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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 24, 2005 on CBS

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  • Ncis1

    Criminologia NaVal
  • Ari is back,Tony is back and Kate is killed.

    An excellent end to the series but not for Kate as Ari shoots her in the head with a sniper rifle when her and the NCIS team was trying to stop a missile.However the good news is that Tony is back from his illness and kind of saves Mc'Gee and Kate from a bomb that Ari had planted after messing around with a snake.It was an unpredictable ending very sad to see Kate be killed but the NCIS team will need to replace her and try to catch Ari which will be all in the new series.
  • The 2nd Season Ends With NCIS Paying The Ultimate Price When The Hunt For Ari Haswari Turns Deadly For One Of The Team Members.

    My old enemy, the cliffhanger ending has reared its ugly head once again. "Twilight" was a fantastic way to end the season and it is one of the best episodes to date. This finale was so much better than the previous one. In fact, "Twilight" is a direct sequel to "Reveille". This episode worked on about every level. A well written script, gripping suspense and top-rate acting by all involved. I watched "Twilight" without knowing what would happen. I guarantee that you will not be bored because there are lots of action sequences. I'm sad this character had to die but the show must go on. One minor flaw is the end. When one of their own was killed by a sniper-shot, two members of the team just stood around him/her. They should have taken cover. Despite this flaw, "Twilight" works. See you at season three. This was a heart-pounding finale.
  • Evil, evil, evil, EVIL!!!

    Grrrr!! Does anyone hate Bowl-of-Cereal (aka, Bellasario... say it 10 times fast it sounds like Bowl-of-Cereal) right now??? Grrr!! bloody SM, getting SA's character killed off!! As least it wasnt Abby! Any one else wanna hit/kill Bowl-of-Cereal now? Or we could settle for boycotting his programmes, until NCIS starts back again...
  • Ari has no heart.

    Awesome episode with the best cliff hanger that I have seen in a long time. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole episode wondering what was going to happen next. I was completely stunned, surprised, and shocked by the ending of this episode. I had been told that one of the agents would be dead, but I thought Tony was the chosen one. Wrong. I had to go back and watch it a couple times before I realized what had happened. I'm still a little in shock over this episode. This episode definantly made me want to tune into next season, because I have so many unanswered questions. First, why her? And who is going to take her place?
  • Ari is back..

    It never means anything good when Ari is back and Gibbs takes it always personally. Tony comes back but his health is not very good and he wishes soon that he have had one more week of health leave as on their case, there is bomb. All the evidence blow up but team find enough to discover quite a big plot what Ari is planing. But it all goes wrong.. they start get fire.. Kate takes bullet for Gibbs but she wears the vest.. so.. everything seems to be happy ending.. until few seconds before the end, Kate gets point blank sniper shot to head.. That was cruel ending.. I did not expected that.. It all looked like they managed to save the day.. and.. then..
  • A very shocking end to season 2.

    This is probably one of my all time favorite episodes because it is not only funny but it is also very tragic (well at the end anyway). The episode starts out they are investigating a shooting and when McGee opens the trunk and Tony realizes that there is a bomb planted inside the trunk. They only just make it out. They investigate this and Gibbs goes to get some coffee and meets up with Ari. Ari had planted a bomb under the table where Gibbs was at and he realizes that there is a bomb under his table and runs just as it explodes. The whole team has to stay at HQ that night. The next day, they find that a terrorist cell is planning to blow up several ships welcoming home soldiers. Gibbs calls Ari and gets his position. The whole team rushes over there and try to stop Ari. McGee stays by the car while Gibbs, Tony, and Kate go in the warehouse. Then there is a gun battle on the roof of the warehouse and Gibbs shoots through the control for the weapon in order to stop it because someone had shot through McGee's computer. Kate sees someone taking aim for Gibbs and she jumps in to take the bullet. They make sure that she is OK and sees that her vest caught the bullet, so they stand her up. Ari gets onto a rooftop a few builings away and gets a clear shot and hits Kate right in the head right after they stand her up. The season ends with Tony and Gibbs covered in Kate's blood looking for who shot her.
  • Following on from the previous episode, SWAT, Tony's health isn't back to normal. When the whole of the team is put under threat when Ari comes back to the States, Gibbs is put under Kate's protection skills, but it is Kate who needs protecting the most.

