Season 11 Episode 1

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2013 on CBS

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  • gentleman gibbs

    @ phxcowbot:

    mark harmon is not just a man. he is a GENTLEMAN.

    @DEC 1964

    next week will be ziva's last episode (of course there will be always flashbacks or even guest appearances).

    in general: cap. wayne is a bad guy. ok. but that still leaves the cliff hanger from season 10 to be asking gibbs to shoot at fornell and the an actual shot????
  • Mark Harmon = Role Model

    Just a few words about Mark Harmon; Oh sure, he was starting Quarterback at UCLA, and actually graduated and went to law school. And IMDB lists 77 film and TV series credits in the last 40 years. And in 1996, Harmon saved two teenage boys involved in a car accident outside of his home. He used a 12-pound sledgehammer from his garage to break the windshield, then pulled them free from the flames before the vehicle blew up.

    And Sunday night on the Emmys, he announced the winner of best supporting actress for 80 year-old Ellen Burstyn, and when he saw her walking down the aisle, he quickly walked across the stage, and down the stage steps, and gave her his arm to escort her up to the mic to give her acceptance speech. That is a Man.
  • BAD...

    I love the show, but this was a poorly written episode. I just watched it for the eight time and finally understood it!
  • Lamest excuse for a premiere!

    I could have written a better episode than this! Parson turn around so unbelievable (and the fact that Gibbs accepted it so quickly even more so). Whole terrorist storyline predicable and just plain ridiculous (what assassin only makes ONE attempt at the target)!? No Ziva even though it was hyped as part of the farewell to Ziva episodes. Just plain horrible!
  • One of the worst premieres in NCIS history!

    Very poorly written episode. Parson's turn around was not realistic in the least. And these must be the most inept assassins in history. What kind of assassin only makes ONE attempt at his/her target!? And CDP was nowhere to be seen, even though this was supposed to be part one of her character's farewell. Very poor attempt by GG, but what else is new-most of his premieres stink!
  • Worst premiere ever!

    Story jumped all over the place and really didn't make any sense. Like someone else said, I've never heard of an assassin making only ONE attempt on his target. Parsons turnaround was just too unbelievable. There was too much of him and not enough team! The bad guy was so obvious I'm really starting to wonder just how stupid GG thinks NCIS viewers are. The texting scene was lost on me, as I cannot read small text (I don't get why this wasn't done as a video chat-I think CDP's fans would have been happier if it was). Plus, I won't be surprised if clueless GG counts this as an appearance for Cote. Not very happy with GG or CBS right now!
  • WTF is right!

    Ridiculous storyline that made absolutely no sense. Too much Parsons, not enough Ziva (especially considering this was supposed to be part of the farewell to Ziva episodes). I think the wrong person is leaving NCIS-this episode proves once again GG is not good at his job.
  • I love NCIS

    always good, sometimes great But ALWAYS enjoyable.

    this show was a very good premier. missed Ziva.
  • Where is Ziva?

    Where was Ziva in this episode? If they had put Ziva in this episode they could've spread the Tiva out over two episodes instead of cramming it all in to one, which in my opinion did not do the character of Ziva and her relationship with her co-workers any justice.

    One last thought, when Delilah walked in I thought it was Kate for a second. The resemblance is uncanny.
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    A couple things were a bit unbelievable, even for the genre this show is in, but it was still a strong premiere that had the right amount of action and some enjoyable, complementary long-running stories.

    This is what NCIS is about. Good start to what is hopefully a strong season.
  • Not Bad!

    Considering the adjustments for Ziva's departure had to be made, the base episode line was excellent. The idea that there is a hidden internal villain is still in play. But who?
  • Ziva farewell with no Ziva

    Horrible. Toted as part of the farewell to Ziva and she wasn't even there. Stupid storyline. What kind of assassin only makes one attempt to kill his target?! Parsons' turn around unbelievable. Would give it a zero if I could! Someone please fire GG and get someone who can do the job right!
  • Convoluted story, unconvincing motivations

    This epode is so bad, and typical of NCIS story arc episodes, especially regarding the season finales-season premiers. (I love the stand-alone episodes, especially of the earlier

    Still, it surprises me how ridiculous and unbelievable the story was -- EVERY BIT OF IT!

