Season 3 Episode 8

Under Covers

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2005 on CBS

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  • At first I wasn't sure I wanted to watch this episode with my Mom, but I did anyway. I thought her reaction would be a gasp and a "Oh my!" But instead it was, "Now why is she in my dream?"

    I watched this episode by myself the first time, but soon enough on mine and my Mom's marathons of NCIS (we're watching in order from season 1), this episode was bound to come sometime. I was hesitant to show her this episode at first. I was going to skip over it but I decided not to. I didn't think she would like all the "special" scenes (if you know what I mean).... I, however, was wrong. During the flashback with Gibbs and the director my Mom said, "Now why is she in my dream?" And during the scenes with Ziva and Tony she said, "I would like to do that!" We ended up laughing throughout the whole episode and we both loved it! It was hilarious, and scary. The perfect combination!
  • Hot Episode.

    I loved this episode. It showed us how it would be if Tony and Ziva hooked up; It would hot and passionate, but in the end someone (most likely Tony) would walk away scarred and damaged. It was a nice surprise when the NCIS team busted in on the FBI while Ziva and Tony pretended to be having sex. When Ducky pulled the heart chip out and we found out that it had their files on it, I was flabergasted. How in the world did she get it in there without damaging her eye. We never find out who killed them. I love when Ziva and the rest of the gang come running in planning to save Tony, but instead they see that he is beating the dude up with his feet; hilarious. I love what he says,"I want a divorce."
  • Ziva and Tony undercover

    Ok.. the way the episode started.. it was cleverly done and I was thinking like what is going on until it was explained that they were undercover.

    I loved the episode. I mean. There was a lot of action, the whole mystery of playing two people they know very little and do the people hiring them or the one they have to kill figure it out and can the manage to keep their cover.. Plus those FBI agents on the other house. That scene, coming trough the door.. It was brilliant. I was not expecting that.

    And then ofcourse the tension between Tony and Ziva and some great moments. And then.. they being captured and Gibbs trying to save them before it is too late. Great action, great dynamics, exciting.
  • The anticipated cliché sex episode between Ziva and Tony.

    With the intro of Ziva and the obvious sexual chemistry, I just knew there would be an episode like this, it was inevitable, but I hoped out of respect for Kate that they would hold off for a while. It's such a cliché and they didn't do it with Kate, and it's really not necessary. However, it is well done and very funny.

    Gibbs and Fornell have another one of those 'public fighting/private conspiracy' things.

    "You don't know him like I do." How's that for a bizarre comment by Chip re Tony? Getting a definite hate vibe.

    Poor Tony! He does real good though. So much so that I'm ashamed to say I was surprised.

    Despite the cliché, it is actually a very good episode.
  • Wow! Terrific episode!

    Another very interesting episode of NCIS, and the fourth consecutive episode that I absolutely loved. This episode was extremely different to anything ever attempted before, and that made it rather special and amazing. My only regret is that it is not Kate in there with Tony.

    The episode was also extremely hilarious, with funny quotes dotted all over the episode, mainly between Agents DiNozzo and David, but also elsewhere.

    I had sort of worked out the ending as a possible conclusion, which was the only down side for me, but really, this episode is unmissable, and I recommend this one extremely highly.

    A terrific episode! Keep up the amazing work!
  • Under Covers

    Did anybody actually believe Tony and Ziva were bumping uglies for real in the opening scene? Why NCIS tries to throw us these curve balls one has to wonder. I don't even want to call it a tease as no one wants to see them together. It would just kill the dynamic between the two, which is the best on the show.

    This was an excellent, fast-moving installment that resulted in a somewhat suspenseful hostage scene, and some great comedy along the way. This is basically a good episode to really show people what NCIS is about. It's one of the few shows where action is not the only highlight.
  • Crazy chick...... I heard that my little hairy butt.

    hahahahahahahaha loved this episode, very well put together with sort of a teaser at the begining. tony and ziva going under cover together as married assasins (sp?) was great, it made me laugh so hard! both of them had great chemistry this episode, and there are so many freat quotes from it. it kinda sucks that jenne comes in next to season five, cas it really kind of breaks up the great scences from these two. but i am glad to see these two finally show real feelings for each other in season 6. anyways great episode!!! i love abbey too, cas she was still at the not likeing ziva stage.
  • Makes the season exciting!