    One of the best NCIS episode ever made. It will bring tears to yours eyes and if you are like me and loved Kate, you will be sat in your living room balling at this episode along with Kill Ari part 1+2. Kate dying makes a big affect on the team, especially Gibbs. This episode is very unexpected and in some ways I think shouldn't of happened as Kate and Tony's relationship was just getting started, Kate and McGee had finally made friends. Kate's death also makes a big effect on Abby, as Kate and Abby have always been close and always had each others backs. If you haven't watched this episode yet I hope I haven't said too much, but most defiantly this episode and the one before it SWAT, are two of the best and make you cry episodes in the whole of NCIS. :)
  • Very interesting episode, with the saddest of endings.

    The season final of NCIS was a very emotional episode, and the team loses a valued member at the end.

    The episode was extremely exciting from the first minute, and it was really exciting throughout the episode, so the ending was extremely saddening for me.

    As NCIS celebrated stopping the rocket at the end of the episode, their tracked terrorist Ari Haswari changed his aim from Special Agent Gibbs to Caitlin Todd and fired.

    The storyline to this episode was really entertaining, and the plot was really interesting, but I express my deep disappointment at the death of Special Agent Todd, one of my favorites.

    This episode is not one to be missed, and it was a great cliffhanger to end the second season.
  • Heartbreaking.

    It might have been years since this episode aired, but every time I see it my heart breaks the same. Every time I begin watching the episode my heart hopes that somehow it would turn out the other way around. All in all, this was a perfect episode of NCIS, with the truth about Ari coming out, and had it not have been for Sasha Alexander's decision, Kate might have still been around with us.

    The effects of the previous episode, which was probably the best episode of the show aired, are still felt and they bring a lot of comic relief via Tony, and when it comes down to business the NCIS team did their best as usual. It's a sad thing what happened, but it's something that every viewer has to cope with. Bye bye Kate! I will miss you.
  • Gibbs worst fears are confirmed when he learns that his nemesis, agent Ari, is back in Washington D.C. on assignment to kill him. Ultimately, the NCIS team discovers that Ari has a bigger plot… and they end up paying the ultimate price trying to thwart it

    I went through this series via weekly episodes and the "twilight" was really sad.When regularly viewing a series you are attached to characters and killing one affects the viewers choice.I literally stood staring at teh TV for the next 10min after the show ended trying to comprehend what just happened. She gone, she's really gone. I don't know how they might recover from this ending. I really think this was a bad choice for the series.However, over all this was a good season to watch.I think there will be a difficulty covering this in the next season. But I have no doubt they will do a great job trying to recover from this, and it will, hopefully, be oen hell of a season like this one.
  • This is a very special episode, but it is also a complete tear-jerker.

    Ari is back in town and he is out to hurt either Gibbs, or hurting someone in Gibbss' team, which will in the end of course also hurt Gibbs.
    It turned out to be someone in Gibbs team, and oh poor Caitlyn had to the take the bullet for Gibbs. Rest in Peace Kate, oh even just thinking about it makes me cry a little bit. When I first saw Kate getting shot, I was just in shock, I could not believe it. At all. And it was a little later when it finally got true to me that yes she was indeed killed and then the tears started to come.
  • Kate's final appear as a member of the team. An episode not to be missed !

    This episode opens with 2 men driving to hook up with their girlfriends. They get pulled over by a cop, in the middle of nowhere. As he pulls them over, he gets out of his vehicle & calmly walks over to their car and shoots them without a second thought. Even though he was almost killed by the plague in the last episode, Tony returns to work in this episode. The NCIS team are called to the crime scene when it is learnt that the victims were marines. When Gibbs investigates he notices that one of the victims has had both of his hands removed.
    When Tony looks under the victim's car, he notices a bomb. As they all race from the bomb, it explodes and Tony is nowhere to be seen. But luckily, as Kate screams his name, he appears, he seems to a have beaten death twice now in two episodes. When the FBI turn up at the NCIS headquarters we learn that Ari is back in the states and is there to kill Gibbs. The team learn that one of the marine victims had access to a target drohan, which is now missing. Gibbs phones Ari and they manage to track down his location and so the team head off to find him. They discover that he is at Norfolk and that the target is the families of the marines returning home. As they get ambushed on their way to get Ari, the team have to fight off many armed terrorists in order to capture Ari. As they think they are safe, Kate spots another shoot and throws herself in front of Gibbs. Luckily she is wearing her safety vest. Then just as we all think it is safe, a bullet goes right through Kate head killing her instantly. Ari has murdered her. One of the most realist death's I think I have ever seen on TV. And there the season and the episode ends.
  • One episode I will always remember.

