Season 4 Episode 9

Twisted Sister

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2006 on CBS

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  • Gibbs And His Team Investigate The Death Of A Navy Sailor. The Case Has A Mysterious Connection To McGee's Sister And Tim Risks His Job.

    To date this is my favorite episode of this season, along with "Cover Story", "Grace Period" and "Trojan Horse". From the acting, to the writing, to the compelling storyline, things worked well to create a very good episode. It couldn't have been more obvious Sarah was innocent. But it was more entertaining to see how McGee uncovered the mystery piece by piece. There were two other positive aspects here. The relationship between Jeanne and Tony is a good part of the show and hopefully will continue in the future. I liked seeing how Tim has been writing a book. I wonder what he is up to! Overall, "Twisted Sister" is definitely one of the best episodes of the show. Don't miss it.
  • McGeek rules

    Love this episode cuz I Looooooove Timmy. This was the first episode I had seen of the show and probably why i only now watch it for McGee :P but I guess its cause I love how great he is. He went against his friends/family that is NCIS just to protect his sister because he knew it looked bad even if he knew his sister was no murderer just a kid with a big mouth. Great episode though I just love the most how Gibbs is supposed to be this big ass but in the privacy of his office you can see he really is the father to the team and its nice how he forgave Tim
  • Sarah!!

    hey anyone else notice that his sister sarah is spencer on pretty little liars. Her and the guy who plays mcgee are half siblings in real life . Totally awesome they made her his sister.
  • We see McGee with his sister. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

    As McGee shreds paper, His sister rings the doorbell.
    She is covered in blood and tells McGee that she thought she killed someone. In this episode, McGee frantically tries to prove that his sister is innocent, going to the point that he tries to quit.
    Meanwhile, Gibbs and the team is investigating a murder that leads them to McGee's sister. All the evidence points to McGee's sister. This episode was very clever and exciting. The plot was essential to the episode. It was cleverly made to look like McGee's sister was guilty of murder. Her amnesia made the episode even more dramatic.
    This episode was a great episode that showed us McGee's sympathy to his family members.
  • Fantastic episode and a great McGee episode.

    Tony's been seeing his mystery girl for a month but Tony's not having sex with her – which must be a record – I find it odd that Tony didn't tell Jenny who she is – isn't this the case he's working for her?

    It's easy to understand McGee's instinct to protect his baby sister but it did more damage with McGee not going to Gibbs. The evidence is devastating – a positive deluge of incriminating evidence all pointing to Sarah. It was quite a frame-job – it would have been pretty effective except Madison is an amateur, letting herself get caught on camera. Of course, she never expected someone to die.

    McGee has published a book and it's apparently not the first.
  • There is so much good stuff all wrapped up into one amazing episode!

    McGee's giant blue eyes, Abby's support, McGee's willingness to protect his family over himself, the introduction of Tommy and Lisa of "Deep 9," McGee's resignation, Gibbs punishing McGee by making him stand in the elevator as Tony smirks from a distance, the overall crime mystery, Gibbs' respect for McGee..... I could go on and on. This was such an awesome episode for anyone who likes McGee in the slightest, but even for those insane enough NOT to like his character, the episode was so sweet, funny, and intriging enough for sufficient entertainment for those crazy anti-McGees. As a side note, I also thought it was very cute that Sean Murray's step-sister was the actress who played his sister in the episode.
  • McGee's Sister Sarah, Turns Up Covered In Blood & McGee Tries To Prove Her Innocence. Meanwhile, The Team Investigate The Death Of A Navy Sailor Who Seems To Be Connected To McGee's Sister.

    This Was The First Episode Of 'NCIS' I Have Watched, & I Thought It Was Really Good!
    Sarah (McGee's Sister) Turns Up At McGee's Door In The Middle Of The Night,Disorientated And With Blood On Her Hands.
    McGee Gets To Work Trying To Figure Out What Happened And Calls In Sick.
    The Team Investigate The Death Of A Navy Sailor Who Is Somehow Connected To Sarah.
    This Is The Episode Where We Find Out McGee Had Published A Book With The Name Thom E.Gemcity, The Book Is Based On The 'NCIS' Team.
    By The End Of The Episode, It Turns Out A Cheerleader Had Spiked Her Peanut Butter So That's The Reason For Her Confusion. (She Got To Punch Her!)
    I Love This Episode!
  • Best McGee episode, and there's two McGees this time!

