Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2005 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Tony is catching peanuts in his mouth)
      Kate: You are so....
      Tony: Coordinated?
      Kate: Adolescent.
      Tony: I prefer the term fun loving. (throws a peanut at Kate)
      Kate: Oh...
      Tony: Haha.
      Kate: (Throws a carrot stick at him)
      Tony: Oh...Hey!...Food fight! (They throw things at each other.)
      McGee: Guys. (no answer) Guys, guys! (They look at him. Tony puts his hand up) Please. I'm trying to write.
      Kate: Sorry, McGee.
      Tony: Need any help?
      McGee: No thank you. Just some quiet.
      Tony: No problema... Shhh... (throws a peanut at Kate, starts shouting) Remember your first... Shhh. (Quieter) Remember your first, Kate.
      Kate: Yes. Gibbs made me rewrite it, twice. Felt like I was in grammar school again. Are you gonna pick up those carrot sticks?
      Tony: I didn't throw any carrot sticks. (Catches a peanut in his mouth)
      Kate: Can't stand working in a pig sty.
      Tony: Oink, oink... (cough) He only made ya redo it twice?
      Kate: I forgot to spell check.
      Tony: Huh.
      Kate: How many times Tony?
      Tony: Can I catch a peanut in my mouth without missing?
      Kate: Ha. Did you have to redo your first report for Gibbs?
      Tony: A few.
      Kate: What's a few?
      Gibbs: (Coming in) Five. Woulda been more but I took pity on him.
      Kate: Ohh.
      Gibbs: McGee. Good job. Send it up to the director.
      McGee: Will do boss.
      Gibbs: Any more food fights in here and I'm joining in. With peas.
      Kate: Frozen peas?
      Gibbs: Nope. In the can.
      (Kate and Tony walk over to McGee's desk)
      Tony: (reading) Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kendall...
      Kate: It's a sympathy note.
      Tony: That's nice McGee.
      Kate: It's very nice.
      (McGee smiles)