Necessary Roughness

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 29, 2011 on USA

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  • Pilot

    I know that a 4 out of 10 does not sound too promising, but I think the show is actually quite interesting. It just has a lot of flaws in it. Multiple characters stalking Dani is probably not a good idea.

    And Callie Thorne itself is a little below the standard for lead stars on a USA Network show. She's not as funny as Sarah Shahi, she doesn't have the same tenacity as Mary McCormack's Mary Shannon character and right now you're not pulling for her like Piper Perabo's Annie Walker character on Covert Affairs. It's hard to tell when she is serious and when she is trying to tell a joke, which is not something a USA show should struggle with. This show has a lot of interesting things going on right now. A generic divorce, but some unique problems with the kids and a unique premise as a whole, but I wonder if it will last for long.

    I am intrigued by the show, but this pilot did have a lot of problems. Let's not kid ourselves.
  • Very good start to another promising show on USA.

    USA Network is a great network, becuase of shows that A) Have good characters, B) Have decent acting, C) Have good stories, and D) Are good to watch even if you arn't following it every week.

    This show looks to fit all of those requirments. It's a VERY emotional tale, based off the Pilot, and looks to juggle a hard life of a mom dealing with a divorce, crazy teenage children, and a tough job that always keeps her on her toes.

    The story is that she needs money to pay for her divorce case, which gets uglier and uglier as the episode goes on. One thing I liked about it was the fact that you really felt sorry for the main character (I forget her name, but I remember the football guy called her Dr. D, so I'll call her that too). Dr. D has a very troubled life. Her daughter is a mess, her son is a smart-ass, (or at least he seemed like one from the litte airtime he got), and her mother still lives in the same house as her. These elements in her family life feul the main story. You really get a sense that she loves her family despite the hard times they force on her, especially her daughter.

    It's also a very personal tale that her ex-husband is fighting the divorce with all he has, including trying to get custody over the children. It's also very sad, because tons and tons of mothers are going through the exact same thing right now. And not just mothers, but fathers also.

    The case that took the majority of the episode was her job as a theropast. The job itself was trying to get a football player to get back on his game. The writing in her character is great, and her acting is even better because it shows her being creative when trying to persuade her clients, or client in this case, to be better at playing football.

    Throughout the episode, it follows a very trail and error type of path. She goes through 2 or 3 different techniques before finding the one that really clicked. And with that, I bring the bad to this episode, how predictable it was. I knew at the end the guy would be able to catch that ball just fine, and if this is considered spoilerly I'm sorry, but it didn't surprise me I was right. In a nutshell, it was a pretty good start to another USA show. I look forward to tuning in next week.

    +Good, personal storyline to push the show forward.
    +Interesting characters.
    +Great acting by everyone, especially Dr. D and the football player.
    +Believable situation.
    -Very predictable
    -Cheesy at times. 8.5/10 (B)