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  • back to channel surfing

    I'm so sorry this show was cancelled. I enjoyed it so much. It's not easy finding something clever and entertaining instead of cop shows, vampires and unfortunate cartoons that are just sad.
  • Nighttime soap opera? Just what tv needs.

    Just watching the commercial makes me want to vomit. I need to choose between the man I'm in love with and the man I'm dangerously attracted to. What is the problem, are you a wild animal that can't control yourself. Because if you are truly in love with one man you don't have problems resisting another. This show makes women look like pigs. Good luck with that.
  • Great.

    Like how there is nothing like it on tv. And never has been. Great cast.
  • i love this show

    I am a huge usa watcher. my tv almost always stays on usa. but if they cancel this fairly legal or covert affairs i am done. I mean 100%. I love this show I love danny and I want more
  • Not like everything

    Personally, I respect everyone's opinion but I really like this show. I like every single characters and I like this's great to watch something different!
  • Psychological football, yeah?

    This show really stinks!
  • Absolutely the worst trash to ever go across my TV screen.

    The show is simply nothing but terrible.

    90% of the show is someone yelling or complaining, the rest is some actual dialog. The only way it seems that they are able to promote this show is by taking reviews out of context. "Impossible to resist" vomiting on your crying baby. "Sexy" strippers, but Thorne is a troll. It was a "feisty, fun, good time" that Terrance King was having before he got interrupted. This show is definitely not gonna be back for season 2. What was USA thinking when they put this on their lineup? Are they not screening anymore? After watching this, they other new show they started airing, Suits, which is also getting negative reviews, seems like the best show ever.

    This show could have been better. Having decent writers who can write something other than constant fighting, yelling, screaming, complaining, and criticizing. Also having lead actor who can actually act, and that doesn't look like a troll would probably help.
  • A divorce, a new job, and a new love interest are in store for our leading lady. Dani has many adjustments to make in life and they are most entertaining to watch unfold.

    I was completely surprised by Necessary Roughness. Actually, I did not intend to watch, but then I saw Mechad Brooks. This is the best role I've seen him play. His presence on the screen provides instant humor. I'm always sad when his character fades into the background, but I don't turn the channel. Dani, Nico and the rest of the cast keep it interesting enough to stay tuned in. Is Necessary Roughness the best show ever-NO. However, it is the perfect show for USA's summer line up. I hope that it stays around for a little while longer.
  • Stick with Dr. Dani's professional life - lose the boring personal stuff.


    This show points out one of the worst aspects of our culture, which is that real, decent personal and family values are always subverted by the golden idol of profit in professional sports (among other corporate entities).

    The therapeutic interventions by Dr. Dani can be compelling and exciting, and if the show would concentrate exclusively on those story lines, it would be much more interesting. The problem is that the action is constantly being interrupted by the problems of her personal life, which, while anything but petty, are boring at best, and utterly irritating at worst. She has snotty kids (especially her daughter), and her friends, for the most part, are shallow and obnoxious; they sidetrack the direction of the story into silly, superficial situations. For example, one recent episode dedicated a significant portion of its time to her high school reunion (seriously, who really gives a flying leap about what she's going to wear to this event? For that matter, who cares about her high school reunion?).

    There are way too many thoroughly unlikeable characters in this show, not the least of whom is Terrence King. Here is a narcissistic prima donna who is constantly acting out, then blames everyone else for his problems, taking absolutely no responsibility for his own actions. Yet he is coddled and protected by his organization, and why? Because he's a money maker. So how do they deal with him? Do they treat him appropriately, like the spoiled child that he is? No, they bring in a professional therapist to solve all his problems within a week so that he will be able to perform on the field - and that's not to mention the publicist, trainer, and troubleshooter, among others, all of whom are expected to cover for him. He believes that he can do whatever he wants without consequences, and that it's up to the people around him to clean up his messes. There is nothing remotely amusing or entertaining about such a character. Dr. Dani herself has admitted that she's enabled him, which brings me to my problem with her.

    The whole notion of her clients coming to her house and being allowed to interact with her family is ludicrous, and even more so because she allows it to continue ad infinitum. Some would call that good drama, but to this viewer, it's unprofessional and unrealistic (I doubt that any real mental health professional would tolerate the circus that goes on in her home), and above all, uninteresting.

    Thumbs up for the therapy action, thumbs down for everything else - that averages out to a verdict of mediocre.

  • This show is fresh to what I call a good show. It's funny, witty and sexy.


    I think it is very intellectual and has pretty good humor compared to some shows out there. I really enjoy this show and I will continue to watch it from here on!!

    Psychology is a field I would love to get into and this show is just great to watch.

  • This show is great please bring it back. Niko is an awesome character always has the 3"C's" Cool, Calm & Collective that makes his character so entertaining and Dr. Santino well she is starting over in every aspect later in life and alot of women


    This show is great please bring it back. Niko is an awesome character always has the three"C's" Cool, Calm & Collective that makes his character so entertaining and Dr. Santino well she is starting over in every aspect later in life and a lot of women can relate in this era so it's nice to see who she approaches getting out there in the world again both personal and working. As far as the players for all the times you here in real life how horrid they can be it's nice to see that the show not only portrays the bad side but also remembers to portray the respectful side because people look up to sports players and they set an example and having respect and treating people with respect is an important example to set and one to follow.

  • Horrible

    This show is unlike any USA Network show. For about half the show people are yelling, criticizing and complaining. The kids are disrespectful because their mother sets that example. Her marriage is failing and I sure would not want a marriage like hers. She catches her husband cheating so guess what she does in the first few minutes of the show?

    In all other USA Network shows I have seen, there is a reasonable amount of humor and cooperation and respect. Someone in the USA Network fumbled with this show. The writing is predictable and has gross holes in the plots intended to fill in for a total absence of anything else to make a story.

    It is rare for writers to write stories of cooperation, respect and appreciation. The USA Network is better than others and I encourage them to pursue that instead of shows such as NECESSARY ROUGHNESS.
  • WAY better than Suits or Fairly Legal; but not good as Burn Notice. A break from the usual cop/medical dramas. Callie Thorne rocks! The writing just needs a boost.

    Necessary Roughness is very addicting really. Actress Callie Thorne "shines" in this role as Dr. Santino. The acting is phenominal from her, and co-stars; Mehcad Brooks, Marc Blucas, and Scott Cohen!

    I think the REAL problem with the show is simply the writing. The pilot episode so far has been the best in my opinion (Mehcad Brooks's best as well). I think if the writers would focus a little more on Dr. Dani, the therapy sessions, and the patients and add a little more of a dramatic overtone, it might work.

    NR doesn't need to be a strict procedure! Plus the scenes with Santino's mother and children are a bit, whacky. I think the kid's/mom's role needs to be reduced if the storyline about Dani's divorce isn't going to be heavily seen!

    Necessary Roughnes is awesome for a USA Network show (better than Suits and Fairly Legal), and it's a break from the norm, I'd recommend watching it! However it just needs a little tweeking and it'll be a-okay. Right now it's at the Royal Pains-In Plain Sight level; with a little work NR could be at the Covert Affairs-Burn Notice level.

    Necessary Roughness, Wednesdays 10/9c on USA! That's where I'm at during that time!
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