Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • GOOF: When Gibbs and Det. Floyd are walking towards the port a potties where the body is, Det. Floyd says the body was likely dumped over the weekend. Right after that, Ducky takes a liver temp and says he's been dead 12-14 hours. Dumped overnight would have been a more accurate description of the events.

    • GOOF: When the apartment manager Jeremy Pryor falls down in the chase across the road with NCIS, you can clearly see that McGee's tie is over his shoulder in one shot but not in the following.

    • GOOF: When Ducky was taking a dental X-ray of one of the dissected bodies, he used a small film, but immediately after that, he put on the light-box a large developed X-ray film.

    • TRIVIA: Comments that Neanderthals only lived for 25 years, thus the line "till do us part," only meant approximately five to ten years of marriage. Neanderthals are actually known to have lived for 40-50 years. They married at younger ages, with females falling pregnant at about age 13. So at least 20-30 years of marriage was average. However, males were often known to take more than one wife.

    • TRIVIA: After discovering what is apparently a Glock pistol in a sofa bed, the Special Agents refer to it as a Sig three times in the episode. This is strange, since they all use Sigs as their service pistols.

  • Quotes

    • Gibbs: What did the urine tell you Abby?
      Abby: Oh, all kinds of stuff. We had a really good talk.

    • McGee: (pleased to learn that a missing sailor left prints in apartment) Boss! Boss, Erin was right!
      Gibbs: What does that mean, McGee.
      McGee: Well, she wasn't imagining it.
      Gibbs: (harshly) It also means a sailor may be dead.

    • (Gibbs and McGee go down to see Abby)
      McGee: What have you got, Abbs?
      (Abby turns to Gibbs)
      Abby: Do I have to answer the newbie?

    • Abby: I enjoy going to the dentist.
      Kate: What could you possibly enjoy?
      Abby: A little pain is a good thing, Kate. That's why people put hot sauce on tacos!

    • (Kate is taking pills and Gibbs walks in)
      Gibbs: Root Canal?
      Kate: (nods) I have an appointment with the dentist in the morning.
      Gibbs: You gonna keep it this time?

    • (Kate just got off the phone and she is holding her jaw)
      McGee: You okay?
      Kate: Yeah... no... I hate going to the dentist. I've had a phobia since I was a child, and now I need a root canal.
      McGee: That doesn't sound like fun.
      Kate: Uh... I've canceled my appointment three times!

    • (Gibbs shuts off Abby's music)
      Abby: Hey!
      Gibbs: Geez!
      Abby: Don't mess with my music!

    • Tony: What's not fun?
      Kate: Nothing.
      Tony: (reading her phone) Who's Dr. Jackson?
      Kate: You read that upside down?
      Tony: A talent that serves me well. What's wrong with you?
      McGee: He's a dentist.
      Tony: Ohh. And our Miss Todd is afraid of dentists.
      Kate: Who told you that?
      Tony: Ethically, I can't reveal my source. It's the same person who told me Probie wasn't potty trained 'till he was 6.

    • Gibbs: It's a convertible sofa. Slept on one once for seven months.
      Tony: That would be after the third wife. (Gibbs gives him a strange look) That would be none of my business.

    • Tony: You can handle something that big?
      Girl: You'd be surprised what I can handle.

    • Tony: (to McGee) That feeling you experienced was lower then your gut.

    • Gibbs: (About Tony) You may not admire his methods, but you gotta love the results.

    • Kate: Her death is not your fault, Tim.
      McGee: All I can see is Erin lying on the floor.

    • Gibbs: McGee! If you're gonna shoot him, you shoulda done it while he was running.

    • Tony: (to McGee) Some advice? You can sit there and second guess what you should or shouldn't have done. And never get the answer. Or you can get back on the job and catch the bastard.

    • Tony: Our little boy's growing up.
      McGee: Cut it out DiNozzo.
      Kate: It's a vote of confidence.
      McGee: Really? You think so?
      Tony: It's a test.
      (McGee looks up at Kate...)
      Kate: Don't listen to him.
      (MrGee walks out; they both laugh)

    • Tony: Hope you have more to go on then her sweet smile.

    • Tony: I'm going to enjoy this. (Smiles as he wraps a scarf around Kate's throat)
      Erin: The attacker's back was to me most of the time.
      Tony: Like this?
      Erin: Yeah. Then he pulled the sailor off to your right.
      Tony: I can't tell you how many times I've thought of doing this.
      Kate: I dare you, DiNozzo.
      Tony: Oh yeah?!
      (They fight and fall to the ground. Kate strangles him to fight him off and then elbows him in the chest. Tony sniffs the floor, his ass in the air)
      Kate: There are so many things I could say right now.
      Tony: (goes to the window and talks into the mic) Probie. Get the ALS up here.

