 24, 2005 on TV3

    • This episode features the final appearance of Sasha Alexander (Special Agent Kate Todd) as a regular cast member. She does, however, guest star in the season three, two-part, premiere "Kill Ari (1)" and "Kill Ari (2)," playing a ghost-Kate. This episode was actually rewritten a couple times after Alexander decided to leave the show.


    • McGee: He said that you tried to sleep with him in Paraguay.

      Kate and Tony were down in South America, in the TBA - Tri-Border Area in Paraguay in the episode 2x17 "An Eye For An Eye."

    • Kate: Hey! It was just a Bete Noire.

      Bête Noire is a french expression translated as "nightmare". It is also the name of the NCIS episode 1x16 "Bete Noire" in which Ari Haswari is introduced for the first time. Correction: the french for "nightmare" is actually "cauchemar". A "bête noire" is a "pet peeve".