Season 9 Episode 23

Up In Smoke

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 08, 2012 on CBS

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  • Tired of "dumbed down" episodes!

    Episode was just okay. Is it me or have the episodes been "dumbed down" since about the middle of season 7? Before then, it wasn't always so easy to figure out who the bad guy is. Now, I usually figure it out in the first 15 minutes (sometimes, even less). And again, too much Samantha Ryan!
  • Up in smoke

    amazing. i love the ending with gibbs clenched teeth and getting upset at her becasue i was having that same reaction, quiet yet ready to blow. I woiuld have acted exactly like that Liked how tony told gibbs he smelled of someone that wasn't him. Loved hte bachelor party, very good acting, i actually htought they were drunk. Loved how gibbs pulled ziva off the bench and continued walking, it was like he was 30 or younger picking up his date and and talking to her. creepy how well he acted that. loved abby's clothes adn when she said she wasn't sone with him, i liked how gibbs gave palmer the nod, to run. Episode was amazing. Gibbs may not like how ryan plays, but he hides behind his work and carpentry and being quiet. She hide behind playing games, after doing it for so log it becomes a part of you i imagine.
  • When A Bug Is Found In Dorneget's Tooth, The Team Goes On Full Force To Arrest The Terrorist Out To Teach The Navy A Lesson.

    I thought this episode was better than "Playing With Fire". Like Ducky said, the plot thickens. It was great to see Jimmy's bachelor party and how the team celebrated it, even though it was a cover mission to catch Dearing. I assume you know he is still out there. As a villain Harper Dearing is better than most of the villains we have seen. He is a real threat and unpredictable. Another good thing was how Dearing confronted Gibbs about his son as he blames them for his death. One final positive note is that they got Vincent Maple. From the minute I saw him, i knew he was hiding something. "Up In Smoke" was an excellent episode from start to finish. The final showdown is next. See you there.
  • Samantha Ryan's character..... just not working for me.

    Now I know Jamie Lee Curtis is a very big star, and I like some of the films she's in but her character Samantha Ryan I find she's very irritating, she plays each situation like it's all a game. Now Gibbs has had a large number of relationships some of them I agreed with, but out of all of them Samantha Ryan is a "absolute not" I really think the character was not Gibb's type and she really didn't work for this show.

    however i like the storyline of this show it was great, just please no more Samantha Ryan.
  • A good start

    The episode started great, till the moment that....

    They putted JLC again inside it. That woman destroys every episode she is in,

    and when she will be there again the new season, then it is for sure goodbye

    NCIS. And not only for me.
  • Good episode but not great

    Plenty of action and humor with Palmer's bachelor party but Jamie Lee Curtis' character of Dr Ryan is just plain annoying. She likes to mess with Gibbs too much while an investigation is going on. A true professional would know when to rein that urge instead of doing it just because 'I can'.
  • Really impressive again!

    In truth, this episode was not as good as the two that preceded it, but it was still a very goof one, with some awesome moments, such as the bachelor party scene! It was pretty funny!

    I'm about to watch the finale, and the finale, if it turns out to be a good one, will make this episode a good one, because I feel as though this episode was just bridging the gap ebetween the previous episode and what is yet to come. As a standalone episode, it doesn't do very well,, but it is developing the storylines nicely, and I can't wait to see the finale!
  • Up In Smoke

    This episode was an okay episode, I felt that it could have been written better. I did like the bachelor party. I found it hilarious when Palmer went running when things got serious. Dr. Ryan was something I was not to happy about this episode. Gibbs obviously does not trust her, yet he's dating her? That does not sound like the Gibbs we've all known for years. I do like this arc ending season 9. Its definetly different and I hope things will pick up in the finale.
  • ncis season 9

    Brilliant love ncis its my favourit keep it goin introduce more newbies if possible plz thanx
  • Ducky

    Don't know if this comment goes here.......Is Ducky/David coming back next season?

    After the last episode and odd looks in this one, I think something is up.

    Just watched the finale...I think I've watched to much TV!!
  • That episode twist was....

    very unexpected,re Director Vance.I'm with the majority in liking Ryan.As for the 'TIVA' saga,as I'vesaid before the show know's just how good a thing they've got in this partnership,so they'll milk it for all it's worth.As for Ducky I'm not 100% sure how much longer he'll be on the show,(age being a number 1 factor) and the fact that he's not in as many scenes as previous seasons,but hopefully I'm wrong.The last 3 episodes (21/22/23) have been nearly perfect but Ryan is'nt good for the team.The only constant is either Abby or McGee.And the only couple

    being Tony & Ziva,so Gibbs's rule 10/11/12 should be dropped regarding those 2.... Still we

    can only hope that Gibbs see's sense and give his consent/blessing to both of them.I DOUBT

  • Excellent episode

    I really loved this episode, the only downfall for me was, no chemistry between Tony and Ziva, I mean, come on, how long can they drag this out....they're so perfect for each other!!!

    I really start to distrust this Ryan woman, she is way too eager....I'm very afraid she's up to no good and break Gibbs' heart....

    I can't wait for next week!!!
  • Wonderful Episode

    I thought this episode was wonderful. Yes, I really dislike Dr. Ryan but I like how Gibbs distrusts her. Jimmy needs to grow a pair when it comes to his bachelor party, though, after all, it's his last night as an unmarried man. Having Harper Deering leave clues on the navy yard for Gibbs was a very interesting plot twist as was the janitor with $1,000,000. Also, Vance going MIA was not foreseen. Frankly, I don't really like his character so i don't really care what happens to him (but, on the other hand, he does have a wife and kids). Anyway, great episode altogether. Sooooo excited for the season finale.
  • Interesting...

    Liked this episode.

    Jimmy's fake bachelor party was funny, and the watered-down apple juice.

    Ziva in a dress! *gasps in surprise*

    Absolutely no Tiva what so ever though

    Can't wait for the next episode.

  • Really good episode

    OMG loved this episode & what a cliff hanger!!! Does anyone know what Gibbs whispered to Ziva?
  • do not like ryan

    i do not like ryan, i believe gibbs sees right through her and knows she keeping secrets
  • Up in Smoke

    Hate Ryan more than ever. So glad to see Gibbs isn't happy with her either.

    Getting back to the episode: Lots of neat twists and surprises. The janitor with the million bucks. .The microchip in Dorneget's tooth. The microchip in the guy who got shot. Vance gone missing. Lots going on.

    As for Jittery Jimmy, he really needs to suck it up. Sheesh.

    Looking forward to the finale... Hope it does this story arc right.