Season 4 Episode 6

Witch Hunt

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2006 on CBS

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  • The NCIS Team Investigates The Death Of A Marine Who Was Killed In His Home. The Path Of The Investigation Leads To A Missing Girl.

    After watching this episode, I think that it is safe to say that NCIS started on the right note. Everything worked in this episode. A well written script, top-notch suspense, intense acting and an enjoyable conclusion which the viewer doesn't see coming. The plot was interesting, especially the beginning caught my attention. What made this episode work, is the fact that it was Halloween. It was nice to see Abby's costume and the scene where the team stormed the party was very well done. Also the arrest scene in the end was really cool. A really great episode.
  • There were more twists and turns to this story than 20 feet of small intestine.

    This was a great episode! From the disappearance of the shell casings (a robot vacuum cleaner) to Sara's mother kicking the snot out of the woman who helped kidnap her daughter I was kept on the edge of my seat. I loved, LOVED, the double Gibbs head slap on Tim and Tony when they were mesmerized by Abby's costume (kudos to the costume department by the way). I also loved Ducky chasing down the "ninjas" that egged the crime scene van, "It's not as if they were real ninjas". This episode of NCIS is a classic example of what continues to compel me to watch on a daily basis. The writing, acting, character development and interaction are among the best, and for my money are the best, in television today. This program will live forever in my DVD collection.
  • This episode was brilliant!Its exactly why I watch it. The interplay between all the character,s interspersed with the halloween theme was great.How about Abby's costume?Wasn't it great!.

    Its exactly why I watch this show.The interplay between all the characters interspersed with the Halloween theme was great.Abby's costume was great,and Tony, Probie,and even Gibbs was mesmerized by it.Speaking about the costumes I was very amused when Tony and Zeva find Probie's costume and try on various parts When suddenly Gibbs walks in.The looks on their faces were priceless.I was pleased to see more depth To the role of mr. Palmer as Ducky's assistent.He is not just the comic foil portrayed in episodes past,and I was suprised to see that it was Ducky collaring the Halloween hooligans who egged the ncis van.All in all a very entertaining episode
  • Excellent episode but the fact the team didn't check out the family members was so sloppy it ruined the end for me quite a bit.

    Ziva looks absolutely adorable with the elf ears! Gibbs walking in with Ziva wearing the hat, Tony wearing the gloves and shoving them behind his back and of the three, McGee looks normal. I love it when Gibbs calls McGee 'Elf Lord' which he does often.

    It's obvious from the beginning that something's wrong – the wife doesn't know what the husband's costume is. The kidnapper doesn't mention no police etc which is odd in itself given the man shot was military which means NCIS.

    Very sloppy not to check on the wife's 'sister' – the first suspects in a kidnapping are family members and nobody checked on the family themselves, even such a simple thing as a sister. Her daughter's been kidnapped and she doesn't mention that there's a paternity issue. Liked Laurie going psycho at the end, Gibbs hid behind the pillar and let her get some really nice hits in before he grabbed her.

    It's not often Tony talks about his privileged upbringing and since it's to McGee, I think it means he trusts him. Loved Gibbs, Tony and McGee bursting in on the party and the guests mistake them for a party stunt.

    Great Cleopatra outfit! Abby looks great as Marilyn and as a blonde, but I think Pauley is naturally a blonde. Great zombie! I love zombies, especially zombies who play charades.
  • This episode was stunning, in so many ways!

    I really loved the fact that this episode was extremely original and unprecedented. It was great to take a deeper look into Halloween, and Abby's Halloween costume was sensational!

    The plot to the episode was extravagent, and it was extremely original, from the very first scene!

    The episode was also quite funny, especially Ducky's quote, "Oh please, they're not even real ninjas!" when he caught the children who egged their van.

    I also really enjoyed seeing various Halloween costumes, and it gave a deep insight into the American holiday, which I found to be interesting.

    The ending was also great, and the storyline mostly superb! A great episode of NCIS, which I highly recommend!
  • One of my all time favourite episodes

    This episode opens with a man being murdered and going to his neighbour for help shortly before he dies. The team are called in and they believe that his wife and daughter are out together. But his wife comes home with her sister and learns that her husband has been killed. We learn that Sarah the daughter was with her father Eric at the time of his death. She is now missing, so Tony puts out an amber alert for her. The mother gets a phone call from Sarah and we learn that she has been kidnapped. Due to it being Halloween Abby has dressed up, as Marilyn Monroe. Husband in surgery not dead yet!
    A witness tells them that the car sped off down the street, when the wife is shown a photo of the man who was found dead in her house, she doesn't recognise him. Gibbs promises her that he will do everything that he can to bring her daughter home safe. The wife gets another phone call and the kidnappers want $100,000 for the safe return of her daughter. When then see the little girl in the front of a car and the kidnapper talking to her. She tied up and then we see the kidnapper has on a mask. We learn that the couple are on a trail separation and that Eric was living on base. They learn that he may not have been Sarah's biological father and so they track down the man believe is her father. They find him dressed up as a character from Star Trek at a party. Ziva is left at the house to keep an eye on the mother and sister, but when she goes back into the bedroom to check on them, they have gone. They track her down at a building where she works with a man with a gun. There is no sign of her daughter. The team search for her daughter and find her alive and well. At the end, as the NCIS team save the day we learn that her sister wasn't her sister, but she was actually working for the kidnappers.
  • exciting

    A young girl gets kidnapped on halloween and is being held for ransom. The NCIS team finds out that the kidnapped girl's parents are separated. This stir interest with the team when the discover that the girl's parents have a bitter mistrust between them. Back at the lab, Tony and McGee are stunned by Abby's marilyn monroe costume. This episode goes by really fast, the writers made the episode get a Halloween feel to it, but at the same time, provide a police procedural that looks exciting and funny. The writers did a great job with this one. It's a good episode.
  • halloween...

