Season 12 Episode 13

We Build, We Fight

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2015 on CBS



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    • Breena: (After Jimmy leaves bullpen) Okay, listen up. Guys, I need your help.
      Bishop: What's wrong?
      Breena: It's Jimmy. He's driving me crazy. He -- he won't let me eat or drink anything until he checks to make sure it's safe for the baby.
      Abby: Aww. I mean, he's just being cautious.
      Breena: All I want is peace and quiet. And a cheeseburger. You guys have to help me. I mean, make up a case or something.
      McGee: Yeah, it doesn't really work that way.
      Gibbs: Grab your gear. Dead Navy lieutenant in Falls Church.
      Breena: Oh, thank God. I mean, sorry, that's awful.

    • Jimmy: (Abby's told Jimmy that Breena is in labor)
      Baby go bag, baby go bag. I need my baby go bag. Uh, this is not a drill. Incoming! Father coming through!

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