Season 11 Episode 3

Under the Radar

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2013 on CBS

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  • Under the Radar

    I liked the use of Twitter in this episode, and I have a feeling many of their viewers felt the same way as Gibbs with not necessarily understanding the social media site.

    It had its moments, I liked the old school agent coming in, and of course she clashed with Tony, but I never bought the suicide plane as a legitimate threat and that hurt my score for the episode a bit.
  • I enjoyed this show.

    Having an older agent come in - brought some funny, cute comments & scenes. Not the typical NCIS but was still enjoyable.

    as for the idea of that new female Kaitlin??? being the new Ziva is a joke.

    #1 - There will NEVER be another Ziva

    #2 - This female doesn't even look like she could be an agent

    #3 - ANY new agent will hopefully - be there own person & NOT a ziva replacement

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    I know from experience.
  • too bad for cote

    the producers really know their stuff. They really pulled a starwars move and executed it perfectly... and if ziva doesn't comeback to bad for her and not for the they can focus on the Vance and Gibbs bromance... i only wonder who will replace her... they had a secret service agent working for them and ziva a mossad operative... what's next a navy seal, a cost guard, or if they want to stick to foreign operatives how about one agent from Her Majesty's Secret Service... what's next???
  • Excelent

    Spectacular.... Best show ever... more than 18 milion total viwers... Congrats NCIS...
  • Did I just watch Prison Break ?

    With Wade Williams playing Larry Purcell and Barbara Eve Harris playing FAA Director Stacey Bergin I thought I was watching Prison Break for a moment, but overall I thought it was a good show. It was always going to be difficult to move on from Ziva and it was nice to see that the team miss her too, but I think the writers are doing well and it was another very good episode.
  • Very good case!

    I agree that Ziva's absence was notable, but the case itself was spectacular! Definitely a very unique one which was really fun to watch play out.

    Kinda weird to have only one female in the regular cast at the moment. Used to have 3! :P

    I also enjoyed that lady - Vera. She was funny and added a couple of nice moments that I quite enjoyed!

    Overall, despite Ziva's absence, the case was flawless and I enjoyed the episode!
  • Weird without her

    It was a great episode, NCIS went all out for their first episode without Ziva. Her absence was noticeable though. The episode felt longer for some reason and it was just strange to not see her on screen interacting with everybody. I'm sure we'll all get used to it. I have to say that agent strickland was hilarious though.