Ned and Stacey

Season 2 Episode 22

Best of Luck on Future Projects

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Unknown on FOX
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Best of Luck on Future Projects
Ned is working out of the muffin shop (with little success), he's being sued by his former employer for stealing a client, and now Stacey is ready to move out of the apartment. He flashes back to the beginning of his relationship with her. Ned meets an old client who's started a promising new business, and he sees an opportunity for himself. He pleads with Stacey to help him out one last time in her role as "business wife," and she relents. The meeting with his client goes well, until the couple gets another invitation out. Ned tells Stacey she needs to continue in her role, because she's proven that she doesn't have the maturity to live life on her own. Hurt and insulted, Stacey storms out. A few days later, the divorce is finally granted. Ned has sublet his apartment and is living out of the muffin shop, where his early morning routine is not doing much to ensure repeat business from the customers. He shows up one day at Stacey's studio apartment, telling her how he's been on the road having various adventures, but has come back now to tell her that he loves her. Stacey is forced to admit she loves him too, but doesn't want to have another relationship with him. She invites him to spend the night--on a coffee table since her place doesn't have a couch yet--but Ned declines. They part.moreless

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  • Another point of view

    I just wanted to say I don't think the synopsis above is quite accurate where it says that Stacey doesn't want to have another relationship with Ned. She did not say that. She gave him a very emotional hug and asked if he wanted to stay in the living room, which was a bit odd, and he chose to continue on his trip.

    It could be interpreted as needing time to sort things out, not a real ending, and I think rather it was meant to be the season-ending cliffhanger.

    Or maybe I'm just a romantic.moreless
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Tony Carreiro

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    • Ned: Now that the divorce is final, there's really no need for me to stay in town.
      Amanda: Where you gonna go?
      Ned: Think I'm gonna head down to a little ranch in Texas. Rope some cattle. 'Til the owner makes me stop.

    • Stacey: Go to hell, Ned.
      Ned: Fine! Fine! I'll go to hell! It'll seem like a room full of fluffy biscuits after livin' with you!

    • Ned: Hey! Wow, so, this is the new apartment, huh? You wanna give me the tour?
      Stacey: OK. (pause) Want another one?

    • Ned: Rico, I never prepared for this. I spent all my money on fast livin', hah? And what I didn't, I put exclusively into Albanian pyramid schemes.

    • Ned: The, ah, old agency is trying to crush me under a landslide of lawsuits, but don't worry about it, Ned Dorsey's gonna have the last laugh. They are gonna be receiving pizzas they didn't order well into the next millennium. Ah, it's gonna be sweet.

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