Season 10 Episode 10

You Better Watch Out

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 18, 2012 on CBS

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  • Great episode

    Great episode, very well done, nice to finally see Tony's apartment indeed, and I absolutely loved the fish called Kate part...

    But it surprises me to see nobody noticed that on the corner of Ziva's computer, there is a small copy of the picture from Tony in his I have to admit this was the third time I watched this episode and I never noticed it before either...
  • Nice and touching.

    This episode was really good onec again, with a great storyline and a great case that was investigated. But certainly the interactions between Senior and Junior were what made this episode special. There were some really touching moments and some not so touching moments but all of it came together beautifully.

    It was a nice Christmas-themed episode! I definitely enjoyed it! I am really looking forward to the next one!

    EDIT: And I thought it was ana AMAZING touch to name the fish Kate. <333 Submlime choice!
  • Loved this episode!

    I think this was the best episode ever!
  • Tried to think of something clever about the episode but couldn't !!!

    While I wouldn't go as far as Magicmax, below, I do have to say this was pretty dull fare for a Christmas episode.

    After the hilarity of Devil's Trifecta, this was really dull and the "reveal" of Tony's apartment was underwhelming, to say the least.

    This flamboyant, Italian American who loves movies, good food and women has a flat so sterile and boring that McGee wouldn't live in it.

    Where were the racks of movies?

    Where was the State of the Art sound system that he got McGee to set up in a previous episode?

    What about "Kate" the poor fat Goldfish in one of those horrible glass bowls that are basically death traps. The poor thing would be floating upside down within a month.

    And the ultimate horror of that bedroom with the pitiful single bed !!!!

    No single guy I know would have a single bed unless there simply wasn't room for a double.

    All I can say is that if the rumours about Michael Weatherly having a big say in the design of this flat are true, then he is more anally retentive than he purports McGee to be.

    As with Devil's Trifecta, the case was secondary to the relationship issues but what happened to Abby, this Christmas?

    A sad little set piece in the lab instead of her running around like a headless chicken as she usually does.

    Sorry fellow reviewers but anyone who thought this was an episode worthy of a "9" or "10" rating, seriously needs to get the rose tinted glasses surgically removed.

    Hoping for better in the New Year!

    . might I be the first to wish all my fellow reviewers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Sandy (from Scotland).
  • Dinozzo's Sanctuary

    It was really great getting to see how Dinozzo's apartment was like. Wasn't what I expected though. He has really grown! Or he just have been putting up a front all those years when he's at work.

    Showing Ziva's house would be great next. As we have seen Gibbs's, McGee's, Vance's and Ducky's.
  • Hello Kate, You are getting a little chubby!

    I really liked this episode and am a huge Tony fan. I like episodes that has snr in them because it opens us up more to the story behind Tony, the fish part was a really cool idea and I liked the cheers reference. The autopsy high five and the ending were nice parts too. The thing about the episode thought was all the agents couldn't remember when bin laden's death was.
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  • what the ??

    Im sorry, poorest episode ever. If thats the best the writers can do for a christmas episode to hold as fans over to the new year then they failed bigtime. Again i find it very hard to believe that as a small group of workmates that have been together for 8 seasons havent been to each others homes at some stage. Just once??. The relationship between snr and jr is aways interesting and funny but tonight the end was very cheesey. The best parts of tonights show was finding out what tony's flat looks like, a single bed (very good) and kate the goldfish (excellent). To be honest the rest of the NCIS team finding out those little bits would have been more interesting.
  • That's a Wrap!

    Light on gore; heavy on relationships -- a perfect Christmas gift for NCIS aficianados.
  • good watching

    murder, money stolen but not in circuit yet - not as much tension as usual (for me) while they are working on a case but The team works together well, as usual.

    And add all the friendship talk, DiNozzo finally understanding & getting along with his dad. I loved his apartment but a twin bed - he really has some hangups. - I live alone & sleep alone but I would never want a twin bed.

    All well done & enjoyable to watch.
  • Dell thoughts

    Loved this episode. Really liked DiNozzo snr's talk with Ziva, Plus aside from the single bed Tony had an awesome apartment. That phone thing could be related to Alec Dell, the tech genius from episode 5 The Namesake. I know he was caught but maybe they shot that scene at a different time or something.
  • NCIS.

    Great Christmas episode, the Dell's body found at Rock Creek Park, i noticed that as well sent from McGee's cell phone. I have no idea who Dell was.
  • where did that come from?

    when justin's body is found, the text on the phone reads:" dell's body found in rock creek park". who is "dell"?? other than that it shows that bullets don't necesseraly have to fly to create an excellent episode. i think that especially tony has matured into his role, just compare season 1 or 2 with now.

    he's almost becoming tony instead just playing him.
  • great christmas episode

    i loved this episode with tony and his father, was a sweet christmas show, great job
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