    A man is shot, a dead skeleton is in his house, and his princess daughter missing. Interesting . . . Also, Abby was in costume as Marilyn Monroe and the guys were all drueling over her. This episode had tons of great funny moments and the costumes were halarious. The case was pretty interesting and I liked how it reminded Gibbs of his daughter. The ending was halarious when the mother beat the crap out of the other lady, which, apparently was not her sister. So, overall, great Halloween episode with a good story, good humor, and some good character development.
  • Everyone should have a good Halloween!

    I love Halloween, especially NCIS's Halloween episode Witch hunt.

    I loved the action in this one. The scene when the mother hit the woman pretending to be her sister was priceless. I wanted to hit her too! I like that Gibbs took his time pulling her off the woman.

    McGee's costume was humorous, but not as captivating as Abby was as Marilyn Monroe. I loved all the scenes where Tony and McGee were drooling over Abby.

    I liked the part where Abby mentioned Tim's cheerleader. She seemed a little jealous to me.

    It was a nice touch for the NCIS agents to allow the little girl a chance to trick or treat. Everyone should have a good Halloween!
  • This is such a good episode!!

    This episode is totally awesome. It starts off funny when Ziva says that Halloween would be a "DiNozzo national holiday" and he says no way. I thought that Halloween would be a DiNozzo holiday. I loved it when Tony said that the "crime scene fairies" policed the brass that McGee couldn't find. Then, when Ziva comes in giving the description of the car as car and McGee says that the Japanese word for car is used in Grand Theft Auto (I think) and then Tony says "McGee with the save." It was so funny. Everything was funny about the episode. When the guy was speaking clingon and they were making fun on him and when the guy is speaking through his mask and Tony was getting fed up with him. Also, when the guy thinks they spelled "CSI" wrong on their hats. I also liked the flash backs of when Gibbs' daughter was trick-or-treating.
  • It's Halloween...and the weirdness begins.

    Well, wasn't that a fun romp!? I'm always a fan of the humour of NCIS, and this was a brilliant episode for humour as well as a driving plot. I've watched the episode four times now, and each time I still laugh. The scenes with McGee and DiNozzo gaping at Abby are totally priceless, but even Gibbs isn't immune to 'Marilyn's'...err...charms. 'Not bad...for a blonde..." Yeah, but if she was a redhead you've have jumped her long ago, Gibbs, admit it. Hilarity aside, this was cleverly written and plotted. I love that this show is rarely predictable, having more twists in it than a Virginia backroad. I simply didn't see that last seen where the mumma-bear gets to bare teeth and claws at one of the perps threatening her cub. (If you've not seen this ep, I don't want to spoil that last twist.)
  • Abby in Blonde?? It's halloween and well a lot can happen on Halloween!!

    It's halloween in NCIS headquarters and Ziva is new to the crew when Halloween comes around!! What will they do?? Abby is Marylyn Monroe out of all people!! Tony and McGee shocked by her costume!! Ziva investigates a kidnapping and well you will never guess who done did it!! If you like NCIS you will definitely LOVE this episode!! I have to say my favorite part is probably Abby as M A R Y L Y N M O N R O E!!!!
    it is sooo funny to see her blonde, i thought goths were supposed to be black haired!!
  • This was awesome episode to watch and all the actors were excellent

    Last night the episode of witch hunt was aired and I really enjoyed watching it. Poor Tony he really hates Halloween because what his dad did to him when he was young and he never forgot. I felt sorry for him. When Abby showed up to work and she was dress up in that costume I think she looked so good and having here to wear the blonde wig it really suited here. Just seeing Tony and McGee so speechless and they couldn’t keep there eyes off here that was funny and for Ziva she actually hates to screw up.
  • Gibbs gets to live vicariously through another family when the daughter of an enlisted Marine gets kidnapped and he works with the mother to save her.

    I have to say that I really enjoyed this episode. One of the things I like about NCIS, even while being a newcomer, is that I rarely know what the ending is going to be before it happens. Sometimes I figure it out, but most of the time I know only small details and not the whole story, and that's refreshing. Highlights of this episode: seeing Tony and McGee react to Abby's costume, seeing Gibbs react to Abby's costume (I think those two are made for each other), seeing McGee translate Klingon for Gibbs, watching Gibbs get fired up about saving the girl without sacrificing his professionalism in any way, and watching the mother at the end.
  • Another great episode!:D

    My favorite part was the testosterone-induced lockjaw exhibited by Tony and McGee upon seeing Abby in costume. And Gibbs smiling was sweet and HOT. And McGee...* * between the car, and his casual interpreting
    Klingon "I know some Klingon, yeah".. Ducky and the Ninjas!!!:DGibbs trying to "read" the Klingon's face.:D Gibbsin the jeans ! (God bless the people in wardrobe) And Gibbs and that sweet, accepting smile at the end.
    Outstanding performances by all!:D
  • what else can you wish for?