    Kate really was one of the key charactors in this show. It was sad that she had to go, right after getting through all of the plauge and nastyness with Tony. When I watched it the first time, I really couldn't stop staring at the screen, thinking "this can't be happening right now!" It all took a while to sink in, and then I just started to cry. I still do when I watch the episode itself, and 'memorial videos' that people made on Youtube. After I watched the first episodes of season 3, my hate against Ari started growing... Kate, we'll miss you.
  • Kate, we'll miss you!

    The last day in the life of Catlin Todd... *sniff*. I'll miss her, but I guess since she and Tony were pretty much together already, they had to write her out in some extreme way, right? Still, it was sad, and a cliffhanger, too. Ari returns, and for some reason, no one beliefs Gibbs thathe's a terrorist, they all claim he's an undercover. After one attack being prevented by Gibbs, Ari goes after the team, luring them to a warehouse where he presumably is hiding out. Actually, he waits for the team to arrive and then in the end kills Kate.
  • Tony has come back from a almost fatal illness, the shock still with the team that they almost lost a colleague and a friend. And now someone is trying to kill them again. Another day in the office for Gibbs and the team.

    my first ever review, this was definatly one of the privotal points in season 2. I was sitting on the edge of my seat for the entire episode. Gibbs and the team took acting to another level, when kate saved Gibbs from getting shot I thought that was it for her until of course she stood up. Who'd have thought Ari would take her out, I was devasted and in a state of shock when I relised she had been killed. Speachless!! Fantastic twist to leave us gripped and hanging on the edge of are seats for the start of the new season
  • After resting at home for a while, Tony's back, Kate and McGee try to pretend they don't care but they really do, Gibbs says he 'looks like crap', Abby is happy, everybody is too, but just until they figure out that somebody is trying to blow the team up.

    It was nice to see Tony saving Kate and Tim, even though he is still kinda weak due to that damm plague he got last episode. That fake conversation between Kate and Tim about Tony, who was laying right below his desk. Hauhuehuehue
    Abby's dream was freaking scary! And at the end, after they showed Tony's face covered in blood i was chocked and then I started to pray so that'd be another nightmare, but unfortunely it wasn't and we can see that at the beggining of Kill Ari (1).
    All the story was pretty nice, even with terrorists and the death of a beloved character I'd still recomend it. Sad but funny!
  • Sadly, it is always sad to see a lead charcter go. Kate will be missed!

    Twilight is an amazing episode. It is well written and acted. It is one of my favorite episodes.

    There is a lot of misdirection of what will happen throughout the episode; for example, Tony nearly gets blown up, McGee nearly get shot by a terrorist but surivives. It is not until the last few seconds that we see Kate die from a gunshot wound to the head. I think the tragedy is compounded by her being killed while in mid sentence. Kate was caught off guard, and so was the audience. It is one of the best scenes, be it bitter sweet, I've ever seen on television because it was so unexpected.

    Ari made a great villian; although, I thought the fact that he shot Kate was slightly out of character.

    Sadly, it is always sad to see a lead charcter go. Kate will be missed!
  • Tonys back from being home, resting after a deadly virus. Ari, the "dubble agent" is back, and he wants to kill Gibbs. And sadly... This is the episode that Kate dies.

    Wow, but this episode got it all.

    At first Im being happy that Tony´s back.
    Kate and Mcgee is not happy to see Tony, though they told each other stuffs that Tony said about them.
    Tony saves them from an explosion, and thats good for him, or else they probably would forgive him.

    Very much action.

    Than when he gets down to Abbys lab, she jumps up and hug Tony, and telling him how happy she is that he´s back.
    He lyes down on the floor, and Abs,give Tony a hippocushie to rest his head on, and the Hippo is called Bert, and he farts.
    So then you relax for a bit, and laughs.

