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Ned and Stacey

Season 1 Episode 4

Cover Story

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 02, 1995 on FOX
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Cover Story
Ned is angry at Stacey for coming home late and she's fuming too--her hard-hitting expose piece for the Soho news didn't make the cover and was edited down to one sentence! Ned pushes her to get ready for a function with a client: ice-cream mogul Marshall Balaban is presenting a large donation to the environmental organization Green Planet. At the presentation Eric brings in the giant oversized check, whacking one or two people in the head on the way. While making conversation, Les MacDowell's wife Bernadette intimates to Stacey that Balaban has some sordid secrets about his business dealings. Stacey goes to work on Les, using her charms to pump him for information. Les spills the story about Balaban's illegal dumping, use of hormones in his cows, etc. At the restaurant later after the function, Stacey tells Ned about what she's learned. Ned doesn't seem to mind at all that she will submit an article about it. Stacey drops by Eric's cubicle ad the ad agency, gets a couple of company rosters, and goes to work on her expose. When it's finished, she shows it to Ned. He's impressed at how good it is--and alarmed too. He says it will ruin his career at the agency. The reason he was so unconcerned before was that he was sure Stacey's article would never see print. Later at the restaurant, Eric rushes in to tell Ned that Les is on his way down, furious about the published article. Les is furious all right, not just because of the bad publicity about a client, but because Stacey used him. He tells Ned he will finish him off at the agency, but using a little judicious blackmail, Ned actually gets Les to go to bat for him! Ned doesn't get fired, but he does get taken down a peg or two at work. Surprisingly, he finds that he isn't mad at Stacey over the whole affair.moreless

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      • Ned: (about Stacey's article she's submitting to her editor) It's a scathing expose about my client, written by my wife, so he's pretty much going to sue my ass.
        Stacey: I told you exactly what I was planning to do and you said, and I quote, 'I don't care, I don't mind, do what you want, have a great time'.
        Ned: Don't you know I say those things so you will stop talking?

      • Waitress: I'm sorry if I'm a little freaked out. I just read in the Soho News that my apartment building is full of asbestos.
        Stacey: Well, you know the woman who wrote that happens to be sleeping with the editor.
        Waitress: My boyfriend's the editor.
        Ned: What the hell are the odds of that!

      • Stacey: My story was fresh! My story was timely! But I didn't sleep with the editor now, did I?
        Ned: So you'll know for next time.

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