Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2004 on CBS

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  • vanished

    The whole word was shocked when Kate was killed in the Season 2 finale and now, looking back at these early episode with Sasha Alexander, it makes you appreciate what an integral part she was to NCIS. Now, I much prefer Cote de Pablo to her, but I'll probably be tuning into her new series, Rizzoli and Isles, and this does not mean that I cannot still enjoy her NCIS tenure.

    Tonight's episode focused on crop circles: yes, you read that right, and how Abby was reluctant to accept that they were a hoax. The episode was a good mystery and one that saw a rare Ziva interrogation, something that should be done more in the future.

    7/10, a flawed episode, but still a good one.
  • Crop circles and other things..

    That's a case where Abby wishes it would be something else than it is. She is so obsessed with those theories that she spends way too much time overlooking the fire.. But the whole dynamic what Abby created with her obsession.. and how McGee tried to help her.. that was great to watch.

    Also the way investigation seemed to be looking on wrong direction and those local people. It was pretty big mess and to figure it out.. It was worth a watch but other than that.. I did not found much on this episode. Story was good but NCIS usually has good stories.
  • Romeo & Juliet, marine-style.

    Helicopter in the middle of a series of crop circles – awesome! Not surprising that Abby got so obsessed, it's just the kind of thing that she would love. Very fun side storyline.

    Very interesting story with the clan feud, the conspiracy and the rogue marine using his training to get revenge. It was smart of Gibbs to appeal to his sense of family – his niece or nephew – since the family issue is what started the sequence events which led to murder.

    It was sweet of Tony to get flowers for Kate and despite the invasion of privacy, it was the thought that counts.
  • An average episode, but the story developed very well!

    In this episode, a helicopter is found in a crop circle, and I thought that was pretty odd, whether or not you believe in extraterrestrial life!

    I have to admit that the episode was pretty uninteresting in the first ten to fifteen minutes, but in my opinion, the episode got better as it carried on. The story was good, and I enjoyed seeing the team discover an ancient town feud.

    Overall, the episode had a very well written storyline and every element of it was well structured. The comedy element wasn't too dominant, but there were some funny moments.

    I did enjoy this episode, and I do recommend that you watch it!
  • When a marine helicopter is found in the middle of a field, all is not as it seems......

    This episode opens with a navy helicopter being found in the middle of a field abandoned. The NCIS team are called in, but the missing men are nowhere to be found. The team are then called to the site of an arson, which may or may not be related to the missing men. When Abby investigates the fire further she believes that someone was caught in the fire. The dogs are called in and they discover a body. When tests are carried out on the body they learn that the body is that of the pilot's brother, a brother whom no one knew he had. One of the missing men is discovered t be alive and well in his apartment which he shared with the real missing pilot. Gibbs discovers that the missing pilot is using his marine training to avoid the men who are searching for him including NCIS. The pilot (Greg)'s brother had a girlfriend called Daphne who lives in the town near where the helicopter landed. The team learn that Daphne is pregnant and that the pilot is in hiding from her father. The team manage to track down the missing pilot before he tries to kill Daphne father.
  • Great episode…

    This was a great episode with enough adventure that keep me occupied during this episode. The storyline was quite weird, but cleverly plotted. Though I did see it coming that those people who live in that town were very guilty from the beginning. Man I would hate to live in a town that's so creepy and just wrong. I felt really sorry for that pregnant girl, with her abusing father, that was really sad in my opinion. As for goes for Capt. Newell, I can't say that I blame him. I might even have done the same thing. It shows that despite not talking for a while, he really cared about his brother.

    The whole Abby; Alien thing was hilarious and was the thing that brought humor into this episode.
  • I really do not care for stuff involving aliens, but the episode was not bad at all.

    My first thought when I saw the crop circles was, "Signs" starring Mel Gibbson.

    I thought the episode was fairly good. Abby goes crazy trying to evidence that the crushed crops are different from the crops still standing. While investigating, Tony remains to be his usual self by placing an alien mask on top of a magnet, while McGee is looking for metals in the circles for Abby. LOL!

    I understand why Capt. Newell took the Cobra and he could not call the sheriff because he was in on killing his brother. However, he should have called the State Police and they could have caught everyone involved.

    I liked the refence to Hatfield- McCoy. I learned something. :)
  • A marine helicopter is discovered in the middle of a crop circle in a rural area and the pilots are missing. Soon, NCIS discovers that only one of the pilots was on the flight

    This was X files meets NCIS well almost, if you stretch your imagination. No, it was good really Kate getting caught by guy in shower, Gibbs realising he was not thinking like a fighting soldier, ( he needs to get out more, instead of making that boat). As for picking the change box so “childish, been there seen it bought the Tshirt“. No ,all in all it was good, ‘specially Abbs when she thought the had an Alien concept, and Mcgee breaking it to her gently that the circles went the opposite way. This is what makes you enjoy NCIS the funny with the sad with the strange, and reality.
  • Freaky missing...crop circles! :)

    At the beginning of the episode you see an abondoned helicopter in the middle of a huge crop circle with tons of little crop circles around it. The NCIS team is called in to investigate the missing men. While investigating, Tony plays a little joke on McGee. Abby is sure that the reason of the crop circles in from aliens, but the team still searches. This episode is okay, not the best though!
  • The Truth is Out There!

    It seems indicative of isolated American towns that they are all very close and they're all willing to cover up a murder. Maybe thats just what I see on TV but still this was a very good episode with the usual blend of humor and serious when crop circles are found. Naturally Abbey goes bonkers over the prospect of Aliens whilst McGee is sceptical and suffers yet more of Tony's pratical jokes. I hope McGee gets some really good revenge on Tony at some point because the poor guy has earned that right. Kate has the perfect sensitive touch when dealing with the girl whilst Gibbs provides his usual brilliant insight. Honor it seems is still important as well as eye for an eye but the ending was perfect with the marine willing to do the right thing, letting his brothers killer suffer in jail.

    More Please!