    This episode with Tony and Ziva undercover as guests at a hotel posing as hit men and McGee as a room service guy they go undercover to find the man who is ordering them to kill a man. But they don;t know who is watching them from the other side, The FBI. This episode includes Ziva and Tony getting through there emotional habits and they go through as a married couple, thinking they have to prove it if they were being watched Ziva (not Tony) comes up with the idea of having sex as a way of showing that they are really married. Although it was fake i must admit, it was quit convincing!
  • An amazing episode of NCIS

    This episode opens with Tony & Ziva in a hotel room, and then they kiss. We the see them in bed together, and its then that we learn that they are undercover. The people they are impersonating were killed in a car accident (they are assassins) and Tony & Ziva have taken their places, as man and wife. We then see that they are being watched. Tony & Ziva learn that their target is staying in the same hotel as them, where a navy conference is taking place. When Gibbs & McGee enter the room of the people who are watching them, they learn that they are FBI agents. A meet is set up between Ziva & Tony and the man who hired the assassins. When the photos of the staff in the hotel are run it is discovered that one of the waiters has a warrant out for his arrest, for murder. Tony & Ziva are held at gunpoint, whilst the people who hired them attack's Tony, in order to get a disk from them. Ducky discovers a chip inside of the female assassin and Abby discovers that it has a list of everyone they have killed, and all of their details. As Ziva leads them to their hotel room, Tony is left alone with one of the killers. As Ziva enters the room she spots McGee on the floor, knocked out. Then Gibbs appears and manages to knock out the killer who is with her. Luckily, McGee was just acting, he is fine. They all then race to save Tony. As they enter they see Tony attacking the killer. All seems to be good, in the world of NCIS. At the end Abby wishes Gibbs a Happy Birthday as she leaves. He then pulls out a flask which has the names Shannon and Kelly engraved on to it. He then simply says I miss you guys.
  • Love it!

    Another favorite NCIS episode of mine! For this episode Ziva and Tony had to go undercover as a couple who also happen to be assassins. The chemistry between Ziva and Tony was just absolutely fabulous and so much fun to watch. I also liked seeing McGee as a waiter ect. This episode just had it all. The plot of this story was just really well written and also believable at least in my opinion. It had the same kind of drama and action as always, but now it was combined with a lot of funny moments, and some dirty ones as well :P But what made me love this episode was defiantly the interaction between Ziva and Tony!
  • great episode

    When bodies of two contract killers are delivered to the NCIS. Tony and Ziva go undercover to assume their identities. While Tony and Ziva wait for the contract killers' contact they find out that the FBI is also working on the case. Pretty soon they get a call from the contact. Tony and Ziva gear up to make the deal with the him. But their lives are placed at risk when they fail to acquire what the contact wanted from the real contract killers. This is a great episode, it's really funny. The writers came up with a nice story, the mixed comedy with a spy story, it's great.
  • Fine example of the how chemistry between 2 on-screen characters should be portrayed. Leaves the viewers wanting more!

    Fine example of the how chemistry between 2 on-screen characters should be portrayed. It leaves the viewers wanting more!
    This episode gives the opportunity for the newest member of the team, Ziva, to get up close and personal with her co-worker, Tony.
    It has been said, or assumed that if Kate was still alive, her and Tony would be more than co-workers, that is they would be lovers. Obviously, with Kate gone, Ziva is automatically believed to be this new 'love' interest. I guess this episode did for me what I waited to see in early episodes of NCIS (between Kate and Tony) and even in some episodes of JAG!
  • great episode!

    does any1 know who the artist that is playing when ziva ask tony to put some music on with some beat?

    hope that somebody knows since it sounds like a good song, so please write back if you know.. or point me in the dircetion where i could find out about it..

    but another great episode form NCIS. really love this show, and like the way tony and ziva play the covers...

    really hope they are making a season 5, cant wait to see what happense with tony and jeanne, and what happense when he learns that jeanne's father is the "Frog"...
  • Ziva and Tony are under cover both literally and metaphorically as they assume the identities of the two assassins that died in a car crash who were hired to kill someone at the Marine Corp. birthday.