    Then The .... Ari shows up, and wants to kill Gibbs!
    And its also being reviled that Ari´s not a dubble agent, that the FBI thoughts.
    Ari plans to kill alot of Navy guys and their familys.


    And when NCIS saved "the world" Kates being shoot!
    But she´s fine, she had a bulletproof west on.
    When you finally are relax, Ari shoots Kate in the head.
    She dies.


    Then your beeing sad.
    And thats the last episode for Session 2.
  • i hate this mayb because kates dead..but i still hate it..whyd kate have 2 die??...and still in twilight denial..

    i hate this mayb because kates dead..but i still hate it..whyd kate have 2 die??...and still in twilight i dont care...kate was the best...i have never watched a single episode since kate died. Not one. I cant be bothered anyymore. I use to lve when it came on. Now, I just dont have the energy nor do i feel like watching it. Its not the same without kate. I mean theres Ziva. But shes not Kate. There are big shoes for her to fill but she didnt ffill them. They are realli big shoes to fll and only one person can fill them. KATE TODD!!
  • great episode...

    Ari comes back in the United States and Gibbs wants to stop him. The FBI thinks that Ari is on their side, but, in fact, Ari is the terrorist. Ari tells Gibbs that he has to kill Gibbs in order to gain the trust of the terrorists. In the end, the team finds the terrrorists and stops the bomb from hitting a newly docked naval vessel with families nearby. Then Ari shoots Kate through the head...ouch...I love this episode because it was written so well. It had tons of funny moments epecially with the point that Tony is back from suffering the Plague. It's also great how they basically put every character in danger at one point in the episode and then, at the end, boom, Kate dies. I liked Kate, but at least they gave her a heroic death. Great episode with great writing and Ari is just the coolest bad guy.
  • R.I.P. Kate :(

    I was so shocked when i watched this episode for the first time. I absolutely had no idea what was gonna happen. Normally i would look it up, check for spoilers or just read what's going to happen in an episode, but i didn't this time. So I really really didn't see it coming.
    They killed off Kate Todd!!! I actually started yelling at my tv ^^ Why Kate? She was my favourite character. I still can't believe they did that. That's probably the reason why i never really accepted Ziva :/ NCIS is just not the seem without Kate :(
  • i like this episode until they killed kate off.

    i've only been watch'n NCIS for the last 3 weeks and i think its a mazing only place they went wrong is when thy killed kate off. everyone that watches NCIS knows that kate and gibbs are meant for each other . They have a chemisty like no other and for them to get us the fans on the edage of our seats and then just destory the story line between kate and gibbs is so unfair.They can bring her back they have an amazing storyline between two amazing characters(Kate and Gibbs.I would love to see the look on gibbs face when Kate walk back in to NCI.They could put it into season 5.I don't like season 3.It isn't the same without kate being there and apart from that I wanna see how she would'will react to ziva sitting at her desk. I haven't seen season 4 but the only way i'll watch the reat of season 3 and 4 is for these people GIBBS,DINOZZO,ABBY,MCGEE and DUCKY and the same goes for season5 only i'll watch it for KATE as well if they can work round it to bring her back in.
  • R.I.P Catlin Todd

    So sad!!
    Tony's back and almost better than ever, well at least until a car blows up at a scene. priceless!! Love it that tim & kate managed to play with denozzo as he normally does with them :) big up to the underlings.
    & the hippo - the hippo is so cool. Abbie always has the best toys :D and the laying on the floor meeting. priceless, that abbie got his meaning totally wrong and was going on about everybody's private life instead of the case. he he hippo
    Kate's dream - possible preknowledge of the fact that ari is going after someone? That she thinks of gibbs as more than superior?
    Kate dies - sniper shot to the "third eye". nice to see that the killer said sorry. like THAT makes it ok. idiot.
    cannot wait to see the next season to see what the team does and how everyone deals with it.
  • A cracking finale that ends in a shocking and tragic cliffhanger, as the team unexpectedly lose one of their own....

