Season 3 Episode 20


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2006 on CBS

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  • Loved the part with the cat!

    Episode was definitely entertaining. Especially loved the whole bit with the cat. And the one line was priceless-"I didn't know you were afraid of a little pussy (pause) cat". Lol!
  • Tiva <3

    Loved the Tiva in this episode! Tony and Ziva falling asleep against eachother was a great moment
  • Comedy in all its glory.

    For a drama show this episode was higher in humor than anything else. I mean first the cat with Tim chasing and failing to catch. Gibbs stepping in and just yelling at it and motioning to get in the cage. Even animals know you don't mess with Gibbs.

    But then the car stakeout and Ziva saying Tony smells but then saying she was kidding. Course our man-child farts to see if he smelled and she threatens him with death. But I think funniest aspect is the sweet, crazy Vanessa Mallard.

    She just stirs up trouble without meaning to. I have high respect for my elders but she reminds me of my grandmother. Funny, fiesty and so hard to control. But you have to love her dearly

  • Full marks for comedy!

    This episode I felt was rather lacking in terms of the case, but the episode on a whole was made etxtremely delightful by the sublime efforts of Mrs. Vanessa Mallard.

    Mrs. Mallard adds so much to the show in the two episodes that we have seen her so far, and I felt that she was so great in this one!

    The storyline was average, but it certainly was a huge improvement over the previous episode, however, I still feel that this episode needed some work.

    As I mentioned, this is one of the funniest episodes ever, and I wish there was more of Vanessa Mallard as she is a class act!

    I recommend this episode to those with a funny bone, but otherwise, there have been better.
  • Mrs Mallad is in the house!!!!

    yet another brilliant episode of NCIS (is there any other kind????) it was funny, entertaining, interesting and had suspense!

    the NCIS team has to find a navy person's murderer, with the murder happening at the victims home, nearly perfectly framing her if not for Abby the forensic scientist and her brilliance. :)

    we are all led to believe that this guy called roca is the murderer but at the end (thanks to Gibbs' brilliance) we find out it was her command officer. mrs mallad makes another appearance in this episode, providing vital humour various parts of the episode, all contributing to the overall rating of the episode. the only reason i didnt score it a 10 is because of my intense hatred of anything tiva (tony/ziva) related. her sleeping on his shoulder... equals BAD MOMENT.

    overwise brilliant.
  • Cleverly plotted

    I most say, this episode had great twist and quite a much figuring out.. the fun thing was, that as soon as those prints were shown, I thought.. mm.. maybe him.. and it was him, even if it did not made no sense and the great thing was.. no one explained why he did that. He was the mole is logical assumption but?

    Ok.. the case. Ziva vs Tony vs McGee just brilliant. That team interaction is amazing. And Abby. That scene when she comes and tells Gibbs that he is right. loved the look at her face. And Ducky and his mother.. Also.. I mean, the best part of this episode was the comedy
  • Untouchable

    Not a horrible episode but not one, but two farting scenes? This is an adult show on the old people network, not original programming for Nickelodeon.

    Outside of that though, there was a lot of comedy in this episode, some that worked, and some really did not work. The actual case was shunned to almost B storyline level at some points, without us even getting a genuine conclusion in the end, and that I did not care for. This show can have writing that is funnier than most comedies at times, but they need to learn how to balance it. This episode did not have the best balance.
  • Another great one

    This episode opens with Tony & Ziva going to a Lieutenants Hill's house. They go round the back of the house and see her cat leaving the house, as they look down; they see the paw prints are in blood. The whole team are called in, when the body of the Lieutenant is found inside of her house. Ducky learns that she died from a single gunshot wound to her left temple. When searching her house, Ziva finds a lot of money hidden. They go to see her Captain and inform him that she is dead. Abby discovers that a pool of blood was cleaned up and removed, and that due to footprints being found, someone else was in the room with her when the Lieutenant died. The team run the serial number on the gun used and discover that it belongs to her roommate. They learn that a man who has diplomatic immunity was the killer. They try and stop him leaving, but they can't. So in MTAC the team watch him leave, with the Captain. It is here that we learn that her own captain killed her. He is arrested and led away by Gibbs.
  • Tony and Ziva discover a pentagon cryptographer dead in her home. They had thought that she may be a mole in the pentagon. they are investigating her death and who was the mole at the pentagon.