    This episode was fantastic the sexual tension between Tony and Ziva could be felt through the screen. Their wordplay and banter hid some possibility of mutual attraction. Worry Ziva expressed over Tony at the end showed general affection she has for him.
    McGee's disbelief of FBI agents claim that Tony and Ziva were doing something more than acting was extremely funny. And Gibbs and Fornell's acting was hilarious along with their mutual agreement that they are bastards.
    I could also notice a spark between Gibbs and Director Shephard that could ignite the old flame in the future.
    All in all this was an excellent example of the shows quality and I sincerely hope that in the future they elaborate on Ziva and Tony's more than friends relationship at least in a form of a one night stand.
  • Under Covers, Tony and Ziva create a past and Gibbs reveals his past w/ the director....

    Under Covers is probabally the BEST episode of NCIS!!!!! It is very very very funny, a little dirty and funny and more funny and of course, the NCIS personal Crime touch!!! w/ all of those combined, who couldn't like it!!! If you have an iPod or iTunes please download this!!! you will get laughs over and over again and it only cost $1.99!! If NCIS keeps coming out w/ this good of an episode they will be the best show in america(well to me they already are but for everyone) LUV UNDER COVERs and you are on my Good List which is a good pLacE tO bE!!
  • Another superb NCIS episode - this is exactly why I watch NCIS

    When the bodies of two married assassins are delivered to the morgue, Tony and Ziva assume their identities in the hope of tracking down who might have hired them or/and who killed them.

    While under cover in their hotel room the relationship between Ziva and Tony is explored. All of their activities are being watched by another federal agency in the opposite building and when the teams nearly shoot each other they decide to work on the same team in a joint operation. Tony and Ziva are captured and 'questioned' by professional assassins but they manage to escape and bring the assassins to justice.

    A superb episode all round!!
  • Tony and Ziva had to go under cover as married assasins in an attempt to find out who they were supposed to take out

    i loved this episode!
    it is probably one of my favourite episodes in the whole show, probably because i\'m hoping tony and ziva will get together, but still.
    it was a really good story line and very funny when they had to pretend to be married. i liked that they kept taking digs at eachother and that they made up funny pet names for eachother.
    This episode was mainly based around tony and ziva, which was great because the characters are really well writen and played. definetly an episode of NCIS worth watching and i cant wait for it to come out on dvd.
  • brilliant

    I LOVE THIS EPISODE! it has a really great story to it. tony and ziva have to go undercover as married assasins, to try and find out who the actual assasins hit is. it has some great lines and classic moments. at the beginning it is misleading because you actually tink that tony and ziva are together, but after the main titles you find out the real plot. we get some of Abby's jelously of McGee's admiration of ziva, after he comments on how ziva's sun glasses can see differesnt light spectrums, and when she doodles on ziva's picture. it has to be one of the funniest episodes of NCIS. i love it
  • Great episode....4 TIVA LOVERS 2!

    In this episode Tony and Ziva must go under cover to try and kill some terrorists. After tony and Ziva start stripping and kissing at the very start of this episode your imagination goes crazy with thoughts of what are they doing? mostly! After they have fake sex about 3 times they get a call while in their hotel (which is full of cameras and microphones from the ncis team) and they head down to the resturant to meet a special someone their terrorist boss told them to come meet, only to realise this might not work out as their boss thinks they will no what this guy looks like. Near the end of this episode Tony and Ziva are caught and are being asked about a disc (who the people they were under cover as new about but not them) Ziva thinks of something and she gets taken out of the room with tony left behind but the ncis team thinks quickly (even though Ziva was not part of this she still helps in the end) and everything turns out well in the end.

    this is a great episode and tiva lovers will find this episode especially GREAT like me lol. love ncis and tiva 4 life
  • while suddenly undercover tony and zeva must figure out who there cover was suppost to kill.. before they get killed.

    was a good episode..


    this is the episode where chip gets tonys blood.
    chip also gets the carpet fibers from tonys car when he drives it back to NCIS (from the hotel i suppose)

    this episode also shows gibbs mourning his first wife with a flask of scotch that has his wife and daughters name engraved on it.. the flask has a bullet in it as well, and while i don\'t know the signifigance of it yet i\'m sure it has a purpose.
  • Excellent