    What can I say about this episode other than I both loved and hated it at the same time. I loved the re-emergence of the shows best villian Ari. I loved the funny and touching scenes at the start of the episode, with Kate\'s sketch of Tony and both her and McGees\' admission that they miss him, despite trying not too (Tony being absent due to the plague virus that nearly killed him in the previous episode). I also hated it because I knew what was coming. I had already heard that Kate was going to die at the end and I really didn\'t want her to, particularly after the previous episode when we\'d seen her reaction to the belief that Tony was going to die. There was so much potential to explore in these two characters\' relationship and it was so sad to see all that possibility be so quickly and horrifyingly snatched away in the last few seconds of the episode. Add to this, Abby\'s dream about Tony with blood on his face and the moment where Kate is shot in mid-sentence still packs a hefty emotional punch. I will miss Sasha Alexander but look forward to seeing where the show heads next, when Season 3 of NCIS hits the UK Five Channel next year!
  • Well even though i knew this was going to happen it's was still shocking.

    Well after Tony recovery with spors incident it was great to see him come back in and handle the situation with the car bomb , anyway Ari is back and this time he out for killing-as people who remember season 1 ending with Kate being kidnapped by Ari it kind of same thing again but this time he kills Kate which is really surprising because in the episode he did say out to kill Gibbs which is why i have to say it was surprising that he shot kate instead of Gibbs.

    i be honest i was kind of getting fed up Kate/Tony banter is starting to getting very annoying half way through this season and the fact that she dead put the end to it but i realised that i am going miss that now -she really didn't do anything wrong-she took the bullet for Gibbs than she get shot point-blank like that was really difficult to watch.

    i can't wait for 3rd season but i don't know how long i have to wait for it reach the UK.
  • GAH!! Noooo!! Kate!

    There will never be a TV episode as sad as this. HOW COULD THEY???

    Ok so I watched this way after it was first aired on tv. Like a year after. So I knew it was Kate but watching the episode just mad me madder.

    The plot itself? Great. The characters? Fantastic (as always). The humour? All there. Even more than usual actually. Though it was probably to compensate for the fact that they were going to kill one of the best characters off the show within the hour.

    The ending? SUCKED. Bigtime. So after Kate saves Gibbs, everyone is happy and everything is sunshine and rainbows and then...five seconds later BANG! Kate's dead. ARGH!

    I was debating giving this episode a 1/10 but the Tony and Kate banter prevented me from doing that. The snake scene will always live on in my memory. GO TATE!

    I apologise for getting so worked up but I couldn't help it.

    9/10 - took points off for the horrific ending.
  • What the...?! No more Tate and definitely no more Kate!

    How could he do this to us? DPB should know better. I didn't believe my eyes when I watched this episode. Kate was such a good character but I don't know why. This was definitely not a good season finale. After all the Tate moments in the previous episode, and especially SWAK, I thought that we would get some serious Tate, but no no. Poff, one bullet. No more Kate.And to make it worse, Twilight was filled with beautiful TATE moments. You really expected...something to happen in the end. Well, it did, but not in the way all the TATE fans would have wanted it!
    The third season will not be like the first two. Without Kate, it'll be like a whole different show. Poor Tony by the way, you could really see in his eyes how much he regretted for not telling Kate how he felt. Still can't believe how DPB could do this. This show will go down pretty soon. With Twilight as the season finale it can't get any worse.
  • *sob* there goes kate and tate

    With all the hype surrounding the episode after DPB announced that one of the team was going to die by the end of the episode, the entire cast being tight lipped about the finale and the dramatic ads on television... it was no wonder that it was another brilliant episode, possibly the saddest, finale ever written up to this point.

    The entire episode dropped little hints, little possibilities of death (bomb exploding, coffe with ari, kate getting shot in the vest) the suspense levels were kept high right until the fateful rooftop scenes.

    It was the one of the best episodes ever, will never be forgotten.

    Missing Kate, Missing TATE.
  • Noooooo....!

    Kate Kate, come back
    What an episode. It kept you guessing until the end, right up to the last 30 seconds. I knew someone was supposed to die, and the tension was horrible- first, I thought, OK, it’s the bomb... but no. They emerge unscathed. Then another bomb. No dice. Finally, near the end, Kate takes a bullet for Gibbs. It’s almost a relief, you can lean back, it’s OK, it’s over, excellent episode... then she gets up. You look at the clock. What? It’s nine o’clock It’s over, and nobody’s dead That’s when you see the hole in her forehead. Sheesh. It was incredible... what a season finale I loved every minute of it, although I do miss Kate dearly.
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