Season 10 Episode 16



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After Ducky and Jimmy fail to return to headquarters following a crime scene investigation, the rest of the NCIS team works to locate the disappearing duo.

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Mar 02, 2013
One possible flaw in the episode is with the substitution of Roth at the time he joined the Naval Academy. As part of the Navy background to join the academy you have to provide your finger prints. This would occur at the beginning of the investigation process, which occurred before the substitution. Roth would have had at least three investigations to get to the level and compartment necessary for access to cryptology. At least two of those investigations would require taking his biological identification (e.g. finger prints minimum, retinal, iris, voice, etc). I know from experience the investigation units run independently and thus take their own identifiers and compare them to the previous ones. While it sounds good, the substitution wouldn't work (especially in 2003 when he joined the Navy, post 2001) as stated because of the biological identification taken BEFORE the investigation even begins to join the Naval Academy, when compared later on for his additional security levels / compartments. To make it work someone would have to change his original biological information otherwise renewal and new compartment investigations would, well, run the risk of finding the switch.moreless

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