    In perhaps the best episode of this season so far, this one tracks the case of a dead marine. However, the catch is that Timothy McGee's sister, Sarah, shows up at his house with blood all over her and no recollection of the events that transpried.

    The episode was definitely original, and we got a nice little look at McGee's life outside of NCIS, which was always great to see.

    I thought the case was extremely interesting and well-constructed, providing a quality episode.

    Also, I thought that there were some really intense moments, such as when McGee turned in his badge, and I felt really emotional throughout the episode!

    I highly recommend this one, for many reasons. Funny, original, interesting and more, this is why we can't wait for the next NCIS, each week!
  • he's so cute with his sister!

    McGee is so cute with his sister. I must admit he trys so hard to prove her inocents that he is just the most lovable character, and how he trys to explain to Gibbs and for once in his life Gibbs excepts the apology. I also love the part where McGee is with the Director and Gibbs, and he quits because he loves his sister so much.

    McGee's books is something i laughed over because it was about them and he was denying it! and it was mearly observations that he saw between Tony (Agent Tommy) and Ziva (Officer Lisa). If u actually listen to what he has wirtten it is exactly who and what they are to each other and its so obvious that they are in love.

    Its just a matter of time before it happens...
  • We meet another McGee.............

    This episode opens with McGee at his typewriter and a neighbour knocking his front door. His neighbour asks him to keep the noise down. He goes back to typing and there is another knock at the door. A woman is standing there covered in blood and simply says I think I killed someone Tim. When then see her in McGee's shower. We learn her name is Sarah and that she is McGee's sister. She has no memory of what happened. The team try to track McGee down. He emails Director that he is off sick and won't be in today. The team head out to Campus where a dead marine has been found. McGee goes t the campus and sees the team are there working the crime scene. McGee goes back to his apartment and tells her about the body. He also tells her that he was a sailor and that he tested the blood on her clothes and its human. Ducky discovers that the marine was killed by someone he knew. We learn that Sarah knew him and even said that she was going to kill him. The team find a cell phone on the body and when in Abby's lab it begins to ring. It McGee and he asks Gibbs why he has his sisters cell phone. McGee comes in and the team go to see the marine's new girlfriend. McGee doesn't know where his sister is but Ziva & Tony track her down at the library. They both learn that McGee has a book, which he has had published. Tony & Ziva have copies of the book. The director has a go at McGee and so he quits. Gibbs gives him back his badge and gun. Gibbs tells McGee that Jenny wanted him to quit over the case. Abby discovers that Sarah's food (Pizza) was spiked. When the team go through footage of her in the food courtt5hey learn that one of the head cheerleaders spiked her food. They also have footage of her and the marine leaving the food court. It is then that we learn that the security guard killed the marine. They are both blaming each other so will we ever really know the truth.
  • This episode is a favourite of mine.

    This episode is a favourite of mine. Seeing the way McGee is with his sister is fascinating. I love that he will do anything to protect her and even resigns. It frustrated me that she could not see how he was trying to help her but she finally sees near the end when Gibbs tells her that McGee resigned because of her. I think Sarah McGees character is very well written. She's a geek but she is pretty so she has social skills which are shown when she tells McGee the "smart girl" rules about not taking drinks from guys you don't know and when she says "no, you can't have my number" in the library.
  • McGee takes matters into his own hands after his teenage sister appears at his door bloodied and confused.

    This is the episode where we find out that McGee also goes by the name of Thom E Gemcity and has wrote a book based on the members of the team when his sister calls them by the bname of the characters in the book not realising that they don't know that it is him who has wrote the book. My favourite bit is at the end where his sister gets to punch the girl who set her up by spiking her peanut butter which is why she was confused and did not remember what had happened. And could i point out that the pizza she has sounds disgusting.
  • Magee covers for his sister when she shows up at his door covered in blood, and all confused saying that she thinks she killed someone. The rest of the team investigates a murder eventually Magee comes clean after he gets kind of trapped into confessing.