    This episode you have Tony and Ziva acting as a married couple in a nice fancy hotel. They assume the identities of 2 assassins, who died in a car accident, who were on a mission. They find out that there are other people watching them from the next building so Gibbs takes a team over only to discover that its the FBI. Tony and Zina then get in a tough & dangerous situation... I wont say too much more because it will spoil the episode if you havent already seen it. There is come character development with Gibbs and the Director.. Tony and Ziva's romance takes a step in the right direction..
    Overall an excellent episode.
  • good chemistry

    I have really enjoyed Ziva twisting Tony's tail. It's fun to watch his reactions as he realizes that there might be women more sexually aggressive than he. He looks like he is thinking so hard about her that his head hurts. She has been a much better foil for Tony than Kate was.
  • pretty damn good

    as much as i hate to admit the beginning of ncis was starting to disappoint me a bit and i reallly didn't like ziva. But after this ep i totally changed my mind iy was hilarious with everything about ncis that we all love and they even got a bit 'adventurous' love 3 thumbs up
  • best episode so far

    Best episode of this series up to date. Wasn't the normal kinda episode from NCIS and that did it for me!

    This episode was more intense and suspensing than all the others and there should be more episodes like this, but try to have a bit more of Probie in them, he adds to the dynamic of Ziva/Tony. Gibbs? Don't like him normally but this time he was ok as the show focused more on Tony and Ziva.

    It's great when Gibbs isn't the only one who can solve a case, something which is bad.
  • More details about Gibbs revealed.

    We learned recently that Gibb's had a daughter. We've known from past episodes that he has had at least 3 ex-wives, one of which most likely is dead (after the information revealed in this episode).

    We know that, of all of Gibbs team, the only one that knew of Gibb's birthday, is Abby. What kind of a relationship does Gibb's have with Abby? Is she his daughter perhaps? Obviously not the same daughter as seen in a previous episode, but its possible. Gibb's does have a "father"-like relationship from what we've seen thus far between him and Abby.

    More details about him i'm sure is coming. I like that they are building onto his character more then that he is a "harda-- marine". He's becoming more complex, which is a good thing. In the beginning, this series had very stereotypical characters. But lately, they've been moving away from that and showing us a lot more character development. I applause the writers for doing this, cause this series is by far the best one on the air right now.
  • Tony and Ziva pretend to be a husband and wife terrorist team sent to wreak havoc at the Marine Corps Ball. They engage in constant sexual innuendo and unprofessional behavior.

    I dont like the sexual tension between coworkers. It's completly unacceptable in the real world on which you base so many of your stories. The innuendo detracts from the plot and focus of the show. It got to the point with the last episode that I turned it off.
  • this episode vindicates the series

    I'll be honest i thought sasha alexander leaving would hurt the series as the tony/kate interaction was a great way for some comic relief

    But not only did they manage to get the same effect between ziva and tony, they added some with lauren holly

    what this episode also shows is that gibbs and more accurate his past will become the driving force of this year

    as for the episode itself, after last weeks "harsh"
    episode this one is much lighter in its storyline

    it has a good amount of humor and teasing, it also gives us a positive view of ziva after last weeks torture session

    watch it you won't come away sad
  • Best episode so far!

    This has to be the best episode so far this season. The interaction with Tony & Ziva was great. Not only were they funny at times but they make it work. I especially liked the part when she came into the room where TOny was hitting on the FBI agent and announced she was pregnant. Gibbs missing his family at the end was a nice touch, but he also keeps having flashbacks of him and the director. Abby's assistant wasnt such a dork this time. Ducky escorting the director to the party got him out of the morgue and away from his mother.
  • was goodest of season 3

    Is, to this point, the best episode of the season, though the writing still has some sore points. When Ducky relpies saying that the corpses don't respond when he talks to them, which was out of character, if anything ducky would say that they speak volumes to him. Also when the new director Jenny Shepard says not until Ziva tells her so.. um.. there are two agents there.. is Tony just fodder now? Or are the writers trying to phase out Tony as well? These things themselves are pretty little, but these are just examples that represent the new writing, the writers seem to have been replaced by zombies in the 3rd season.
  • Tony and Ziva go undercover

    I LOVED tonight episode! I thought Tony and Ziva were kind of funny as a married couple. I\'m not really a huge fan of her, but her and Tony are good together and she\'s definately growing on me. Gotta love McGee...he tries so hard haha. Tony was looking pretty good haha. Aw at the end with Gibbs saying he missed his family...that was really cute! :)