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FOX (ended 1997)


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Ned and Stacey

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Welcome to the Ned and Stacey guide at TV Tome. The idea may not have been totally original--a man and a woman who can't stand each other enter a marriage of convenience--but the execution of Ned and Stacey makes it one of the most truly underappreciated sitcom classics of all time. Besides having first-class writing, N&S feaures eye-opening performances from its lead characters. Thomas Haden Church, best known as Lowell on Wings, created a different persona for himself and his impeccable and uncanny comic timing is a joy to watch. Debra Messing is just about perfect in her role as Stacey, and many will find her performances here even more fun to watch than her later role on Will & Grace. Greg Germann (later to be seen on Ally McBeal) and Nadia Dajani do not let down the show's high standard in their supporting roles. After the show's initial run on the Fox network, Ned and Stacey became an integral part of the USA Network's "USAM" comedy lineup, as it was on and off that network from 1998 until April 2001, gaining new popularity as it caught the eye of many a viewer who never saw it in the first place, including many Will & Grace fans who were curious to see this earlier incarnation of Grace Adler played by Debra Messing. After that, N&S junkies were out of luck, waiting and hoping that some network would pick up the 46 episodes of the show and begin showing them again. Then, on October 20, 2003, to our great delight, the cable channel WE (Women's Entertainment) began running the program again. It was Ned and Stacey heaven for their fans until late July 2004, when the network abruptly stopped running the show. We can only hope that some channel somewhere in the US will pick up the series once again. Until then, we'll just have to rely on memories. We hope this guide will help. If we hear of its return, we'll let you know, and you let us know if you hear anything first. If you have any questions about the data herein, e-mail me at Pictured L-R: Nadia Dajani, Greg Germann, Thomas Haden Church, Debra Messing N&S showing in UK As of October 2004, Ned and Stacey can be seen by viewers in Great Britain on the Paramount Comedy channel. It's on every day at 2:30PM with repeats at 12:05AM, apparently! N&S in Australia TV Tome users tell us starting December 1, 2004, Ned and Stacey will be broadcast weekdays at 10PM, Australian EST, on the cable network Foxtel on TV1.


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