    This was by far one of my favorite episodes because it shows how far Magee will go to help out his sister. Even to the point of risking his job and his freedom. I was really surprised that when Gibbs did find out and he was talking to Magee in the elevator that he didn't Gibbs smack him. It also surprised me that Jenny went through all the trouble to get him to quit when if she really wanted him gone she could have just fired him. I am really happy that it turned out that his sister wasn't to blame for it. all in all it is a great episode.
  • great episode

    McGee stays up late one night preoccupied with his hobbies when his sister knocks on her door with blood all over her. He figures out what happened with her, but when the day begins, a murder of a navy sailor at a park makes him believe that his sister might be involved. It's an exciting episode, it's a mcgeeish episode, the plot revolves around his personal life. It's a great episode, the writers came up with a really good one. The detective work looks fast paced, each scene doesn't slow down, it keeps on going. The writers surely did a good job.
  • I really shouldn't like NCIS as much as I do.

    NCIS is a weird series. I really shouldn't like it. It mimics the CSI formula, which is an awful formula to imitate; it revolves around US military personnel, which isn't something too attractive for European people, and it sugar coates all of it, which is something that probably shouldn't be done in this day and age when it comes to murder mistery.

    But, hey, it works. Characters are always fun, plots always make sense... development is always easy to swallow, but it's there. Overall, the series comes across as clever and likeable, which is more than many more ambitious series can say.

    I blame the bad things in that first paragraph on NCIS' being a spinoff of JAG and most of the good on Bellisario's amazing skill when making great characters under any circumstances. NCIS isn't the kind of series that makes you feel proud of TV fiction. It's just fluff, cheap entertainment you can enjoy while braindead... but it's fluff of the best kind. A guilty pleasure.
  • McGee has a sister...

    McGee's sister shows up to his apartment with blood all over her and he decides to help her and try to figure out what's going on without telling NCIS. The team, of course, figures it out. Anyways, I didn't really like this episode. Ya, it developed McGee's character a bit, but, other than that, it wasn't that good. The case was boring, in my opinion, and the gues characters weren't that great. McGee's sister got on my nerves; she was annoying. There were a few good moments and overall good development, but just not my favorite story line. Overall, ok episode.
  • Wow!!! Amazing acting from Tim McGee!!!

    Love this show, I keep watching the ending again and again, just love it. What is up with Tony and the girl friend??? My friend said that it is something to do with the special thingy that Tony is doing, what is he doing??? Hmmm…

    Wow!!! Tim is such a cool brother, he stood up to both Gibb and especially the director. I'm glad Gibb sorta understood him at the elevator. Though one of the scenes was so predictable!!! I knew that when Tim told the sister that they have to go see NCIS and he left his sister waiting, I knew she would run away. That is so predictable!!! But it was so cool. OMG I also love the scene where Tony was looking at the pizza restaurant video, and he just couldn't get it to work, then he say it's McGee kinda thing, lol so Gibbs asked Tony to go get McGee. I also like the scene where Gibbs having no idea what a blog is lol. And trying to explain it to Ziva what it was. Eg Gibbs: Do you know what a "clog" is.
    Ziva: I thought it was called a "blog" but maybe my English is not as good as I thought
    Lol that scene was so funny!!! Also like when Abby found out about the evidence, jumping up and down, that was so cool!!!

    This season of NCIS is very good. Love it.

    Some trivia about NCIS, I wrote up in red cell in trivia where Tim's sister in the show Sarah, in real life both Tim and Sarah are step brother and sister in real life, Sarah's dad is the producer of NCIS and the dude Chip, Abby assistant in season 3 for a while, he was the one who frame Dinozzo and nearly killed Abby in the lap, Chip is also one of the producer son, step brother of Tim and half sister of Sarah.
  • We finally learn about the mysterious woman in McGee’s life: his sister.

