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Family Ties

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The team investigates the hit-and-run death of a Marine.  Vance's daughter is arrested for shoplifting.

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Jan 24, 2018
What they won't tell you: the legal problem in this case wasn't that the child-stealers violated the father's parental rights, it was that they didn't legally adopt a minor. Basically, it was a kidnapping. It is legal for a woman to surrender her child (through safe-drop laws) or put it up for adoption without telling the father, and without giving him any opportunity to take custody of the child. In fact, the court will prioritize a potential adoptive couple over the father taking sole custody, regardless of how fit he is. The law has been set up (by feminists, via the Tender Years Doctrine) that the "best interests of the child" are to have a mother. Leon has custody of his children because the wishes of their mother did not contradict with him having that custody. I can tell you for a fact right now that if the bio-parent genders were reversed - child-stealers had taken the baby from a criminal mother - and the mother showed up having cleaned up her act as this guy had, then the outcome would have been VERY different, and the stealers would also have been portrayed very different - very much more like the criminals they are. They would have been jailed, and there would have been a scene where the girl says something like "I always wondered what my birth-mother was like", then the bio-mother and the girl find something in common and start to bond, fade out, cue music.moreless

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