    • (Tony is catching peanuts in his mouth)
      Kate: You are so....
      Tony: Coordinated?
      Kate: Adolescent.
      Tony: I prefer the term fun loving. (throws a peanut at Kate)
      Kate: Oh...
      Tony: Haha.
      Kate: (Throws a carrot stick at him)
      Tony: Oh...Hey!...Food fight! (They throw things at each other.)
      McGee: Guys. (no answer) Guys, guys! (They look at him. Tony puts his hand up) Please. I'm trying to write.
      Kate: Sorry, McGee.
      Tony: Need any help?
      McGee: No thank you. Just some quiet.
      Tony: No problema... Shhh... (throws a peanut at Kate, starts shouting) Remember your first... Shhh. (Quieter) Remember your first, Kate.
      Kate: Yes. Gibbs made me rewrite it, twice. Felt like I was in grammar school again. Are you gonna pick up those carrot sticks?
      Tony: I didn't throw any carrot sticks. (Catches a peanut in his mouth)
      Kate: Can't stand working in a pig sty.
      Tony: Oink, oink... (cough) He only made ya redo it twice?
      Kate: I forgot to spell check.
      Tony: Huh.
      Kate: How many times Tony?
      Tony: Can I catch a peanut in my mouth without missing?
      Kate: Ha. Did you have to redo your first report for Gibbs?
      Tony: A few.
      Kate: What's a few?
      Gibbs: (Coming in) Five. Woulda been more but I took pity on him.
      Kate: Ohh.
      Gibbs: McGee. Good job. Send it up to the director.
      McGee: Will do boss.
      Gibbs: Any more food fights in here and I'm joining in. With peas.
      Kate: Frozen peas?
      Gibbs: Nope. In the can.
      (Kate and Tony walk over to McGee's desk)
      Tony: (reading) Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kendall...
      Kate: It's a sympathy note.
      Tony: That's nice McGee.
      Kate: It's very nice.
      (McGee smiles)

    • Gibbs: Hey! DiNozzo!
      Tony: I gotta go.
      Meg: You know where to find me!
      Tony: Check ya later.
      Gibbs: Did you get her number?
      Tony: I wasn't hitting on her. And neither was the petty oficer. She liked him, he had a girlfriend.
      Gibbs: Did you get her name?
      Tony: Meg. Fits a hot chick like that- (Gibbs head slaps him) meant Dillion's girlfriend...

    • Det. Floyd: (referring to McGee) You're kid's got good instincts.
      Gibbs: (laughing) Yeah, you think so, huh? (shouts to McGee at the truck) McGee!
      McGee: Yeah?
      Gibbs: You leave my coffee in the truck?
      McGee: Oh! I'm getting it now, boss.
      Det. Floyd: (sharing a look with Gibbs) Keep me posted.

    • Kate: A dear John. By email. What a calculating witch. She gives all women a bad name.
      Tony: I'm never getting married. There's no upside to it.
      Kate: That's not true. Statistically, married men live longer.
      Tony: They don't actually live longer. It just seems longer.
      Kate: You're so cynical.
      Tony: Am I? Marriage was never intended to last more then a few years.
      Kate: Where'd you get that?
      Tony: Anthropology 101. Concept was invented by cavemen with a life expectancy of 25 years. Til death do us part meant 4, 5 years tops.
      Kate: That was very enlightening, DiNozzo, and I do understand now. You think like a Neanderthal. (Tony smiles)

    • Kate: Hey. (hands McGee a coffee)
      McGee: I should have been watching from Erin's apartment.
      Kate: No. You were exactly where you were supposed to be, McGee.

  • Notes

    • Original International Airdates:
      Croatia: December 01, 2005 on NOVA TV
      Finland: May 12, 2007 on Nelonen
      France: October 14, 2005 on M6
      Germany: December 01, 2005 on SAT.1
      Sweden: July 02, 2005 on TV3
      Denmark: February 22, 2005 on TV3

    • This episode was previously known under the title Trading Places.

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: Witness to Murder
      The plot and title are almost the same as the film Witness to Murder (1954). Cherryl (Barbara Stanwyck) sees a murder through her bedroom window, but no one will believe her. The murderer, Albert (George Sanders), disposes the body and other evidences in order to discredit her. Everyone thinks she is crazy, except Police Lt. Lawrence Mathews (Gary Merrill). Albert then starts to stalk her.