    This episoded really had it all.
    A lot of fun.
    Great twists in the story.
    A wonderful script.
    And of course there is Abby as Marylin Monroe. Last season they stunned me with Bowling outfit and now Marylin. Can't wait what they will bring up next ;)

    I have watched the episode 3 times now and still can't get it out of my mind ;)
    Even in season 4 with about a dozen of superb episodes they still are able to surprise me and get better and better. WOW
    I really hope they can keep up the pace and the quality of the show and get a few more seasons on the run.
  • dude.. how are they gonna top this halloween??

    man.. what a brilliant episode! i mean.. does it get better than this?

    firstly... abby's costume.. i'm FEMALE..and i'm still sitting here going WOW. she looked amazing. :) not that she doesnt normally.. but the look.. totally suits her. secondly.. the crime scene fairies! tony scared of that vacuum thingy was hilarious! not even to mention mcgee undressing abby with his eyes and trying to take the photo discretely.

    but the one thing that i didnt like was how predictable the outcome of the episode was. i mean.. the sister being so overly protective and basically telling her what to say.. it was prettyyy obvious that she was in on the kidnapping. but other than that... another great ep!
  • October 31st has never been so fun.

    I\\\'ve never watched a Halloween episode on October 31st or a Christmas episode on December 25th (on any show), so this was pretty cool for me.

    I loved the whole Abby/Monroe plot line, and Tony and McGee\\\'s oggling. Likewise with the \\\'Mr. President\\\' lines with Gibbs.

    All around, a really funny, very well written episode. I did expect it to have something to do with the mother from the start, and nothing to do with the ex-boyfriend, but I didn\\\'t see the whole \\\'fake sister\\\' thing coming at all.

    Can\\\'t wait for next week. Golf and bombs. Looks cool.
  • Abby is in a marilyn monroe costume and all mcgee can do is look at her

    I felt that in this episode there was tons of mcabby, one of my favorite couples. In this episode I felt like Mcgee relized what he had lost and what he wants back, It was so hilarious when Abby said sonthing like: "mcgee can you run the plate through the DMV" turns around to look at him "as soojn as your done undresing me with your mind"
    I said it befoer and I will say it again MAJOR FLIRTING
  • Whoa.....this episode of NCIS was supper cool. I loved the whole Holloween image!!! Creepy-cool!

    This episode was so great that i didn't even blink throughout the whole thing. I was too afraid that i would miss a killer line or comment.....not to mention a killer Holloween custome.

    Who would have thought that Abby would make a super hot Marilyn Monroe....definitely not me. Plus, Gibbs, Tony and especially McGee's reaction was totally fitting.

    Aside from that, Ziva screwed up! Never thought i would see that in my life time. Even though she always manages to mess up the English dialect, she is usually the one to tell Tony what an idiot he is and how he has messed up; but not this episode, she actually messed up and Gibbs called her on it!

    Not to mention, the story behind this just goes to show you how messed up one's life can get with one wrong decision.
  • Its Halloween time for NCIS!

    A man is shot and his daughter is kidnapped. The team goes to investigate and fall into a few ghostly freak outs. The mom is now very sad and scared, because she recieved a call from her daughter and another person saying that her daughter was kidnapped. So the team goes to parties to try to find the kidnapper! Before they know it, the mother has disappeared too!

    I love Abby's costume!! Great!
  • I hate when shows develop something just for a holiday...

    It wasn't a bad episode, but I really hate it when they make an episode for the holidays. The old Gibbs is really back though and much too hard on people ( like the Isrealy woman ). I think I liked him better with the mustache and a little bit more layed back than what he is now. He didn't need retirement as much as he needs to find a woman and get...

    As for Abbey, it was a cute costume and very nostalgic, but she is much, much, much, much, much, much, much, much, hotter with the dark hair.
  • Abby's costume was fricking awesome!

    Wow, for having the honors of playing on Halloween night, they did a fan-fricking-tastic job. I'm glad a skipped trick-or-treating for this!

    Man where to start... I loved McGee's costume at the beginning and the look of Tony's face when he found out McGee met his Ice Queen in an Armani store was hilarious. "You can afford Armani?" I almost peed myself when Gibbs is giving Ziva a weird look 'cause she has McGee's hat on. The crime for the week was interesting. When that chick kept taking "control of the situation" and interrupting Gibbs when he was about to get some info out of Laurie, instantly told me that she was somehow a part of Sara's kidnapping. I'm glad Laurie managed to get a her kicks in when she put two and two together.

    My favorite part was when Gibbs got his first look at Abby's costume and thought, "You look good for a blonde."
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