    There is no good reason we know of for the bad guys to send Gibbs on a wild goose-chase diversion. They said something about Eli maybe divulging some stuff to NCIS, but even if that were true, all the info would be in NCIS and other agency files. . The stupidest thing was that Parsons (a "mere" prosecutor) would take it on himself to figure out that Gibbs was in danger, would go to Iran on his own to rescue Gibbs, and that Parsons --of all people-- could figure out where Eli's secret farm was! I was never convinced that Parsons could have had any serious evidence against Gibbs and NCIS in the first place (last season) .. The bad guys could have killed the NCIS agents (Gibbs, Tony, Tim, as they were walking down the street -- they didn't have to shoot through apartment windows and send Gibbs to the Middle East. .. Again, it was convoluted for the bad guys to get adultery proof against Capt Wayne to blackmail him to order Capt McBride to Iran and back (why?, really) and why would Wayne comply/take such a risk just because of his wife finding out? .. Silly all around that the bad guys could find someone like Victor Chang to anonymously (for all concerned) to be approached into taking $20,000 and phony ID to break into NCIS to hack computer data The NCIS personnel blown-up pictures on the wall in the Arizona hideout was silly. . As someone else posted here, the time-line of the ep ("4 months ago") confused me -- Gibbs was in Middle East countries twice on this case?
  • Did the writers just "phone in" this one?

    For a first episode of a new season was very dissappointing. Timelines were jumping all over the place to the point where they seemed to cram as much as they could into the episode. (it never worked in the past, why did it again)

    Another poor season just ahead he corner???
  • Colin Hanks

    He is too creepy to look at. I had forgotten about his character from last season and was so disappointed to see him again. And that pat on the back by Gibbs was too much!!! I would have rated this show higher had he not been in it.
  • A great episode

    I was very surprised to see the unpleasant Parsons becoming a field agent! Is he the source of the hidden cell? Time will tell...
  • loved it !

    what a great premiere of one of my favorite programs out there, i love cliffhangers and hate them all at the same time. really needed ziva in it... but i love the whole we're not partners anymore kinda line by tony think he's really trying to show how he really feel and whats been lingering in the last 4 seasons.....

    really wish it was longer than an hour episode !! need more asap :)

    Great premiere. More on the tiva love team please
  • love it

    glad ncis is back
  • Ans we're back!

    The epiosde title is a perfect one - considering the mind-boggling cliffhanger we got! And things came bac k with a blast... literally!

    Quite a bit happened in the first episode but no sign of Zivaaround and the episode's ending was a suspenseful one... I want answers!

    Still no explanation of why there was Tobias Fornell in Gibbs's crosshairs, but I feel like this is going to be really good!

    I just can't wait for the next episode! Season 10 was flawless, and I'm impatiently awaiting more NCIS!
  • The best show ever

    I love this show... Excelent episode... Cant wait for next week....
  • Great episode but...

    Overall satisfied with how the season started. Would agree with the rest on rushing Parsons on Gibbs OK list. But then again, I sort of enjoyed everyone shunning him (he deserved it) haha... At the end of the episode, I felt a void. I realised that we haven't seen the connection between last season's finale cliffhanger and continuation. Is it supposed to be revealed in the next episode or has it already been reviewed but I didn't catch it?
  • Not bad overall

    It's nice to see the season starting out with a fairly well paced, if a bit rough, episode. We still don't have all the answers for a few things though, and I thought Parson's sudden inclusion was rushed. The Gibbs scenes were so-so, but the McGee and Tony interaction was back to normal for the most part.

    As for Ziva, well, she wasn't really in it but through messaging. She has left her Star of David necklace behind, a symbol of I don't know what right now. She and Tony were definitely moving toward each other until Tony was sidetracked. Next week is supposed to resolve that whole story, but I'm rather bleh about the whole thing.

    Personally Ziva was never a favorite character for me, untrustworthy, cocky, and should never have been able to hold the position. The whole Tiva pairing didn't sit well with me after too many seasons of one episode interactions that were never discussed again. The replacement of Tony with Ziva in Gibbs' primary position never fit for me either; too easy, and just never seemed quite right. I suppose this is what the writer's get for beating around the bush for too long and never getting anywhere as it looks like next week will be something of a rush to finish off her story.

    I read in an interview with a producer or the like for the show Tony will grow from the experience, and I hope he does. The writer's kept taking one step forward and two steps back with his character development after Ziva's inclusion, and I hope the character will move forward into a more prominent position once again while showing off his own skills after too many seasons as a clown thrust on us by writers who apparently forgot the Tony from the early seasons.

    I hope the season keeps up a good pace with strong episodes, but I'll have to wait and see how they resolve the current arc or if it will become a season long vendetta.

  • Better than Truth or Consequences?

    I stated last season that the events leading up to the season finale was better than Semper Fidelis and Aliyah. Now we may have a better season premier than Truth or Consequences.

    The episode starts off with a bang killing off SevNav which quickly( maybe a bit rushed) turns Parsons to the side of Team Gibbs. Then we have the computer convo between Tony and Ziva setting up for Ziva's goodbye.

    I have my suspicions on who is the real target of Gibb's sniper rifle, but won't say it. Overall, I love the episode. Besides Parson's quick turn, the pacing felt right.