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Why Is Dani So DUMB??????

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    [1]Jul 30, 2012
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    I'm getting really discouraged with this woman--she dumps Ray the jerk; has a one-night stand with Matt the gorgeous & totally sweet, then made him wait forever before they got together for real. NOW, she breaks up with him because she decides she never wants another child???? I went through this myself, only the shoe was on the other foot--I was broken up with because I couldn't have a baby and he wanted them. It's like she is sabotaging her own happiness.

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    [2]Jan 30, 2013
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    I don't think she's dumb because of that. In relationships you must be honest, if she didn't want another baby then it was right for her to tell Matt that beofre he started to resent her for putting off having a baby. Also she may have loved Matt but lets face it he's kind of a rebound especicalloy if that got right togther instead of waiting until she felt more stable. What annoys me now is her completly disresectful kids and how Matt is all over annoyed thinking she invloved with Nico. He must have forgotten the PR lady that worked for the Hawks that he dated. Whats good for the goose must not be good for the gander in his eyes.
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