Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2005 on CBS

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  • A "Winnie-ing" Episode

    One of my favorite eps from the second season. One thing: Maybe it's just me, but doesn't Erin's killer resemble a grown-up version of Fred Savage, the former co-star of the guest star on "The Wonder Years?" A coincidence? I think not, because I, like Special Agent Gibbs, "do not believe in
  • Witness

    McGee did great! I would be as, if not more nervous then he was if i was in his place... Being tested by Gibbs is just pressurising.

    Anyway, great episode too. Just a pleasant ending:)
  • Well done mcgee!

    after season 5, it's rare that we get to see a mcgee episode, but it's episodes like this one and twisted sister, from which we learn more about him. it was really sad, i must say. but, at the same time i also thought that it was swet of mcgee to write that sympathy note at the end. very good episdode :) let's just hope that we have more like this one in season 8 and hopefully (fingers crossed) season 9 :) in season 8's 'defiance' we again see mcgee like in 'moonlighting'. mcgee's storyline sort of goes downhill, like i said after season 3, but i love this one. and i love the way Gibbs 'scares' him when he talks to him! mcabby - enough said xx
  • McGee's episode

    So.. this time, it was McGee's time to shine as he gets a change to make calls: if there is a case or not. And he is sure it most be test and he is more nervous than usually but it gets even more harder for him, when he starts to have sympathy towards the eyewitness and some of his motives can be questioned.. but nothing prepares him for the attack on witness and after her death.. he probably feels like he was guilty.. So.. it was very emotional episode but good one. The opportunities given for McGee were great.. and he.. in the situation he was.. good episode
  • Very good McGee episode and interesting case.

    McGee did good – his reasons for trusting the witness were solid and the witness is very credible. The kid's got good instincts, Gibbs is obviously proud. This is the first time McGee's lost a witness and he takes it hard, poor baby. Tony gave McGee good advice – McGee can't change what happened, but he can find her killer. With some seasoning, McGee will be an excellent agent. He's a really sweet kid.

    Kate and Tony re-enacting the crime gives new meaning to playacting – they got way too much into it. Hilarious. They are like children though – like Gibbs' threat, he really is like a high school principal.
  • A very sad episode for me.

    This episode was really great, in my opinion. I enjoyed seeing Gibbs have McGee make the decision as to whether the case should be investigated or not.

    I thought there was great chemistry between the witness and Special Agent McGee, and that made it very sad to see the witness turn into the next victim.

    I thought the episode did lack something, but I find it hard to pinpoint, although I really enjoyed the chase at the end of the episode.

    The episode was a very touching one and a really interesting one to watch, and I recommend this one very highly, particularly for McGee fans.

    Another great addition to NCIS!
  • A murder is witness but there is no evidence to support it

    This episode opens with a woman putting up a picture in her new home. When she goes to close the curtains early in the morning she sees a murder taking place. She gets out her video camera and starts recording it. When they discover that the victim is a navy sailor, and so McGee is sent to investigate. The police sent to investigate don't believe her, but McGee believes her and so he calls in the team to investigate further. NCIS get a call that a body has been found of a marine and they discover that it is their missing sailor. When Tony & Kate got to see the sailor's girlfriend they discover that she is married & that her husband is serving in Iraq. While McGee is sitting on the crime scene, the witness to the murder phones him and as they talk, someone breaks into her apartment, As McGee races over, he gets there just as the intruder is leaving. The intruder hits McGee over the head and runs. The witness is dead. In the hope of McGee remembering more detail of the night Erin (witness) was murdered, McGee is hypnotises and recalls what happened. We learn that the Sailor is actually the man who murdered the first 2 victims and so the question is who killed the sailor and Erin?
    After McGee recalls more details we find out that the man who killed Erin and the sailor was the building manager, where the sailor lived. At the end of the episode we see McGee writing a sympathy note to Erin's parents.
  • A McGee episode.

    McGee had a pretty big role in this episode, and that just made me love this episode already. This episode showed that we can't just trust Gibbs guts ( cause he had proven that we should always listen to Gibbs guts), but now we learn that we can also trust McGee guts. I liked the reaction of Abby when she saw McGee and Erin, the witness, together. You could tell that she wasn't really happy with that and that she was slightly jealous. I felt sorry for McGee when Erin dies, and I understand that he felt responsible for her death, so I was glad when Kate told him that it wasn't his fault. Which it really wasn't. McGee really grew throughout this episode.
  • This episode was filled with action and angst.

    Witness helped show McGee becoming more capable in his investigative skills. With the death of Erin we saw the green agent grow.

    I liked that McGee took the least amount of tries to write up his report. Tony took five shots and Kate two. It shows McGee is more efficient in certain tasks.

    I liked Abby's reaction when she was watching McGee and Erin together. She looked jealous. It makes me wonder when Abby and Tim broke up. I don't think they had any definitive conclusion about the ending of thier romantic realtionship.

    This episode was filled with action and angst. This a great example of what NCIS is about.
  • McGee decidesto investigate an alleged murder that no-one but him and the witness belive in. Not onnly does this episode include the usual humour but it has tradgedy and sadness.

    When a call is sent through that seems to be nothing but a mistaken person, the police are dubious that there was a murder as there is a lack of evidence. However, the witness insists that it be checked out by NCIS. Gibbs sends McGee along to check it out. There is some chemistry between him and the witness and he decides that it should be investigated. Knowing that the witness is now a victim, they assign people to watch her flat. However on McGee’s watch she is killed. The team try to help McGee pull through the death and catch the murderer. By using different methods they manage it. This specific investigation allows and helps McGee to evolve and develope as a human being as he has to watch someone he likes get killed. He has to deal with the fact that although he saw the murder, he was unable to do anything about it.
    The best bit of this episode is by far the food fight between Kate and Tony. However the whole episode is a must watch as it includes sadness, tradgedy and the usual humour that is present in any episode.
  • Gibbs sends McGee to check out a call. McGee ends up, pretty much running the case.

    Gibbs sends McGee to check out a call. McGee ends up, pretty much running the case. McGee goes to talk to Erin, who called in. She said she saw someone strangling a man in the apartment across the street from hers. She tried to record it, but it was too late. McGee ends up making friends with her. They find the missing man who owned the apartment, dead in an outhouse. Now they just have to find his killer. Before they know it, someone else is strangled!
  • McGee gets an assignment as a test from Gibbs to see if he knows what he is doing. Kate has to overcome her fear of dentists to get a root canal.

    This is the second time I have seen Kate alive. I enjoy watchign the chemisrty between them. Although I know that Kate is dead I like to see how she interacted with the other characters. Abby was jealous and it amused me beacuse if you look on's porfil for Abby it will suggest an off again on again relationship with McGee and we get to see some of that here. Watching Gibbs is awesome as usual and how he rules over his team. McGee passed the test and Gibbs totallly knows it.

    Well as usual a good example of characteer developement.