    McGee shined in Twisted Sister. We finally learn about the mysterious woman in McGee’s life: his sister.

    We find out another interesting tidbit about his life outside of NCIS. In this episode we are introduced to McGee's alter ego the writer Thom E. Gemcity. This is McGee’s secret. Interestingly, the characters are based on the team; though, McGee denies it. His denials are unconvincing.

    I like the interaction between McGee and Sarah when she says "he should have told her it was a secret." I don't expect that he thought the team would ever meet Sarah; especially Tony. McGee is a protective older brother. In that role we finally see him standing up to Gibbs and the director. His character finally develops a stronger back bone!
  • like this episode it just makes you want more of the show to watch

    This episode it’s all about McGee and his younger sister. She ends up at his door step with blood on her and she can’t remember what has happened. McGee puts his job on line to help his sister by not telling the NCIS or the police. McGee ends up at the same campus where the NCIS team was called to investigate a dead sailor. When Gibbs found out that McGee was lying this was bad for him, and then we see the tougher side of McGee standing up to Gibbs and the Director I thought wow he actually did that.
  • Another super NCIS episode

    When McGee's sister shows up on his doorstep covered in blood he risks his job at NCIS to help her. Even later in the episode, when all the evidence points to her having murdred a man outside her college, McGee's faith inspires the other members of the NCIS team to prove her innocence. Abby discovers that the sister's pizza was spiked with a drug and the team move in and arrest 2 people.

    I think that this is one of the best NCIS episdoes - the level of acting and intrigue is superb. Full Marks!
  • McGee stole the show this time...

    McGee never had a strong character yet, maybe in time that will grow. One dead sailor on campus involved McGee's sister, and led to McGee withholding information on the investigation for her sake. I felt Jethro let probie off lightly, that could been played out stronger to build up the drama, which the director delivered thereafter. Tony on sex or no sex, as he fended off a surge in turn-on from his girlfriend. Kind of new, weird, and funny that Dinozzo would express his problem with director, but that was good. Gabby saved the day yet again for the team to pin on the murderer.
  • Excactly why I watch NCIS

    Gibbs still doesnt call Ducky by his name.
    Abby and Tony sharing their relationship problems with the Director.
    Twisted Sister was very good debut of Troian Bellisario. She did an excellent job, portraying McGee's little sister.Gibbs subtle placing of the book on McGee's desk was so Gibbs-ish.One of my favorite scenes in this ep was Gibbs getting into the elevator with McGee. He really looked hot!:D
  • McGee has a sister! Cute!

    So Timmy's sister comes to his apartment with bloody hand and she does not remember anything, but she thinks she may have killed someone. McGee's sister, Sara, won't let McGee call the police or NCIS. McGee writes an email to NCIS saying that he is sick and won't be coming in that day. But the NCIS team recieves a call about a dead guy on a school campus and go to investigate. There they see the body and random fish.. (?) But McGee is also going to investigate what has happened to his sister. And they end up in the same place! [McGee has a nice car!:P] But they don't figure out what McGee is doing until later. Then Gibbs finds out that Tony has gone home sick; Tony saying that he probably got sick from McGee...but Tony really goes to see his Gibbs has to know that Tony is doing other stuff. Well this episode was really good! I loved McGee's defensive reactions towards his sister and I like what he tells Gibbs in the elevator! Go McGee!!!
  • Wow...this episode was definitely revealing!!! Who knew McGee had it in him!!!

    This episode was basically done to reveal the depths to McGee's character!
    I mean who knew McGee had it in him to go up against Gibbs...even if it was to protect his little sister!

    wow...i'm so stunned! I never thought that McGee would or could stand up to Gibbs, the Director(Jenny) and NCIS!
    The surprising thing about it, is that he did...and to all of them, in one episode!

    WOW...i can't help but say that word!

    This episode was definitely revealing....added to finding out that McGee actually has a back-bone, i found out that he wrote a book....about his work-mates!
    McGee...what else have you been hiding?!

    I can't wait for the next NCIS episode!!!
  • McGee's sister shows up at his dooorstep, bloody and visably shaken. Searching her campus for clues, he finds the NCIS team already there invesitgating a death of a sailor. McGee doesn\'t know if his sister killed the man or not, but he wants to find out.

