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Nearest and Dearest

ITV (ended 1973)


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Nearest and Dearest

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On the death of their father Joshua, siblings Eli and Nellie Pledge inherit the family business, Pledge's Purer Pickles, at Colne, Lancashire, in the north of England. Their faithful workers include the myopic Stan Hardman, Bert and Grenville. Never far away are cousin Lily and her husband Walter. While Nellie works hard to keep the business going, Eli prefers to indulge in the delights of beer, cigarettes, gambling and young women. Granada Television's most popular comedy series, "Nearest and Dearest" produced a feature film in 1972. Most of the regular cast are no longer with us, but their comic legacy remains.
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  • Good Show (Surprised)

    Nearest and dearest is a classic comedy. It is underrated by the best sitcoms of all time. Hylda Baker is class because she shows us comedy, variety and seriousness. Her character is Nellie Pledge. Nellie is a hard worker because she co-owns the pickle factory. She tells all of them in the pickle factory (who are pensioners) to complete their work because they have to send the pickles out to the rest of Colne which is a legit place in Lancaster. She always refers to her watch because it has not little hand. She is a single woman who has never married. Jimmy Jewell who is a comic was given the character Eli Pledge Neillies Brother and co-owner of the pickle factory. He is lazy, idle and he hardly does any work because he is either drinking in the pub or flirting with women half his age. Nellie and Eli constantly argued because they couldn't agree on anything. Eli also didn't like Lilly and Walter, Lilly is their second cousin also. Nellie and Eli never see eye to eye because they are always arguing, they are like chalk and cheese. Lilly's husband was over 70. He never talked and he couldn't tell them when he needed the loo. Lilly was Walter's wife and she acted a cut above the rest. She was good friends with Nellie. Her and Walter met in the blackout in the war. Stan is another character he is the foreman of the pickle factory. He is third in command he also is a pensioner and he is a womanizer, I swear this man goes out with women a third of his age. He is also lazy but he can also work. He takes commands but he doesn't meet their needs. He like drinking as well. He is also short sited and wears a flat cap.

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  • You cant beat Classic British Comedy!

    Hylda Baker, is a Queen of the Comedianes, her Charecter Nelly is truly unique and portrayed in way that made them both 60's icons. Nearest and Dearest will always be remeber fondly for its slap stick and offensive humour. But more so of course for Nellys Tongue Twisters and oneliners.

    When you watch this show it appears that it was often the case that they one had one take on filming so it can be a bit rough around the edges, nevertheless the 'live' feeling is always good and fun to watch. Of course the famous long running joke which still makes me cry with laughter involved the withering Speechless and incontinant OAP Walter, and the line "Has he been?" and the longer "Has he been? I say Have you been Walter...I think he's been"

    The reast of the cast added to make a fun team, notibly Eli, who through real-life tensions, use to spark emotions on set often!

    Being from the early days of TV and the sitcom genre, and it being made outside the the Key Television studios in London, I can easily forgive this show for any mistakes or rough edges. Its more than apparantly when you watch it and solid and loving effort was made.

    As I'm too young to have watched it in the 60's I caught it on repeats in the 90's, and have since brought it on DVD. I have to say I was shocked at a lot of the humour - A lot of which is still edgy and close to the knuckle by todays standards. Theres also a fair bit of comedy that wouldnt pass the regualators any more either. Namely sexist behaviour, Germaine Greer eat your heart out!

    Below are a few examples of more memorable lines of this Classic Northern England 60s/70s comedy.

    "I'll Thank you to think on"

    "Oh Look it's A Quater to....Oh I must get a little hand put on this watch"

    NELLY:"Are you hungry"

    WHOEVER: Yeah

    NELLY:"Oh what a pity. We've just ate" (Or something to this effect)

    Nelly in Court talking to a judge, trying to explain she is her brothers legal representative:

    "Your magnitude, I am Soliciting for my brother"

    Long Live Hylda Baker!moreless