    This episode was very funny it lots of humor in it, more than usual. They have decided that there is a venisuala diplomat is behind the mole situation. They find out that the liutenant was shot in the head while she was unconcence. So she was killed, not sucide. The captain at the pentagon had told gibbs that there was a missing flash card from one of the computers was missing and he believes that the person who was the mole took it, he already knew they were looking at the liutenant for being the mole. They went to her home and tossed it, Gibbs found it in a box of Cereal. The diplomat was getting away with murder so they thought. Gibbs had Abby run a test on the box for gunshot residue. I do believe this was when Gibbs was beginning to figure out who had shot her and who was the mole. It got down to the last minute before he rapped it up but he got his man. This show had alot going on in it. But it was entertaining. Lots of humor. Enjoyed it greatly.
  • Mrs Mallad is hilarious!

    The case was pretty interesting, but was not what got my attention in this episode, though it was a very interesting case. What did catch my attention in this episode, are the characters. The interaction between Ziva and Tony was amazing in this episode, I just think they got great chemistry and I love watching those two together. Abby proved to be her always amazing smart self, I don't want Abby to really change ever. And oh Mrs Mallad at NCIS, that was just great. Her character just brings so much humor into this show, it's unbelievable. Every scene she was in I cried from laughing; she is just great and I wouldn't mind seeing her more often!
  • exciting

    A Pentagon cryptographer fails to report to work. An NCIS team, Tony and Ziva are sent to figure out what she's been doing. When they get to her home, they find her dead. NCIS immediately investigates her death. First they find out that a foreign diplomat might be involved. At the same time, NCIS is also trying to figure out about an alleged mole working inside the pentagon. This is a really exciting episode. The threat of a spy inside the military makes a good episode. The writers made a good spin on an old story. I really liked this episode.
  • Lieutenant Lara Hill is found dead by Ziva and Tony. It looks like suicide at first sight. But nothing is what it seems…

    This was a very exciting episode with lots of action. It was so sad that the team had to stay up all night. They were so tired. I love how Gibbs always slaps Tony’s head when he did something wrong. This episode was again (as always actually) very funny. But the thing that I noticed the most was the (sexual) tension between Tony and Ziva. They were hot! Especially Ziva. It’s sometimes really interesting when her knowledge of English isn’t very good. Tony loved the subject (you know, when Ziva said that her neighbours complained that she was too loud) and he wanted more details. When Ziva asked him to cover for her, I knew he wouldn’t do it, but anyone could see that he really wanted to know what Ziva would give to him. I think Ziva and Tony always had more of an “attraction” than Tony and Kate. Kate and Tony were friendsn but Ziva and Tony, they flirt a lot. I wonder if this leads to something? No problems here!
  • NCIS team has discovered a mole in the pentagon

    NCIS team has discovered a mole in the pentagon, so Tony and Ziva are going around and interviewing people about it. Once they get to one house, no one answers so they go around back. Out runs a cat from the cat door and while Ziva is making fun of Tony for being scared of the cat, Tony shows her what is on the ground. Bloody cat footprints.
    This is a really good and fun episode! I love Mrs. Mallard in it!!! :D
  • fab

    i think ducky's mum is hilarious. the comments that she makesto abby and complete classics. i remember a series with Kate with ducky's mum in it. she made funny comments then too. she kept calling tony a gigalo. she made some good ones to kate. i love it. i love the forensic side. i thought it was funny when she asked mcgee to re-enact her 'suicide' i love how ziva keeps toying with tony and how she always muddles up her frases and how she is so open with all she says. a totaly classic episode. i thought it was brilliant
  • A cliffy you can climb down

    Okay ... this was a classic eppy, you think you know who done it ... tell they twist it at the end. I do love the relationship between Ziva and Tony, HAH ... they're so funny together.

