Ned and Stacey

Season 2 Episode 5

Les is More or Less Moral-less

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Dec 22, 1996 on FOX
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Les is More or Less Moral-less
Pat Kirkland is awaiting Eric's company audit, in which Eric has discovered that Les McDowell has been overcharging the company some $200,000 on his expense account. Scrupulously honest Eric won't cover for Les, so Les tries to blackmail Ned instead. He tells Ned than unless he stops Eric from turning in the report, he'll tells Kirkland about Ned and Stacey's arranged marriage, which Stacey earlier told Les's wife about. Ned goes to Eric, his career in the balance, but it's too late, he's already sent the audit via e-mail to Kirkland's office. So at an office Christmas party Amanda and (especially) Stacey try to keep Kirkland away from his office while Ned and Eric execute a Mission: Impossible-type plan to break into the office and retrieve the report. The result turns out to be more like "Mission: Ridiculous!"moreless

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    Carole Ita White

    Carole Ita White


    Guest Star

    John Getz

    John Getz

    Les McDowell

    Recurring Role

    James Karen

    James Karen

    Patrick Kirkland

    Recurring Role

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      • Ned: Must...pull...harder. Must...not...drop him. Must...stop William Shatner.

      • Ned: Rico! Did ya get the report?
        Eric: I can't access his file for some reason. Whoa, whoa! Paydirt!
        Ned: Did ya get in?
        Eric: No, but I'm in the lesbian chat room.

      • Eric: When I went to accounting school I took a sacred oath!
        Ned: Accountants don't have an oath.
        Eric: I wrote my own. And I took it.
        Ned: But, my career is on the line here, Eric! I don't wanna start over at another agency. I can't sleep with all those people again.

      • Les McDowell (to Ned): She told my wife all about your little 'arrangement' at the Kirklands' pool party last year.
        Stacey: I did not! (pause) Oh wait, I did. (to Ned) Oh, look, look we--we played tennis and we had a few mimosas, and then she was teling me about Les's problems in bed so I felt I had to share something!

      • Pat Kirkland: You OK, Moyer?
        Eric: Yeah, just a few hot, scalding coffee burns on my groin, but that's all.

    • NOTES (1)

      • The end credits are displayed over a scene of Ned and Eric lighting a bag of dog-doo on fire on a doorstep as a prank (something that was referred to in the show.) Then the scene cuts to Thomas Haden Church doing an ostensibly serious public service announcement about the dangers of dog-doo burning accidents (supposedly the cause of 35,000 injuries in the previous year!)

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