    This was a great McGee episode. You get to see the more tougher, brazen side of him and explore more into his family life. It had some intruging things, like the smoking fish. It kept you on the edge of your seat wondering if she did kill the sailor or not till the very end of the episode. This has to be one of my favorite episodes of the 4th season,
  • Great to see some more character development for McGee.

    An interesting episode. The audience was positioned a lot more from Sara and McGee's point-of-view, which almost formed an episode where we given both an investigative perspective and the story from the perspective of a suspect.

    I don't know if I really liked Sara that much. She was nice, but she had a twist to her personality that I didn't really like. Almost vindictive. That said, I still was hanging out for them to prove her innocence. I still feel the same way about Benoit as well. There's still just something about her that I can't quite put my finger on. I'm still not feeling for her. She's kinda cute with Tony, but I'm even more convinced that she has something to do with his mission from the director. It will be interesting to see where the sex discussion leads to next week...

    And we got to see Probie all growed up. I was very impressed by his stand-up attitude toward Gibbs and the director, particularly in the elevator. He really made Gibbs back down, and even put him in his place. He didn't really look intimidated at all to me; he knew where he stood about protecting his sister and was prepared to do anything for her, which I found very mature for McGee. I think the ep showed just how much respect there actually is between Gibbs and McGee, whether it's shown or spoken or not.
  • Great show once again!

    It was a great show despite the subject matter of McGee's younger sister showing up drunk and with no memory of her own as he risks his job and career to help clear her of a possible murder. As the rest of the team try to find out who killed a sailor while that may have something to do with McGee's sister's possibly killing him. Great show and Tony is a riot IMO!
  • McGee belives in his sister...

    when McGee's sister comes to his door and her hands are covered in blood, she says that she thinks she killed somebody but doesn't. remember. it turns out that ine of the cheerleaders wants to get revenge on her for her blog that she wrote and say she drugged her. McGees sister is taken into NCIS and they find out what happened. NCIS manages to arrest two people: the one who drugged McGee's sister and the one who killed the soldier. it hink that this was a very well written eoisode and it was excellent. i hope the rest of the season is as good as it is so far.later.
  • McGee's sister arrives at his door bloody with a case of amnesia. McGee puts his career on the line by investigating on his own. He goes to her school where he observes his own team investigating the murder of a sailor. A sailor she used to date.

    The episode was average. We get to see a side of McGee we haven't seen before. He used to cringe at Gibbs. He stood tall when it came to his sister. He is a good big brother. She on the other hand was lacking in character. She was a smart mouth. The DiNozzo story line stinks. This is not the DiNozzo that I watch NCIS for. Is he or is he not undercover? What's the deal. His lady love is not very attractive to me. He must be undercover. The chemistry between Officer David and Tony should be explored more. The banter between Kate and Tony is what drew me to the show to start with. It was hilarious. That part of the show is missing now. The director has time for love life advice for Tony and Abby. When does she actually work? I think her character takes away from the show. More time could be spent on the story line and the main characters. What happened to the goldfish? Ok, they were killed by a nicotine patch. How did it get in the tank? Why were all the fish taken out and dumped on the quad? I know if I were plotting against someone I would kill all their fish scoop them all out of their fish tank and dump them by a dead body. Who wrote that crap? NCIS has had better writing.
  • This was a very strong episode for McGee and a really good lead-in to next week's episode where we find out more about his book.

    This episode was very well crafted. It really showed the strength of the relationships and loyalty that have been developed between the characters. the scene that had Abby doing the dialog of Gibbs and the Director was hilarious, especially when she finished by saying, "The kids don't like to see Mom and Dad fight." was priceless. Watching McGee struggle between not believing that his sister was capable of killing someone and seeing all the evidence that pointed to the fact that she had killed the sailor kept me on the edge of my seat. It also looks like Tim has a lot of explaining to do to the team about the characters in his book. Parts of this episode were a little predictable but it's an episode I could watch again and again.
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