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Ned and Stacey

Season 2 Episode 20

All That Chazz

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Unknown on FOX
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Episode Summary

All That Chazz
Stacey and Ned are working on the final paperwork for the divorce and they're having a good time, playing silly physical games with each other just like lovers would. To delay the final signing, Ned tells Stacey he has an important date the next day. At the muffin shop, the dimwit Chazz asks Stacey to go out. She accepts. After a trip to the IMAX theatre where Chazz indulges in his usual moronics like falling out of his seat, Stacey is ready to call it a night. She grants him a goodnight kiss, though, and finds out that she likes it very much. In fact, the next day at the muffin shop, a breathless Stacey is telling an incredulous Amanda that Chazz is the greatest lover she could ever imagine. Ned confides to Eric that he's troubled by the feelings he now has for Stacey. Back home, Ned tries to recreate their good time of a couple of days before to stop Stacey from going back out with Chazz. It doesn't work, and Ned ridicules Chazz, asking if he's really the man she wants to spend her life with. Before she walks out the door, Stacey asks Ned if he's saying that he himself is that man. But before Stacey can continue the relationship with Chazz, he breaks up with her, saying she's too smart to be satisfied with a person like him. Stacey returns home dejectedly to a disappointed Ned, where they take at least some small comfort in each other. But they go to their bedrooms separately, as always, ending the episode with obviously unresolved feelings about each other.moreless

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      • Ned (upon unexpectedly seeing Chazz walk in his kitchen): Chazz? Uhhhhwhaaauhh, are you lost? You know, this isn't the muffin shop.
        Chazz: Oh, I know that!
        Ned: Well, what are you doing here?
        Chazz: I had sex with your wife.
        Ned: Does she know?

      • Stacey: Look, Chazz, you, you are a really sweet guy.
        Chazz: Thanks.
        Stacey: But you know, I, I just don't really think that we could have a...you know, boy-girl thing.
        Chazz (looking confused): You are a girl, aren't you?

      • Chazz: Hey, thanks for stickin' up for me, Stacey.
        Stacey: Heyyy! You're a really hard worker, Chazz. You certainly get an 'A' for effort.
        Chazz (chuckles): I think effort starts with an 'F', Stacey.

      • Stacey: Question number 18: reason for seeking divorce. Now, in our initial application we put impotence. Ya wanna stick with that, chief?
        Ned: I don't know, I don't know, impotence is so...eighties, you know. Why don't we just say that you have ambiguous genitalia?
        Stacey: And you didn't notice this when we first got married?
        Ned: I did--but I didn't wanna to be rude!

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