Season 9 Episode 23

Up In Smoke

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 08, 2012 on CBS

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  • Up in smoke

    amazing. i love the ending with gibbs clenched teeth and getting upset at her becasue i was having that same reaction, quiet yet ready to blow. I woiuld have acted exactly like that Liked how tony told gibbs he smelled of someone that wasn't him. Loved hte bachelor party, very good acting, i actually htought they were drunk. Loved how gibbs pulled ziva off the bench and continued walking, it was like he was 30 or younger picking up his date and and talking to her. creepy how well he acted that. loved abby's clothes adn when she said she wasn't sone with him, i liked how gibbs gave palmer the nod, to run. Episode was amazing. Gibbs may not like how ryan plays, but he hides behind his work and carpentry and being quiet. She hide behind playing games, after doing it for so log it becomes a part of you i imagine.