Season 11 Episode 1

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2013 on CBS

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  • Convoluted story, unconvincing motivations

    This epode is so bad, and typical of NCIS story arc episodes, especially regarding the season finales-season premiers. (I love the stand-alone episodes, especially of the earlier

    Still, it surprises me how ridiculous and unbelievable the story was -- EVERY BIT OF IT!

    There is no good reason we know of for the bad guys to send Gibbs on a wild goose-chase diversion. They said something about Eli maybe divulging some stuff to NCIS, but even if that were true, all the info would be in NCIS and other agency files. . The stupidest thing was that Parsons (a "mere" prosecutor) would take it on himself to figure out that Gibbs was in danger, would go to Iran on his own to rescue Gibbs, and that Parsons --of all people-- could figure out where Eli's secret farm was! I was never convinced that Parsons could have had any serious evidence against Gibbs and NCIS in the first place (last season) .. The bad guys could have killed the NCIS agents (Gibbs, Tony, Tim, as they were walking down the street -- they didn't have to shoot through apartment windows and send Gibbs to the Middle East. .. Again, it was convoluted for the bad guys to get adultery proof against Capt Wayne to blackmail him to order Capt McBride to Iran and back (why?, really) and why would Wayne comply/take such a risk just because of his wife finding out? .. Silly all around that the bad guys could find someone like Victor Chang to anonymously (for all concerned) to be approached into taking $20,000 and phony ID to break into NCIS to hack computer data The NCIS personnel blown-up pictures on the wall in the Arizona hideout was silly. . As someone else posted here, the time-line of the ep ("4 months ago") confused me -- Gibbs was in Middle East countries twice on this case?