    Abby's character is sooo consistant ... and it's so well played.

    Ducky's MOM. HOOT HOOT!!! That was hilarious ... her banging on the wall ... that was a very well written funny within the show.

    I wasn't wholeheartedly surprised at the end that it wasn't the foreign diplomat, although I think that guy's probably pretty dodgy.

    All in all ... well crafted eppy. Carry on!!!
  • Untouchable:

    What can I say? I haven't reviewed an episode of NCIS before because...well...they're always good. I may as well post the same review each time...but I won't- I'll just put up the highlights.

    Drama, Suspense, Mystery, Comedy, and action in everyone one, this one included.

    I love Ducky's mother, omg she had me laughing so hard I nearly fell off my couch.

    The repetoire between characters is always well written and Michael Weatherly always plays well off whoever he's acting with (currently & mainly Ziva)and watching Abby is always a highlight (this time watching Mrs. Mallard).

    Interesting case though- not finally solved until the last minute.

  • Very good show indeed

    Again it is a very good show indeed this NCIS
    Gibbs was as usual the straight man in the group
    While Tony & Abby are the comic reliefs and perfect foils
    To the group as they try to investigate another murder there
    Woman actress playing the LT being interrogated was funny as one reviewer put it
    Great writing, great acting, and great chemistry makes this show must see tv indeed!!
  • Dead girl and a live cat. I think they worked over 72 hours on this one.

    At the begining you knew they were going to find a body, but the cat was so cute. I loved how Tony was teasing all the techs in the room when he was the one who couldn't catch the cat.
    Ziva getting into an accident was perdictable, she's a crazy driver, you knew it would happen. But the good part came after when she tried to get Tony to take the blame. He probably would have done it too if Gibbs hadn't walked in at that exact moment.
    The bet by far was Ducky's mom. Ever since I saw the Meat Puzzle I had hoped that she would come back. She really is insane and I kinda don't blame the nurse for not showing up. Glad Tony didn't see her or else he would have run, very very fast.
  • The best so far!

    Well, I bitterly complained after seeing «Iced». I must have been heard! This episode was really great: in my humble opinion the best of all, so far. George Schenck and Frank Cardea know what I want. They did a superb job! They gave us: appropriate and tasteful humor (no poor “gay” joke this time), a decent plot and sufficient action. All characters were good, without exception. BTW, we did not see the Director… so she had no chance to prove that she could fit in this funny context. Let's wait and see. Tony was much better and Ziva was excellent and delightful in all respects, i.e. perfect. “Our” NCIS is a TV show not a serious documentary on a Federal Agency… so that’s the style I whish all episodes be written in. Definitively the way to go! Please give us more soon! And, last but not least: thanks.
  • This show is truly amazing.

    NCIS keeps getting better and hopefully will be around as long as JAG was. This show gives viewers action, comedy & drama in each episode. THe characters continue to interact with each other well. Tony & Ziva are awesome together. Their humor ceases to amaze me. Ducky\\\'s mother was hilarious. Gibbs had his own kind of humor that works well with him.
  • The show is a great balance of comedy and drama. The cast is perfect, with each character truly being unique and entertaining.

    The episode that aired April 18, 2006, "Untouchable" was so
    I love how the humor is found in such serious situations.
    The character of the young female Lieutenant, who was interrogated and wore the big black glasses was hysterical.
    All of the unecessary information she voluntered, endeared her character to the scene.
    I would have enjoyed seeing more scenes with her.
    She played off Mark Harmon's character so well.
    His reactions to her were right on.
    It would have been fun, for him to make her more flustered so she could offer more useless information that he could react to.
    That character would make a nice addition to the NCIS family.
    Way to go, another great show!
  • Very funny, refreshing, lots of twists and turns!

    This episode had some wonderful momenets and performances in it. From the slighty naughty (Ziva\'s question after the cat came out the door) to he downright silly (Mrs. Mallard and the farting hippo). I laughed so hard at this dear lady, Nina Foch, who played Ducky\'s mom. Very interesting ending too. WELL DONE!